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Yesterday morning I contacted my Republican representative, Warren Davis and Republican senator, Rob Portman, sending both the following short email …

As a representative of the district (state) in which I live and pay taxes, I expect you to support the will of the people.  Joe Biden won the office of president on November 3rd in a fair and honest election.  Donald Trump’s claims of voter fraud are lies and are in themselves fraudulent.  Joe Biden will take the Oath of Office on 20 January, and I fully expect you, Mr. Davidson (Mr. Portman), to vote to certify the electoral results on Wednesday.  If you do not, then you are trying to undermine democratic processes and take away the people’s right to choose their leaders.  Think about that and think about your responsibility to We the People.

Just as I call out these same people when they act in ways that are unconscionable, I thought it only fair to commend them when they do their job and actually represent We the People.  I share a portion of the response I received later that afternoon from Senator Portman …

In accordance with the Constitution and federal law, the Electoral College cast their votes for President on December 14, 2020. I think we need to respect this process the Founding Fathers established, and we must respect the will of the voters.

The orderly transfer of power is a hallmark of our democracy, and although I supported President Trump, the Electoral College vote makes clear that Joe Biden is now President-Elect.

The presidential election was contentious and hard fought. Roughly half of America was bound to be disappointed with the outcome. My hope is that all of us, as Americans, regardless of who we supported in the campaign, will be willing to accept the result because a thorough process was followed, and the final vote count was clear.

Our country faces serious challenges, from the public health and economic crises brought on by COVID-19, to an epidemic of drug addiction, to our growing national security threats. To solve these problems, we need to come together and rise above the dysfunction in Washington. I know if we work together, we can deliver results and make a real difference in the lives of Ohioans and all Americans.

Though I quite often disagree with Senator Portman, I greatly appreciate his views on the election certification, and he has gained a bit of respect in my eyes.  Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Ron Johnson, Marsha Blackburn and many others could take a lesson from Senator Portman.  As of this writing, I have not had a response from Warren Davidson, which is fairly typical … perhaps he only responds to favourable comments.

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  1. Jill, I just posted a few paragraphs and a link to an article, where the immigrant, bodybuilder, actor and former GOP governor known as “The Terminator” tells the outgoing president and others to stop this BS. I know Arnold is not perfect, but his words ring true. Keith

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    • Ahhhhh … you must mean ol’ Arnie! I have, as you might imagine, been otherwise focused today, but am trying to wind down enough to manage a couple hours of sleep. So, it may be tomorrow, but I will check it out as soon as I can! No, nobody’s perfect, but I always thought Arnie’s heart was in the right place.


  2. A sane response from a Republican that gets it. In history, when this happened when Lincoln was elected, those that objected were not seated in the senate. Perhaps that would change a bunch of minds during this ridiculous election if they saw their gravy train potentially coming to an end as a result of their sedition.


    • Yes, it pleased me, and there was another, whose name I missed, but as I was watching the Congressional proceedings this morning, one republican congressman said that while he voted for Trump, supported Trump, and even campaigned for Trump, the will of the people is more important than his wishes and he would NOT support the challenges. So, there are some with a conscience.


  3. I hope you do receive an answer and that it’s the same as the other one showing you have at least two politicians in your state with a sense of duty towards the people and the Democratic process.

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    • I got my answer indirectly, when I saw his tweet this morning saying that he plans to challenge the electoral votes for Biden in Congress today. I left him a rather heated, fiery reply, being in somewhat of a bad mood. He’ll probably never even see it. Sigh.

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  4. Part of what you do is part of what makes (or could make) every day a ‘Christmas Day’. When I read about REAL actions (and not just words) I always think of Helen Steiner Rice‘s quote: Peace on earth will come to stay, when we live Christmas EVERY DAY.

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