The Week’s Best Cartoons: Holiday Edition

Today I am remarkably uninspired to write a post.  Post-holiday exhaustion, or political overload — I don’t know which.  So, since I haven’t yet shared with you TokyoSand’s latest cartoon post, I shall do so this afternoon!  Thank you, TS, for doing such a great job of picking out the best holiday-themed political cartoons!


View the rest of the ‘toons!

9 thoughts on “The Week’s Best Cartoons: Holiday Edition

    • Sigh … yes, I do know it doesn’t help, but … I cannot seem to help it. I have friends who act as if nothing is amiss, they go on with their lives, post pictures of their meals, their kids, even their feet! But no, nothing is right at the moment, and we are at a critical point in our nation’s identity … I cannot simply turn it off and pretend it doesn’t exist. Sigh.


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