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There is much I could find to write a scathing rant about today, but there is also some good news, so I thought just for once I’d try to focus on that.  Don’t expect this to become the new norm, though!

Score one for justice!

On March 16, 2016, President Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland to fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.  Garland is politically moderate, and Obama’s hope was that he would not be found offensive to either side, particularly Republicans in the Senate led by Mitch McConnell.  His hopes were to be dashed, for McConnell was determined that President Obama would not be allowed to fill that seat.  Period.

Republicans themselves had spent years suggesting Garland as an acceptable Democratic choice for the Court, and it is said that Mitch McConnell and Merrick Garland were friends.  However, McConnell and other Senate Republicans refused to even so much as hold a hearing or vote on the nomination, claiming that with only eight months until the presidential election, the seat should remain open for the incoming president to fill.  Some even said that if Hillary Clinton were elected, the seat should remain open for four years … or forever!

It had nothing whatsoever to do with Merrick Garland’s qualifications, and everything to do with partisanship.  The Senate Republicans wanted only an ultra-conservative to fill that seat, not a liberal or even a moderate.  Why?  Their goal was to gain a conservative majority in the Court that would be willing to overturn two previous Supreme Court decisions if the opportunity arose:  Roe v Wade, and Obergefell v Hodges.

Well, today it is Merrick Garland who will have the last laugh, for President-elect Joe Biden, who will take the Oath of Office in just two weeks from today, has announced his intention to nominate Merrick Garland as United States Attorney General!  From what little I know of Garland, I think he will be a fine Attorney General, and I’m admittedly not above being thrilled to know that Mitch McConnell and his uber-conservative cronies must be pulling their hair out … or will be once today’s circus in Congress has finished.

Score two for justice!

And in other positive news, the Georgia runoff elections for Georgia’s two seats in the U.S. Senate was yesterday.  While the count is only about 98% complete as of this writing, Raphael Warnock, the democratic candidate, has been declared the winner over Kelly Loeffler, although by a narrow margin of 1.2%.

The other race, being even closer, has not yet been called as of this writing, but Democrat Jon Ossoff is leading over David Perdue by about .4%, or 17,567 votes.  I fail to understand how so many people in Georgia could vote for Loeffler and Perdue, both of whom have allegations of insider trading and other criminal conduct in their past.  However, a narrow win is better than no win.  For the sake of my own health, I have stayed largely off of Twitter today, so haven’t seen any of Trump’s tweets, but I’m sure he is crying “Foul” as loudly and ignorantly as usual.  However, his voice is becoming less and less relevant, even to many Republicans.


Rumour had it that Trump was planning to head for his golf course in Scotland on the 19th, the day before Joe Biden will be sworn in as President of the United States.  However, Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says that Trump will not be allowed into Scotland, for the country is in strict lockdown and nobody is allowed to enter, including Trump!  Guess he’ll just have to settle for Mar-a-Lago for a while.

We all need a chuckle today.  You’ll love this parody of Trump’s felonious phone call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger last Saturday, put to the Stevie Wonder song, I Just Called to Say I Love You

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  1. Trump may not be allowed to reside at Mar-a-Lago after the 20th either. In order to receive certain tax breaks from Palm Beach county, he had to agree not to reside there more than a certain number of days each year and he’s already exceeded that by a lot. A Florida lawmaker is suing him to not reside there. He’s one senior citizen my state can do without.

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  2. I really don’t know about certain Americans! I watched the so-called riot on television. What a bunch of wimps. They broke a few windows, punched a few cops, but calling them rioters, or even terrorists. Come on, maybe an Occupy movement, but a riot?
    Yes, I heard that a woman was shot to death, for that I grieve, but no one even had the guts to say who shot her. Was it a rioter? Was it a cop? Where and when did it happen?
    And talk about double standards. Had those people been Black, or Mid-Eastern, tear gas would have been rolling down the streets. The crowd would have been dodging bullets, real and rubber! But these were white people! Gotta treat them with dignity. Gotta wait till they decide to disperse. Can’t be seen throwing them into paddywagons. They aren’t gay! They’re just normal white folk, doing what normal white folk do every day, move through the city without anyone hassling them.
    And meanwhile, a white district attorney refuses to charge a white cop with shooting a black man in the back seven times. Oh, he’ll just use the I feared for my life defence, and we cannot dispute that, even though the man was not even looking at the cop! This is what white folk should be rioting about, but hardly a whimper was heard. Those Americans who put up with this make me vomit!

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    • Frankly, I wish the police had gone in with guns blazing and shot the entire lot of them. The woman who was shot was part of the mob, so I feel no empathy for her.

      Now, I agree with you that if those protests had been Black Lives Matter protests, half of them would be dead merely for trying to claim equal rights to justice. But these ignorant jerks try to overthrow a government, and out of the entire mob only 60-plus were even arrested! Where’s the justice here?

      And yes, that cop did use the “I feared for my life” defense … or rather, that’s what his lawyers said … even though the Black man had no weapon and the cop had hold of the back of his shirt. If the cop is that much a coward, he has no business being a cop.


      • A legalized gun-toting bullet-proof vest wearing coward! He knew what he was doing, and he probably climaxed every time he pulled the trigger.
        By not even putting him on trial, the State Attorney-General said it is okay to shoot black people just because they are black.
        This will not be the last racist cop event in Kenosha. The cops now have carte blanche to fear for their lives on every call to a mostly black neighbourhood, or even just involving a Person of Colour. Black Lives DO NOT Matter in Kenosha, or anywhere else in the United States!

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        • I fully agree … that is exactly the message that was sent out by exonerating the cop, and it seems to be the message the Republican Party as a whole are sending. It’s only a matter of time, as Roger said, before the Sleeping Giant awakens and revolts … this nation is going to be a battleground …. oh wait, it already is. Sigh.


  3. Truly a comic song that’s spot on with its lyrics. Loved it. I’m delighted about Merrick Garland and I’m sure he’ll put the ghost of Barr and his criminality to rest. The news from Georgia is delicious as Joe Biden will no have just the start he needs.

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    • Yes, I thought it was a work of genius! I’m delighted about Garland, too … I’m pretty sure he will deny Barr’s mandate that a sitting president is above the law, and Biden has said he has no intention of interfering with Garland’s work. I hope his first order of business is to review Robert Mueller’s report, then put together a case against Trump for his crimes over the past 5 years. Is it too much to hope that he can also charge Ivanka, Junior, and duh-Eric? Yep, Georgia was at least one bright spot in this otherwise dark week.

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  4. This morning, I heard this SONG – I thought it was über-brilliant, so true, not only amusing but amazing too. For you, Jill, I do hope that the Snarky Snippets will become a thing of less and less importance in the near future….

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