The echo chamber feedback loop

Once again, our friend Keith is spot-on with his analysis and advice. Thanks, Keith!


“Everyone is talking about this,” says the outgoing president on more than a few occasions.. “Everyone knows this is true” or “Everyone knows” he might use as an alternative or add-on to the above, as he is prone to repeat himself. These are intentional phrases used to make the listener or reader skip past them and assume the statements are true. When you hear or read these comments, do yourself a favor and assume the opposite.

Why? Because you are hearing an echo chamber feedback loop. The echo chamber occurs when the same piece of information, rumor or conspiracy theory is repeated within limited sources of information. In fact, this is how disinformation is so easily shared, especially with an untruthful, unrelenting and unaware user in the White House. In fact, when a Russian, Iranian, Chinese or American troll hears the outgoing president repeat what they made up, it is…

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8 thoughts on “The echo chamber feedback loop

  1. I left a comment on Keith’s blog. I have to say I enjoyed writing the last paragraph, though I made a small boo-boo. I’ll correct it here.
    “Oh, that is the truth? No, we made it become the truth! We unelected him!”
    Sorry I took the liberty of making it sound like I helped unelected him, not being American and all, but it had a certain feel to it. I think all the non-Populist people in the world helped you unelect him. And he is never going to forgive anyone who did!

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