By now, you all know of the chaos that has reigned all afternoon in the Capitol, halting the electoral certification process and causing turmoil throughout the nation.  Our friend Keith often reminds me that name-calling gets us nowhere, wins no arguments.  While I both respect and agree with him, today my fury, my rage, have taken over and I shamelessly call Donald Trump and every single person who voted for him in November stupid jackasses.

chaos-6The hordes, incited by none other than the Idiot-in-Chief, have vandalized the Capitol building, broken windows, shot at least one person, injured multiple police officers, and say they are planning to “occupy the Capitol through the night”.  Were it my decision, I’d instruct police to arrest every last one of them, and then go find Trump and arrest him, too.  Yes, my friends, I am angry … I am furious.

Meanwhile, Trump remains, as of this writing, largely silent, for this was his plan all along.  One of his aides, noting the frustration of his staff at his negligence, said …

“If we could throw him [Trump] to the angry mob, we’d throw him to the angry mob now.”

Trump has been urged by many to publicly order the mob to disperse … instead, he told them “We love you”WHAT THE SAM HELL????

chaos-2Every one of the people protesting in Washington today should be in jail.  Don’t ever again ask me not to say that people who voted for Trump are stupid, because they ARE.  They are stupid, they are evil, they are terrorists every bit as much as was Osama bin Laden!

I have a few questions about today, starting with WHERE THE HELL were the police?  The masses that descended on DC today were no surprise … we’ve heard Trump ‘inviting’ them, egging them on, for weeks now!  Even I was smart enough to know these terrorist bozos would show up with their guns, so where were the cops???  Second question is … what would have happened if this had been a Black Lives Matter protest rather than a pro-Trump protest?  Think long and hard about that one, my friends, and then try to convince me that this isn’t a racist, bigoted nation.

chaos-4President-elect Joe Biden, who WILL be inaugurated as President in two weeks, was more controlled than I am in his statement a bit ago …

“At this hour, our democracy’s under unprecedented assault. Unlike anything we’ve seen in modern times. An assault on the citadel of liberty, the Capitol itself. An assault on the people’s representatives and the Capitol Hill police, sworn to protect them. And the public servants who work at the heart of our Republic… Let me be very clear. The scenes of chaos at the Capitol do not reflect a true America. Do not represent who we are. What we’re seeing are a small number of extremists dedicated to lawlessness. This is not dissent. It’s disorder. It’s chaos. It borders on sedition. And it must end now.

Threatening the safety of elected officials, it’s no protest. It’s insurrection. The world’s watching. Like so many other Americans, I am shocked and saddened that our nation, so long the beacon of light and hope for democracy, has come to such a dark moment.”

This is how a president speaks, my friends.  This is the president I am looking forward to having in just under two weeks.  But meanwhile … the FBI, Homeland Security and every law enforcement agency must work day and night to ensure that the chaos, the tragedy of today is not repeated on January 20th as Joe Biden takes office!  If needs be, if possible, we need to invite NATO security forces to protect not only Biden, but every member of Congress and the Supreme Court, for Trump and his band of idiots have proven there is no low to which they won’t sink.

47 thoughts on “CHAOS!!! TERRORISM!!! INSURRECTION!!!

  1. No apologies necessary Jill. They ARE stupid. They ARE idiots. They ARE misinformed. They ARE terrorists. They ARE all of the above and then some. If I see one more media outlet doing interviews with these bastards about how ‘aggrieved’ they all are I’m going to throw up. Enough of this. Time to remove his ass right now. Will our politicians please grow a spine? I don’t care if it’s only 13 more days. Get him out!


  2. The only consolation is that it appears the adults will soon be in charge again. I saw a bit of a change of heart from members of the senate that had the crap scared out of them yesterday. My only fear is that, with Trump in power for the next 13 days and his staff leaving him like rats from a sinking ship, he still has control of the ‘button’ and could get us into a global conflict as a last desperate act to hold on to power. I’m hoping they are considering invoking the 25th amendment more than just talking about it.

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    • Indeed, my fears are exactly the same as yours! I said on Wednesday night, ‘remember he still has access to the nuclear codes, and he is but a temperamental child who will do whatever it takes to get his way.’ But, I also fear the next 12 days, and my biggest fear, perhaps, is what is up his sleeve for inauguration day. I have ugly visions of an assassination attempt on Biden. Many have discussed the 25th Amendment, but I’m told that Pence isn’t in favour of it. Sigh. 12 more days … what could possibly go wrong?


  3. So much for 2021 starting off good! 😦 Another hope in the bin. – We are all shocked, our newspapers are full of it (even though it started late in the evening for us), and the news sites are still covering with life tickers. And yes, the chorus is that there is a straight line from the last four years of Trumpism to this. – I hope this is an eye opener for the last Republican politician. I hope they realise who and what they have been bonding with. And I hope they finally cut their ties. – I am thinking of you, my friend! Take care! Big hugs!

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    • Sigh. Yes, so much for it. And I honestly don’t think we’ve seen the end of it, but I am very fearful of what might be planned for the 20th, the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration. Others call me an alarmist, but … I’ve been predicting this for months now. Thank you so much for your caring and concern, Jeannie … you’ve brought a smile to a tired, depressed face. Keep well and BIG HUGS back to you and the family! 🤗


  4. I apparently predicted this rant, because I already answered it on your Snarky Snippet post. However, I will add one bit: Joe’s speech was not presidential. It was an unprepared speech that was wimpy, and so restrained he might as well never have opened his mouth. Sorry, Jill, but if this us what we can expect out of Biden, you will be lucky if he lasts 4 years as President. I’ve said it before, and I will repeat it now, America needs a dynamic leader, one who will take charge, not just tell Donald to reign in his MAGAts calmly and quietly.
    What I saw on my television screen this afternoon was meaningless bluster! And I want everyone to know this is how I feel.

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  5. And so it happens. The dross has decided Democracy isn’t for them so no-one else should have it either. Let’s ignore the free and fair elections and try to instate a tyrant to the position he was supposed to occupy as President.. A position where he was out of his depth and underperformed to the Nth degree. A position in which he has allowed thousands of death from Covid19 because he felt his opinion superior o the medical experts. A position in which he has not only allowed but actively encouraged an insurrection and the armed storming of the seat of American democracy. But right will prevail and a Democratic President will be sworn in on Jan 20th with a new Attorney General whom I hope will be sure to extract justice from these wrongdoers starting at the very top.

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  6. it takes the assistant administrator of department of defense making an order to the capital police to take specific action. Otherwise their standing orders are to control and hold…..basically they are not allowed to do a damned thing. we can thank dod for doing nothing. one a side note, the fighter squadron of our local afb was deployed this afternoon. they went screaming overhead heading northeast. wonder where they were going?

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  7. I completely agree with you, Jill. Watching this unfold with a mixture of surprise that it’s happening but also no surprise at all – it was always coming. As the news from the Georgia run-off was coming in today, I was actually thinking about what Trump might do and I thought that the most dangerous time for you guys was after the 20th; until then he was still President, so there was less reason for his more imbecilic followers to do something like this. After the 20th, of course, they would view their duty as staging a violent coup to reinstate him. Not sure what happens next, but let’s hope it involves a long jail term for him and his followers.

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    • Thanks, Mick. Yes, even I saw this coming, but I was called an alarmist. My concerns now are what he might attempt in the 13 days that remain until Biden is inaugurated, what these idiots who call themselves ‘patriots’ might attempt on inauguration day, and as you’ve said, what happens next. I think this erases any doubt that he must be prosecuted for his crimes, though I’m sure there are many who disagree with me. Those in Congress who have enabled him should be given their walking papers to find another job. But, none of that will happen. Sigh. Heck, they only arrested 13 of today’s rioters! Why wasn’t every single one arrested? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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      • I think there will be some long and uncomfortable conversations going on in the Republican camp, now. This seems to have unnerved a lot of them – am I right in that one of the Republican state governors has called for his arrest? – and I do wonder whether they might make a move against him now.

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        • I’m betting you’re right about that, Mick. They created the monster, now they are likely trying to figure out how to get him back in the box. I have heard that three Republican governors have called for his resignation/removal from office, but I haven’t heard of one calling for his arrest, though it’s quite possible, for I’ve been unable to keep up with all the news yesterday and today. Many have suggested that Pence invoke the 25th Amendment which would enable him to temporarily remove Trump from office claiming he is “unable to serve”, but I hear that Pence is against the idea. The other option is a very fast impeachment, which I understand the process has begun in the House, but with only 12 days remaining in his term, is unlikely. The thing is, I think, that as he is still very popular in many states (though I don’t understand why!), the members of Congress don’t want to lose face with their own constituents. It’s not about the best interests of the country, but about their own political futures.

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          • If he is successfully impeached, even after leaving office, won’t that prevent him running again? That would be one problem solved. I also understand that all the misdemeanours he could not be prosecuted for while in office are waiting for the 20th to jump out and bite him.

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            • Yes, it would prevent him from running again, which is one of the best arguments in favour of impeaching, but it’s looking like a dim hope right now. The House can certainly get enough votes to impeach, BUT … they have to give him time to prepare a defense, and with only 11 days left, it’s doubtful that’s going to happen. Then the Senate is unlikely to have the votes needed to convict and remove him from office. If impeached, but not convicted, he could still run in 2024. However, I think he burned his bridges on Wednesday, and I doubt he could make a successful bid again in 2024. Then again, he still has a large base of avid (blind, deaf and stupid) supporters. Sigh. Oh yes, there are at least two states that already have cases against him, and there will no doubt be federal charges as well. However, as they say, the wheels of justice turn slowly, so I’m not holding my breath.

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              • ‘The wheels of God grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly small.’ I assume that’s where the wheels of justice quote originated, which is rather hopeful, of course. But the other part of the equation is that he lost, and despite the lies and bluster (and the reason for them), he knows that. And he hates losing more than anything in the world, so there’s a very good chance that realising he would probably lose in 2024, he won’t put himself forward.

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    • PS – The world is watching. The inciteful and divisive actions of the outgoing president have been condemned by the United Nations, Germany, Australia, Colombia, Brazil, Ireland, Great Britain, Canada, eg. The condemnations include Trump’s failure to accept the outcome of a democratic election. They are DEAD ON accurate in their criticism. Keith

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