Invasion of the Brain Snatchers

What follows is Jeff’s reblog of Jerry’s (Grumpy) post, but well worth the read. Can we say ‘conspiracy theories’? Sheesh … is it any wonder this nation has gone to hell?

On The Fence Voters

Our friend Jerry over at Grumpy’s Grumblings continues with a unique look at the suicide bombing on Christmas day in Nashville. I’ve included a link at the end to continue reading at his blog. Thanks Jerry!

What a relief. It turns out Anthony Quinn Warner, the Christmas Day Nashville bomber, was mentally deranged, a loner, and not part of an organized movement of radicals who might inflict further mayhem on our currently fragile nation.

Well, yes, Warner—who died in the blast of his own making—was barkin’ mad, but perhaps we shouldn’t let our guard down just yet.

Warner seriously believed we earthlings are being manipulated by a race of alien reptilians who have implanted microchips in our brains to control us.

As recently reported, Warner seriously believed we earthlings are being manipulated by a race of alien reptilians who have implanted microchips in our brains to control us. Utterly…

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12 thoughts on “Invasion of the Brain Snatchers

  1. Speaking of the Twilight Zone, I think that must be where a number of my comments to Jerry, Jeff, and certain others must be ending up. Some comments are published, others just disappear into contaminated air. It seems that after I write cerain types of comments, usually long ones as is my bent, rather than publish them WP asks me to sign in to WP, which makes no sense as I am always signed in. But I go through the motions, add my password, and the page disappears, along with the comment. At least, it does not show up on my version of the post page, nor do they ever get liked or commented on. So they must be in the twilight zone. Curse you, Rod Serling, for ever creating it! (Not really, it was a great show at a great time, before television became the boob tube it still is today, thank you Harlan Ellison. (Spelchek tried to make him Rod Serving! and television the bob tube, obviously promoting the show Bob Hearts Amindola. Strange, because I do not find WP to have a sense of humour!)

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    • On occasion, the same has happened to me, that I’ve been asked to sign in to WP, even though I never signed out! And, on occasion I simply cannot leave a comment, for there is no comment box. I dunno what’s up with WP, but I do wish they’d get their sh*t together! Agreed about Twilight Zone — I loved that show! You say it can still be seen today? I’ll have to check that out!


  2. Oh My, I’ve had this deep-rooted belief for oh, about the last four years now, go on laugh, I know you want to, but these conspiracy theories are just so many that one must be true. Anyhoo, I believe that the country has been run by a crime family headed by a big fat Don Corleone type, who may have had a golf mad mini alien inside him steering his every move. I could see through him because I understood that no-one could be such an effin bad leader otherwise. The only way to stop the alien is to lock up the fat man.

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    • 🤣🤣🤣 Well, you TOLD me to laugh! Hmmmm … now that you are expounding on your conspiracy theory, it begins to sound quite plausible. I’m all for locking up the fat man with the funny critter living atop his bald pate. Now if we can just convince the rest of the world.

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