Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr …

Okay, folks … I’ve been nice for several days now, but I have my limits, y’know.  Something in tonight’s news sent me into a rage such that my heart rate still hasn’t returned to normal, some three hours later!  So, it’s back to my usual snarky, grumpy self.  Vacation’s over!

What part of “Trump Lost” do they not understand?

The last thing this dangerously divided nation needed was more chaos, but it seems that there are still a handful of Republicans out there who cannot understand the results of the election and seek to overturn it without cause, without justification, sans rationale.

The latest in this Trump circus train is none other than Louie Gohmert, who has crossed the snark-o-meter no less than ten times in the past few years.  Louie, you see, is a man who operates on emotion rather than intellect – largely because he has little intellect on which to operate.

gohmertGohmert is a U.S. Representative from Texas since 2005, and the first time he flew onto my radar was in 2016 when in a speech he gave to the House of Representatives he claimed that in the event of an asteroid hitting planet Earth, we would need to form a ‘space colony’ similar to the one in the movie, The Martian, and that no gays would be allowed on this space colony.  So now you have a bit of an idea of the intellect of Mr. Gohmert.

The latest in his idiocy is the lawsuit he filed to try to force Mike Pence to ignore the electoral votes for President-elect Joe Biden when Congress meets to certify the electoral votes on January 6th.  Yes, my friends, you heard me right!  With no reason, no evidence of malfeasance, he wants Vice President Mike Pence to break his oath of office and go against the law, against the U.S. Constitution.  Now, I would bet my life that this lawsuit stands zero chance of coming to fruition, BUT … it will force Pence to either contest the suit, which would put him even more in Trump’s line of fire than he already is, or to agree to forsake his duty and interfere with what is largely intended to be a formality, the final step in the process of the election.

The vote count has been certified by each district, then by each state.  The Electoral College then met and cast their votes according to the choice of the people … that’s We the People!  Every step has led to the pure and unadulterated fact that Joe Biden won the damn election!  Pence’s role in the January 6th dog and pony show is largely ceremonial … he isn’t there to decide who should be president … WE decided that already!   He is only there to rubber stamp the results, not to challenge them, nor to stomp on the Constitution with spiked boots.

Now, enough about ol’ Gohmert and his delusional ideas, but I want you to think about something … in fact, I wish I could urge every person in this country to think about this.

What would happen if somehow Congress could get the votes to overturn the election results, or somehow Pence could interfere as Gohmert suggests, and Donald Trump were to be declared president for the next four years?  I do not see any chance of that happening, but ask yourself … what if?

We have lived in a nation of chaos for four years now, especially this past year, but if our voices are somehow silenced to give Trump another term, there will be chaos the likes of which you have never seen before.  Some right-wing groups said in late October that if Trump lost, there would be civil war … he did and there wasn’t.  In fact, barely a peep was heard, except from Trump himself.  But, if the election results are overturned … literally all bets for peace in this nation are off.  The gloves of Democrats both in Congress and in the populace will come off and there will be massive protests, some turning into riots.  Trump will have zero support from the majority of people in this nation.  We will stop paying taxes.  We will protest day and night.  We will shut down government offices.  We will happily go to jail to make our voices heard.

To overturn a fair and honest election is the ultimate slap in the face to the people who work hard to support this country.  The sane among us, while we don’t always agree with what our government does, are respectful, we accept what we must and move on.  We understand that we won’t always get what we want in a nation of 330 million people.  BUT THIS … if by some chance it flies … would be the ultimate abomination and we would NOT accept it lying down.  I’m not a violent person, but this would turn me into one very quickly … I would happily bash heads with my rolling pin, or light fire to Trump’s coattails.

We are past the point of no return; we are past the point where if Trump were declared the winner we would grumble but do little.  Trump could not govern this nation if he used illicit, illegal moves to stay in office.

Again, I don’t think these stupid moves will get far, but the mere fact that an elected lawmaker would take it upon himself to say “F*CK YOU” to the majority of people – citizens, taxpayers, and voters – in this nation is infuriating.  And … ask yourself another question:  does this set some sort of precedent for future elections?  Far too much credence has been given to Trump’s fraudulent claims of voter irregularities for which there was never a shred of evidence, only the ooze from Trump’s mind.  Must we go through these shenanigans every four years?  Think about it.

33 thoughts on “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr …

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  2. I can only hope this goes the way of Trump’s efforts thus far in overturning the election. That is … nothing has changed. The majority has spoken. HOWEVER … considering the things that have taken place over the past four years that most people would never dream would happen? Well … ‘nuf said.

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    • I believe it will fail, that Joe Biden will be inaugurated at noon on 20 January. The slight chance that it might not go that way, however, keeps me awake nights. The norms that have been shattered by Trump & Co in the past four years make me wonder if there is a remaining shred of decency among republicans who could have put a stop to the madness back in February. Sigh.

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  3. I keep thinking it can’t get any worse….Foolish Me!!!! Treason…. that’s the word that comes to mind! It’s unbelievable that the Republicans are backing this lunatic! Mitch McConnell should hang his head in shame!!!!! Hillary called the ball….They’re Deplorable!!!!!!
    Hoping your heart rate returns to normal. I worry about you! Sending you calm and soothing energy!
    Hoping for a HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR! HUGS!!!! 💙

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    • Every time I think “it can’t possibly get any worse”, I am proven wrong, so I’ve stopped saying it, believing I am only tempting the fates. I think there is no low to which Trump would not sink, and we much hope that others have more decency, more sense, more conscience than Trump.

      Thanks, Patty … these are not easy times, and they take a toll on us all, I think. I greatly appreciate the calm and soothing energy you sent! Love you, my dear friend! Here’s hoping for better times in the year ahead! ❤


  4. the idiot lawsuit can have no direct bearing upon the election results. the Constitution is the final word on this ridiculous subject. The president of the Senate (the VP of the US) shall “in the presence of the House and Senate, open all the certificates, which shall then be counted”. there is zero wiggle room in that article. Pence, failing to act within the Constitutional boundaries would find himself arrested for “sedition”. Even Pence, stupid as he is, knows orange is a bad look on him.
    try (God knows I know it is difficult) to ignore Gohmert.

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    • Well, Suze, in normal times I would say you are 100% correct … but then, in normal times, this lawsuit would not even have been thought of, let alone brought into being. So many norms, so many rules have already been broken. I think Pence will do the right thing. I’m 99% certain he will. But, there is that 1% that costs me sleep. Sigh.

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  5. I’m guessing that the vast majority of Republicans know that Biden won the election, even though they are not will to publically admit to that.

    In the meantime, I’m treating it all as entertainment. We did stock up on popcorn.

    What would happen if everything happened the way Trump wanted, and the election was overturned? We can only guess. My guess is that there would be a huge march on Washington, and on the White House. It would involve too many people for the Secret Service to suppress. And the marchers would drag Trump out of the White House. It wouldn’t be pretty. I don’t think Trump has thought through the dangers he is creating for himself.

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    • Popcorn! Now there’s a good idea! Hmmmm … now I’m craving Orville Redenbacher’s! With butter. Salt & pepper.

      I hope you’re right … I like to believe that there would be such an uprising as this country has never seen before. But would there? Or would most people just air their grievances on Twitter then go back to their television programs?

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  6. I hate to be the bearer of bad news that first regardless of what happens on 6th, you have a divided nation that would require lots of work to even attempt to unite.
    If trump were to remain in office, the riots would not last for long. The corporates that hold a lot of sway in your system want to keep making money so they will not be helpful.
    The middle class want peace because otherwise they can’t survive & will do only that which they think fulfill those aspirations. Many people might die but then for what?
    Bleak but it may unlikely get there.

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    • I do realize that … this nation has been divided for a decade or more, but especially in the past 4 years. I think that if Trump finds a way to trample the voice of the people, he will regret it, for there are more of us who do not want to live under a dictatorship than those who do. And we are sick and damn tired of listening to his threats, his racist remarks, his self-congratulatory rhetoric. Sigh.


        • I have no doubt of that, but they have worn out their voices, while we who are sick and damn tired of him have kept our resources in reserve and once we let loose … the fools and idiots better watch out.


          • telling fools and idiots to watch out after people let loose of reserves. Sounds like the kind of violence you consistently and rightfuly condemn from those on the right. Good job, you’re continuing to demonstrate your unceasing hipocrasy. You’re a shining example to readers on how to be a model citizen. I commend your brave actions in this matter.

            by the way, Joe Bidens presidency is as legitimate as Hunter Bidens kid by the stripper he cheated on his dead brothers’ wife with.


  7. Welcome back grumpy Jill! You have every right to be upset, there’s a tiny chance that Pence would do Trump’s bidding, go against the Constitution and not certify the EC votes. It’s not likely b/c Pence is an establishment figurehead, largely ceremonial as you pointed out. However….. if Pence was compelled, then that gives Trump an “in” to try a banana republic style military coup.
    In conspiracy theory circles, there’s talk of Trump setting up a military tribunal, arresting “traitorous” democrats like Pelosi, Schumer, Newsom, Whitmer, then overturning the election results and installing himself President for an indefinite period of time. Supposedly he would have the military backing him and there’s nothing Congress can do.
    He’ll blame that we’re at war with China for giving us the virus and crashing the world’s economy. So China is to blame for rigging the US elections, so he’ll invoke the insurrection act in order to “keep the peace and maintain law and order”!
    Yep, you can’t make this stuff up, yet 74+ million ppl believe him and will support Trump’s decision! Like the Chinese say: may you live in interesting times!! The next week or so will be explosive… or not. Most likely we’ll simply suffer a massive collective headache listening to this windbag rant til Jan. 20th, then see him unceremoniously carried out kicking and scream to the loony bin where he’ll never be heard of again. Trump is a laughing stock who’s legacy is turning the once “mighty” US into a banana republic. It will take 8 years of Biden to restore our faith in government. Boring is not so bad after all.
    Please try not to lose sleep over this nonsense, Merry belated X-mas and enjoy the upcoming New Year! ❤

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  8. Jill, Messers. Gohmert, Brooks, Johnson, Graham are all elected officials who should be reminded of their oath to the constitution. When Pence gavels down the vote to affirm the electoral college results in the Senate, these toadies must be asked to defend their votes to deny the will of the people. While you and I both know the outgoing president has staged this predicted action for many months, what he did not plan on is losing 59 out of 60 court cases where he and his toadies tried to convince judges of election fraud. He won one small case that found a few hundred votes out of sorts. Frankly, the outgoing president really cannot lose much more than that. Plus, many of the judges and election officials are Republican.

    So, my question to the four toadies and others, if judges and election officials are not convinced, how are you so certain multiple states away? If John McCain were still alive, he may use that “T” word again in an op-ed like he did after Helsinki. Keith

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    • There was a time when I would have believed with absolute certainty that such a heinous, seditious ploy could never see the light of day. These are different times, though … times when norms and laws have been shredded to make way for Trump’s whims. I like to believe that Pence is too smart to play this game, but … like some others, he seems to have been brainwashed. Yes, I think those four should be held accountable for their actions … actions designed to turn this nation away from its democratic underpinnings and into an autocracy. Ahhhh … would that John McCain were still with us … he had a conscience.


  9. Anyone who tries anything like that would be censored in a hurry. Someone like that would have to have a mouth bigger than their brain. Mitch McConnell has spoken as have the majority of the American citizens. Anyone who talks that up might be arrested. It would be considered as trying to overthrow the U.S. Government, a coup. They’d turn around and no one would be standing near them. Once two men were boarding a plane and joked about a bomb. They were arrested, questioned, and probably lost their jobs. 😦 — Suzanne

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    • I agree with all you say, Suzanne. BUT … these are not normal times. Many of the norms, the rules, have already been trashed on Trump’s whim. So, while I don’t think anything will come of all this, I cannot say with 100% certainty. Sigh.

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  10. Thank you for sharing!!.. “birds of like feather flock together” and those who are ranting about the election are closed minded individuals , Trump followers, and unfortunately technology has given them a voice to placate the followers (the foundation) and will never concede (though they may quiet down in the future).. they are simply “drowning men grabbing at straws”.. it may be messy but common sense (and the laws of the land) will prevail, the election will stand and we will move on… 🙂

    Hope you and yours are having a wonderful holiday in spite of politics, etc. and have a Happy New Year, each day filled with happiness!!.. 🙂

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    • Thanks for your words of encouragement, your positive outlook, Dutch! I know you’re right, but some days it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing they just might manage to stomp on our votes, our Constitution, our nation, for their own personal benefit. Yes, we are having a nice, quiet holiday. Best to you for a Happy New Year and a better year ahead.


  11. This is total idiocy, yet your style of government, and maybe all democratic governments everywhere, must take note. One spoiled egg can upset the whole damn cart. Boris Johnson and Theresa May are rank amateurs in comparison, and yet Britain’s democracy too is threatened by their reigns-of-terror.
    Democracy is only as good as it’s elected officials–these days those officials are insane.

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    • The system has worked fairly well for 233 years … not without glitches, of course, but it functioned. The current administration is making up the rules as they go along and that IS NOT LAWFUL, IS NOT FAIR, IS MURDEROUS! Sigh. I hate this country at the moment.


      • I would gladly debate you on the term worked, Jill. I would use a different term, something like functioned, or just ran, but worked? If you are white, male, and wealthy, then I might hesitantly say it worked, but since the greater per cent of your population does NOT belong to all three of those groups at the same time, then I cannot even do that. Shit, you cannot even say it works to maintain law and order, because,once again, those who are white, male, and wealthy do not abide by the same laws or orders that the greater part of the population is required to abide by. Otherwise, Trump and his cronies would all be sitting in jail right now, and still your prison system would not be overflowing with all the situational convIcted criminals who are sitting in them right now.
        I could go on, and will if you want me to, but, “No, you’re system, and mine too, does certainly not work!”
        But it does tell us that it does that it works, and the sheep that we are allow ourselves to believe that. I discovered that truth some 40 years ago, and until something is done about it, it will remain true for a long long time. But change it will, even if that change is world destruction. Except for Trump et al, nobody wants that.

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  12. Louie Gohmert would normally be considered off his rocker, but these are not normal times.Where there should be none, there is I suspect a slight chance that Pence could do this and succeed. Even Pence cannot want this to happen any more than he would like to be president for one day just so he can blanket pardon tRump. If he must be president for a day so be it but he must go the day without issuing any pardons.
    In the meantime, there should be a way for Congress (at least the sane ones) to censure Gohmert and any other idiot who tries to circumvent the rules and try to deny the people’s choice the right to sit.

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    • I think that even Pence is smart enough to know that there would be repercussions from such a thing … BIG repercussions. Gohmert is a fool and a self-focused idiot just like Trump is, but Pence does have a brain on the occasions he chooses to use it. I don’t know that Congress could censure him for this, but even if it were legally possible, they are so tied up in the tangled mess of the defense bill, and the stimulus bill that they are largely ineffectual as a governing body. Sigh. Beam me up, Scottie!

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