A Jolly Monday Hiatus And A Felony

jollyJolly Monday is on temporary hiatus due to a severe lack of … jolly.  Hopefully, Jolly Monday will return soon.  Jolly, Joyful and I offer our humblest apologies, but some days you just can’t be jolly, no matter how hard you try. 

Most of the day, my mind has been preoccupied pondering Donald Trump’s felonious telephone call to Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s Secretary of State.  This call was more damning than any of the Watergate tapes, was a blatant attempt to overthrow the results of a fair and honest election.  By all accounts … let me repeat that … BY ALL ACCOUNTS, there was no voter fraud in the November 3rd election.  Audits have been done, legal challenges … 61 of them at last count … have been reviewed and discredited, even by the U.S. Supreme Court.  Signature audits have been done; recounts have been done.  Every election official has certified that there was no widespread voter fraud that would have changed the outcome of the election.  Donald F. Trump LOST.  Joseph R. Biden WON. Plain and simple.  In every contest, every election, there can only be one winner.  Joe Biden is the winner of the 2020 presidential election.  PERIOD.

The telephone call, in and of itself constitutes an impeachable offense, and were it not just 16 days before the end of his term, I am fairly certain that impeachment proceedings would have already begun. The call is also felonious.  It is against the law to bribe or blackmail a public official, which is precisely what Trump attempted to do.  Tonight, as I write this, he sleeps in luxury in the Executive Residence of the White House, but he should be sleeping on a cot in a jail cell. 

I call on every Republican legislator to condemn Mr. Trump’s actions.  Instead, they are intent upon making a statement by refusing to certify the electoral votes on Wednesday.  They, too, have sold their consciences upriver.  For the record … the electoral vote will be certified and at noon on January 20th, Joe Biden will become the President of the United States.  That is not even in doubt, but what will happen to this nation over the next 16 days is a matter of grave concern. 

I read a few hours ago that Trump either has or is planning to file suit against Brad Raffensperger for releasing the audio transcript of the phone conversation.  Raffensperger was not only well within his rights to release that audio, but in one sense, it was his duty to do so.  WE THE PEOPLE … the people who entrust our lives to the head of government, and the people who pay his more-than-generous salary … have a right to know what our hired help is doing!  We have every right in the world to know that our elected official is a conman, a crook, a lowlife scum of the earth! 

As if all of this weren’t bad enough, Trump is encouraging violence on Wednesday, the day the electoral votes will be certified by Congress.  He has invited the ‘Proud Boys’ and other white supremacist groups to attend a rally that he himself plans to attend.  He tweets …

“The BIG Protest Rally in Washington, D.C. will take place at 11.00 A.M. on January 6th… StopTheSteal!” Trump tweeted Friday of the rally he’s promised “will be wild.”

Though Trump hasn’t yet provided details on the specific location, the National Park Service has so far received three permit applications to protest the election results on Wednesday, with more than 15,000 attendees expected, USA Today reported.  On Thursday, D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department said there will be multiple street closures across the city on Tuesday and Wednesday for “public safety,” with potential intermittent closures in the downtown area.  A former top aide to Vice President Mike Pence said she was “very concerned” that there would be violence in Washington, DC, on January 6 “because the president himself is encouraging it.”  If lives are lost, as I suspect may be the case, those lives fall squarely on the shoulders of Donald Trump and there should be lawsuits demanding his imprisonment on the charges of wanton endangerment. 

My friends, in our lifetime the worst we had was Richard Nixon, but compared to Donald Trump, Nixon was only a minor miscreant.  Donald Trump has lied repeatedly to the people of this nation, and in the case of the pandemic, at great cost to We the People in terms of the lives of our loved ones.  Donald Trump has broken the law more than once, but with the protection afforded by Attorney General William Barr, has escaped consequences.  And now, he is lying, cheating, and stealing to stay in power.  I want you to ask yourselves one simple question:  WHY?

For four years, he has not done the job with which he was tasked or has done it so poorly as to cause severe damage to the U.S. and it’s reputation.  He’s spent more time on the golf course or shoving food into his obese body than he has spent working.  So why does he care so much about keeping a job he hasn’t even done?  Power?  Sure.  Avoidance of criminal charges?  Avoidance of massive debt?  Absolutely.  But I think there is more.  I think he harbours illusions of turning the office of the president into a king’s parlour where he rules autocratically and to hell with We the People. 

I end where I began, with an urgent plea … nay, not a plea but a directive … to every Republican lawmaker to hold this madman accountable, to put your own interests aside for a few days and remember that your oath is to the Constitution of the United States, and therefore to We the People.  The oath you took was not to Donald Trump, and if you did swear an oath of fealty to him, then you belong in a jail cell next to his, Ted Cruz!

An astounding 81 million of us voted against Donald Trump.  Yes, my friends, we voted against Donald Trump, for Joe Biden, while a good man and one who I believe will be a good president, would not likely have beaten a more credible Republican candidate, say a George W. Bush or a Ronald Reagan.  We the People made our voices heard on November 3rd.  We said that we do not want a racist, egotistical conman in the Oval Office.  Republicans in Congress must respect our wishes, or lose their seats.  That is the bottom line. 

My apologies for comments that have gone unanswered.  I appreciate each and every comment, have read them all, but have simply been unable to respond today.  Please forgive me.

48 thoughts on “A Jolly Monday Hiatus And A Felony

  1. I read the full transcript of this call. The desperation and mental state of the man came through loud and clear. I’m hoping we make it to the inauguration on January 20th without any violence. I think the events of the next couple of days (the senate runoff in Georgia and the electoral college certification) will be opportunities for his lunatic followers to incite violence. I hope this doesn’t occur.

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    • I listened to a few clips, and I set aside the transcript to read later, but haven’t gotten back to it yet. In the audio, though, his desperation did show in his voice … the voice of a man with a thin grip on sanity, I think. Like you, I’m expecting bloodshed in the streets this week, and the blood will be on Trump’s hands, for he has been encouraging violence. This just in: the Capitol is on lockdown, as protestors breached the building! Sigh. On another note, it’s great to see you, Don! Long time, no see! Hope you are well and happy.

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  2. An on-going NIGHTMARE!!!!!! I will rejoice…. when he is in prison!!!! Power, status, greed and money …. that’s all that the republicans (who stand with him), desire! They are hoping to garner some (if not all )….of the votes from his base…when needed! There is a method to their madness! Narcissistic Sociopaths…No conscience, No empathy! The clock is ticking! Counting the days!

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    • Sadly, I think he stands about as much chance of going to prison as my cat does. You are right on all counts, my friend, but this nation is one in which you can buy power and privilege if you have enough money. Sigh. Either way, though … he WILL leave on January 20th, just 14 more days.


  3. I guess that as he ‘won’ in 2016 by means of the Electoral College he believes he has some strange right to do so again, even though the margin against him in the popular vote was more than double the previous one. Why do you bother with the Electoral College and all the faff that goes with it? Count the popular vote, biggest score wins. Then there would be no occasion for protest rallies on a specific day. No doubt the morons would still find a way, though. Like you, I fear loss of life from this.

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    • I fully agree, and have been arguing the point for years now that the Electoral College has outlived its usefulness. Initially, it was established by the Founding Fathers to prevent the very thing that happened in 2016, the populace voting for a madman. But, as the years (centuries) went by, states began gerrymandering districts to pack the minorities into as few districts as possible in order to dilute their vote, and the Electoral College became a political tool, primarily of the republicans, though historically the democrats have done their bit of malarky as well. I think we would increase voter participation and enthusiasm if the popular vote was the determining factor. As it is, many people feel their votes don’t count, so why bother? However, it would require a Constitutional amendment to change it, and that is something that’s difficult under the best of circumstances, impossible when we are as divided as we are today. There will be bloodshed in the streets of Washington on Wednesday, and Trump is encouraging it. Sigh.

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      • Mencken was right, sadly. The same thing happens to a degree here, with governing parties redefining constituency boundaries to their benefit, but we don’t have to pass through all the obstacles that you do to register to vote, nor does anyone have the power to remove swathes of voters from the lists. I watch in amazement at how your ‘democratic’ process is anything but!

        Fingers crossed for the right results today and that nothing bad happens tomorrow.

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        • I’ve been watching some of the proceedings in Congress today, and you’re right … the process is anything but democratic. That said, I was impressed by one Republican member of Congress who stood and said that while he campaigned for Trump, voted for Trump, and hoped for Trump to win, the will of the people was more important than what he wanted and he would not support the challenges to the vote. So, there are a few of them with a conscience, it would seem. Thanks for your good wishes … we need all the good karma we can get. Never in my lifetime at least has this nation been under as much stress as we are today.

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          • I’ve just been reading reports of Trump’s speech to the ‘Freedom March’ morons. He should be arrested for inciting public disorder and potential violence – it would make great tv if the National Guard took him away!

            The challenges are all being made by people with ulterior motives of self-interest. Those with a backbone will vote them down, and I’ve seen a report of Pence issuing a statement saying he won’t support them either. Now we just need an Ossoff win!

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            • And as we now know, his speech, along with all the tweets of the past few weeks, did create havoc, just as Trump hoped. My concern now is … well several things, actually. First, what might happen on inauguration day, the 20th? I have had two nightmares that Joe Biden was shot and killed, along with his wife, and Chief Justice Roberts, while taking the oath. Twice. Also, what more damage might he do over the 13 days left until the inauguration? And thirdly … it would be wise for us to remember that he has the nuclear codes … and that he is not quite sane. Sigh. I wonder if I’ll sleep tonight?

              In other news, I was much pleased by the results in Georgia! Both Warnock and Ossoff won!

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              • He is certifiably insane. I’ve seen reports of the 25th being invoked – they should do it at once! I also have fears for Biden’s safety, not just on the 20th but after: it only takes one crazy with a gun, and there are loads of those stoked up by Trump.

                Georgia’s results were just what the country needed!

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                • Yes, I’ve long said he was certifiably insane, but they all said, “No, that’s just his personality … he has character.” Yeah, so did Jack the Ripper. I’m hearing that Pence is against invoking the 25th Amendment, that impeachment charges are being drawn up in the House, but with only 12 days remaining in his term, there likely isn’t time for that, and there’s no guarantee that the Senate would convict him this time, either. You’re right … all it takes is one crazy with a gun, and here we have tens if not hundreds of thousands of crazies with guns. I think it isn’t over yet, and I fear for inauguration day, for my gut tells me there is more being planned.

                  Yes, the Georgia results were the one bright spot in the week!

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                  • I guess the hope must be that he will now go quietly, having finally conceded. I just hope that the crazies don’t follow up on Wednesday, especially as there is so little time to follow an official route to remove him before the 20th.

                    I hope no one challenges the Georgia results!

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                    • Don’t get your hopes for that up too high, for he hasn’t actually conceded, and today he made a statement that “We’re just beginning”. I expect something else, but I just don’t quite know what … I just think that Wednesday was a beginning, not the end. I hope I’m wrong. I don’t think there will be any serious challenges to Georgia’s results, but it will likely be close to the deadline of January 22 before the results are certified and Warnock & Ossoff can take their seats in the Senate.

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                    • From what I saw, he has accepted that Biden will be inaugurated but, in typical petulant toddler fashion, said he wouldn’t go. I read a report that said he liked things to be classy: I hooted with laughter! I hope you’re wrong too. Opposition is ok, but domestic terrorism goes way beyond what is acceptable.


  4. I find it interesting that he IGNORES the popular vote that totally indicates who We the People truly want in the White House — and instead whines and cries about the Electoral Vote. Yes, I’m aware the latter (unfortunately) has been deemed as the final authority, but you would think (!) that at some point he’d “catch on” that … “NO, Mr. Trump. You are NOT the one that We the People want … and over 81,000 of us made that clear.”

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    • He ranted for months about losing the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes in 2016, and now he’s lost by a resounding 7 million! Your message is spot on: We don’t like you, we don’t want you, we want you to leave, preferably into an abyss from which you will never return, Mr. Trump! Sigh.

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  5. Reblogged this on CRAIN'S COMMENTS and commented:
    There is no question that Donald Trump has broken the law and violated his oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”. There’s also no question that there are people willing to sacrifice America for personal gain, or simply to increase the suffering of others. Those are truly deplorable.

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  6. Jill, the Wall Street Journal rebuked the outgoing president and these legislators in an editorial. Former Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan did so as well. I still like the conservative New York Post’s term calling Trump and his Toadies efforts as an “undemocratic coup.”

    But, the best evidence is the outgoing president himself trying to coerce the Republican Sec of State to change 11,000+ votes, to which the Trump supporter said “no.” The count is correct (it was done three times) and you are wrong he told the outgoing president. By the way, this a crime in the view of some lawyers.

    The outgoing president is making toddlers look bad. How many times will he have to be sent to his room. And, this is someone who portrays himself as a tough guy? Keith

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    • PS – From a CNBC article a few minutes ago called “Major business leaders tell Congress to certify Biden won electoral college; Trump lost” by Dan Mangan, the following two paragraphs speak volumes:

      “Major U.S. business leaders on Monday urged Congress to certify this week President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory over President Donald Trump, who has refused to recognize his loss in the 2020 election.

      Business groups including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers, and the Partnership for New York City separately issued statements calling for an end to efforts to undermine Biden’s win.”

      These groups join others in telling the undemocratic coup to stop. Keith.

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    • You’re right … former Defense Secretaries and some 200 business leaders have also spoken out against Trump’s perfidy, and yet his followers still wear their blinders. Sigh. He is, indeed, acting like a toddler who deserves to be put in his room for about a decade! In this case, the room should have steel bars. I’m sick of it all, Keith. How much more of his crap can this nation take before our very foundation crumbles? Yes, his call to Raffensperger was a felony … but who has the courage to prosecute him? He has grown men cowering in fear of him. This is NOT what a president does or is. He is … evil.


      • Jill, when a US Congressman suggests violence after losing in court, it reveals the lack of character. That Congressman should be asked to resign. It is that simple. It matters not what party. The US president should be removed for what he is doing, it is so traitorous and egregious. Using the conservative New York Post’s words, he is attempting an “undemocratic coup.” Keith

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        • You are absolutely right. And just a few minutes ago, Trump supporters breached the Capitol, Mike Pence was rushed out of Senate chambers and the proceedings halted. This is on Donald Trump’s shoulders, and I just hope none of the fools who breached the building are carrying guns, though I suspect that’s a futile hope. I am frightened of what this country is becoming.


          • Jill, when you don’t stand up to a tyrant, do not be surprised when he does something tyrannical. Right now, I have heard a second GOP politician (who are supporting the outgoing president’s claims) do verbal gymnastics to avoid blaming the outgoing president for citing this violence. Keith.

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            • Exactly, my friend. The events of the day are as much on his enablers, including the media, as on any. There is much blame to go ’round, but at the end of the day, those ‘people’ made the choice to travel to the Capitol and inflict madness, so it’s also on them. I don’t understand why every last one of them wasn’t arrested.


  7. Jill, dearest jill, may I, a European with NO saying at all in the US, make a suggestion? Why don’t you and all your faithful friends and followers, make the 20th a HUGE Thank-You FEAST DAY….
    Although the workload of your new, not terribly young, Leader will be tremendous and although he will have to lean heavily on his strong ‘bulldog’, fine and fierce as well as fearless Kamala H., IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER. T *WILL* be dealt with eventually…. and somehow he WILL get his right punishment – just hang on a few more days. AND stay inside, you all, work from home if you can, get your shopping done in advance, wear your mask and stay SAFE.

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  8. The only question I find myself having to ask is why is he not in a jail cell already? What he did was a criminal offence, if he had committed a murder surely the appropriate authorities would have arrested him by now. I feel his willful neglect of the Country during the Coronavirus crisis amounts to the murder of multiple thousands which maybe they should add to the charge sheet.

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    • Because nobody in our government has the guts to stand up and say, “This man is breaking the law … arrest him!” Heck, half the GOP are still trying to support his fraudulent attempts to overturn the election results. The other thing I wonder is why Raffensperger let him go on for a solid hour … I would have hung up on him the minute he started making thinly-veiled threats and refused to believe what I was saying. That said, Raffensperger has risen another notch in my esteem for standing up to the bullying oaf. I agree with you on the pandemic deaths … we’ll never know how many might have been avoided if he had acted responsibly. Sigh.

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