Saturday Surprise — Coincidentally

I am one of those people who doesn’t much believe in coincidences … I am a pragmatist who largely believes in cause and effect … when something happens, somewhere along the line, other things transpired that caused the end result.  That said, even I admit that sometimes there’s just no logical path, no data-driven explanation for things.  I found some very cool coincidences over at one of my favourite go-to sites, Bored Panda, and I hope you’ll enjoy them!





In 1990, A Panel Of The Windscreen On British Airways Flight 5390 Fell Out At 17k Feet, Causing The Cockpit To Decompress & Its Captain To Be Sucked Halfway Out Of The Aircraft. The Crew Held Onto Him For More Than 20 Minutes As The Copilot Made An Emergency Landing. The Pilot Made A Full Recovery








Lightning Striking Simultaneously On Chicago’s Three Tallest Buildings



Twins Married Twins To Give Birth To Another Twins




I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and that it’s not too cold where you are!

27 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — Coincidentally

    • I did check out a few of them, and they were legit, though obviously I didn’t have time to verify them all. Like you, I tend to be a skeptic. You too, my friend, though the weekend is half over now. Just 17 more days!


  1. The real oddity about the Chicago lightning strikes is not so much that they happened, but that the event was captured on film. Enquiring minds need to know, was it a lucky photo, or was this captured by a surveillance camera of some kind?
    Personally, I think it was photo-shopped. The lightning bolts look too similar to be authentic. Just sayin’…

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