A Few Thoughts About Yesterday …

Well, my friends, it’s been quite a 24 hours, hasn’t it?  Y’know … I’ve heard many people in the past day say, “This is not who we are”.  Often in the past four years, I’ve said it myself.  But today, as I attempt to take in all the news, attempt to figure out who I hate more, Donald Trump, those who have enabled him for the past four years, or those who did his bidding yesterday, I came to a conclusion:  Yes, this is who we are, or at least this is who a good portion of this country are.  It’s not who I am, and if you’re reading this blog, it’s not who you are, but … it’s obvious that there are many out there for whom yes, this is exactly who they are.

And following that realization, I ask myself, can “we” and “they” find a pathway to mutual respect, can we find a way to live side-by-side in this nation in peace and harmony ever again?  It is too soon for me to answer this question, for I’m still far too angry to step back and assess it with a cool head, but it’s a question to ponder for another day, and one that I think we will need to try to answer sooner rather than later.

Yesterday’s chaos didn’t only affect the United States and those of us who live here, but was heard and felt around the globe.  How could it not be?  We are, whether some choose to believe it or not, all interconnected, we rely on each other in this global era.  What happens here has ramifications far and wide.  Here are some of the reactions from around the globe …

“The scenes from the Capitol are utterly horrifying. Solidarity with those in 🇺🇸 on the side of democracy and the peaceful and constitutional transfer of power. Shame on those who have incited this attack on democracy.” – Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland

“The United States stands for democracy around the world and it is now vital that there should be a peaceful and orderly transfer of power.” – Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

“Trump and his supporters should finally accept the decision of the American voters and stop trampling on democracy. From inflammatory words come violent deeds. Contempt for democratic institutions has disastrous effects.” – German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas

“In this sad episode in the U.S., supporters of fascism showed their real face: anti-democratic and aggressive. American society and institutions react with vigor to this threat to democracy.” – Luis Roberto Barroso, Brazilian Supreme Court justice and the head of the country’s electoral court

“Canadians are deeply disturbed and saddened by the attack on democracy in the United States, our closest ally and neighbour. Violence will never succeed in overruling the will of the people. Democracy in the US must be upheld – and it will be.” – Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister

“Closely following what is happening in Washington DC. These images are shocking, also because they hurt our democratic ideals. They show the extent of President-elect Biden’s task, which will be to unite American society around a common project. We trust him to do that.” – Sophie Wilmès, Belgian Prime Minister

“Like so many others, I’ve been watching what’s happening in the United States. I share the sentiment of friends in the US – what is happening is wrong. Democracy – the right of people to exercise a vote, have their voice heard and then have that decision upheld peacefully should never be undone by a mob. Our thoughts are with everyone who is as devastated as we are by the events of today. I have no doubt democracy will prevail.” –  Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand

And from our own, former President George W. Bush …

george-w-bush“I am appalled by the reckless behavior of some political leaders since the election and by the lack of respect shown today for our institutions, our traditions, and our law enforcement.  This is how election results are disputed in a banana republic – not our democratic republic.”

And from the incoming President-elect, Joe Biden …

Featured Image -- 66441“Let me be very clear: The scenes of chaos at the Capitol do not reflect the true America. This is not who we are. What we are seeing is a small number of extremists dedicated to lawlessness. This is not dissent. It is disorder. It is chaos. It borders on sedition. And it must end. Now.

You’ve heard me say this in different contexts: the words of a President matter, no matter how good or bad that president is. At their best, the words of a president can inspire. At their worst, they can incite. To storm the Capitol, to smash windows, to occupy offices, and to threaten the safety of duly elected officials is not protest. It is insurrection.

The world is watching — and like so many other Americans, I am shocked and saddened that our nation, so long a beacon of light, hope, and democracy has come to such a dark moment.”

It is past time for Donald Trump to be removed from office, and I’m not sure this nation can afford to wait another 13 days until Joe Biden takes the Oath of Office.  But then again, might his removal by the 25th Amendment set off fresh attacks like the one we saw today … or worse?  Barring his removal, I think that at the very least, Mike Pence, Congress, cabinet members, and perhaps even the Supreme Court must find a way to tie his hands (and mouth) until January 20th.  This ‘man’ has no business having his finger on either his Twitting machine or the nuclear codes.  Think about it.

30 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts About Yesterday …

  1. Jill, as always, thank you for sharing your insights and thoughts. I, like many, live in a state of braced anticipation for what occurs next. It has been difficult over the last four years and seems to never go away. I, too, am worried about what will happen next. I appreciate that you have shared comments from leaders across the globe. It helps in some way.

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  2. Late to this, but with you about our collective character, and about our need to (eventually) reconcile.

    For me the bar to entry for ex-Trump voters to ever discuss anything of a political nature, is continued belief in the two big lies that bookend this Administration: The claim in late November 2016 that Trump won the popular vote if you subtract the “millions” who “voted illegally”; and of course today’s “Stop the Steal” scam that continues to be repeated by those who claim to oppose the violence it continues to incite.

    If you voted for Trump but can say you don’t agree with either assertion, we can talk.

    If you can’t, we can’t. (My rules anyway.)

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  3. This is like watching Shakespeare’ s Richard II (A study in a fall from power by an arrogant, self-absorbed fellow of small talent) without the dignity of the prose or the masterful way The Bard weaved in a Pathos.
    The trouble is a lot of folk still don’t ‘get it’ that they by their support of this shmuck are ruining their nation…Make America Great Again…HA!!

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    • And that is what I don’t understand. How can they believe that anything Trump has done in four years has been an improvement? Are they truly so stupid that if he says “it’s good”, they believe it despite all the evidence to the contrary? He hasn’t made anything great … he has made us more divided, less respected, and more like a tin pot dictatorship.

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      • This is a ‘Humanity’ thing. Take out the words ‘Trump’ and it will still be there.
        There is this inherent tendency to at times embrace what you want to hear, not what you need to know, because it’s the simplest, easiest thing and satisfies your rage.
        Take a good, long objective look at rebellions, uprisings, ‘fights for freedom’ and such which and you will see those ‘noble downtrodden folk’ being just as bad as those they are trying to overthrow.
        Forget get this term ‘Trumpism’ he didn’t invent anything, he turned up and the folk said ‘Yeah, he’ll do,’ and the jerk believed he had actually invented something when he was just the marionette.
        It’s the USA’s turn again, that’s all.
        And it’s why you get folk like me, in our shadowy corners muttering about authoritarian governments…trouble is they don’t work either, weird people get to run them.

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  4. Hi Jill, the Democratic Party heads are fed up with Trump’s hijinks. AOC and Ms Pelosi are drafting articles of impeachment under Article 25. Trump really is not fit for office, however the risk of invoking the sanity clause may incite his radical right wing supporters to cause even more chaos. So Dems must carefully weighing their options, Pence has warned against it as it’s unlikely there’ll be bicameral support.
    Facebook has decided to ban Trump for life, or at least until the end of his term. Twitter has imposed a 12 hour suspension for community violations. His account has been restored after he deleted several inflammatory tweets.
    So his last possible option is military insurrection but that seems unlikely after yesterday. Let’s pray Trump goes golfing for the rest of his term and let the big boys get back to work.

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    • Yes, they will try to impeach, and it surely makes a statement, but I doubt it will remove him within the next 11 days. Thing is, Trump is evil, yes, but he is merely a symptom of something even more evil that is spread among the 50 states and some 45% of the people in the nation. Trump will leave office on the 20th, but the larger evil will still be with us. Joe Biden will have a job that no one human can accomplish, I’m afraid.


  5. Jill, he brought the matches, he brought the gasoline, and he brought the kindling. He told his fervent base the enemy was stealing the election and said since the courts and election officials would not rule in his favor, they need to take to the streets. The outgoing president is guilty of criminal incitement. And, put yourself in the shoes of previously (and still) supportive Republican legislators fearing for their lives in the Capitol building.. This sociopathic bent president put their lives in jeopardy only because he is a big baby that cannot handle losing. That is it in a nutshell. Former Trump appointees James Mattis, John Kelly and William Barr have said he is cuplable. Of course he is. Keith

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    • You are 100% right, Keith … without his incitement, those people might have sat at home and fumed over losing, but they would not have done what they did, risking their jobs, their livelihood, and in at least two cases, their lives. They were conned by the most evil conman in the history of this nation. As for William Barr … he helped create this monster. Sigh.


  6. He needs to go now even if there is less than a fortnight left. It will destroy his ambitions to try again in 2024. It might even make some Republicans happy as they won’t have letters on their doormats every 5 minutes requesting money to pay his previous election bills or his court costs. Things will be uncovered about him in the months and years to come, how he’s profited from his position or even stolen. Every newspaper in the land must make sure the Republicans get to hear of it. They can hang their heads at being taken in by such a louse and make an effort at co-existing with their wiser neighbours.

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    • I agree, but it’s looking less and less likely that he will go. I am highly suspicious of his “capitulation” to a peaceful transition, as I’ve heard it said that he meant a transition to his own second term. I know the damage from Wednesday was only the beginning. Not knowing what else is coming over the next 11 days … and beyond … is more unnerving that knowing. Yes, once he’s gone there is no doubt in my mind that for the next year or two we will find evidence of crimes he has committed against this nation and its people, money stolen, and who knows what else. Some in the Republican Party may have found their consciences this week, but there will still be some who will defend him and will carry on pandering to his base.

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  7. Sadly, Jill, in the eyes of many around the world that is exactly what the US now is, and those who have done nothing to stop the fascists over the past four years, and those who have acted as facilitators, are largely to blame. GOP politicians who have enabled and supported Trump. Fox News. Other MSM for not challenging Trump sufficiently strongly. They are all as guilty as Trump himself in creating this monster which is destroying your democracy. I hope Joe Biden can rebuild your country: it is shattered, and it will take more than glue to repair it.

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    • Sigh. Even I have come to realize that this is what a large portion of this country is. Not the majority yet, but close and growing. WHY??? I just don’t get it! I know the answer isn’t a simple single solution, but a composite, but even so … I do not understand. Yes, my friend, there is plenty of blame to go around, and I find it difficult to forgive any of those who helped create what we are seeing today. I think Joe will give it his best, but frankly, I don’t think the divide in this country can be healed, or the damage repaired. Perhaps in 10 years, this will be two or more countries, because I don’t think we can ever be the “United States” again.

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      • Looking at the election map, there are large chunks of both blue and red, which really show up the divide. I hope it can be repaired but it will be a huge job. Putin’s puppet has achieved one thing in his time: dividing your country.


  8. One of the (many) things that made me angry about yesterday was the hypocrisy of the senior republicans. It was good that finally theywere able to condemn what happened ~ although I suspect their words were driven by fear for their own miserable lives. However, if they had strongly refuted Trump’s claims of electoral fraud straight after the results of the election yesterday’s invasion would have been less likely to happen. Their lack of courage enabled these fascist thugs, including Trump, to do what they did.

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    • We would love to point the finger at trump and say, “naughty little boy,” but, the fingers are long enough to blame every last one of his cronies in Congress. Thank God it did not turn into a bloodbath. Yes, JIll, this is exactly who we are, like it or not. These thugs live next door, shop at my WalMart and vote in our elections. It is a rampant heart disease that no prescription can treat.

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      • Oh yes, my friend, there is plenty of blame to go around. I have long said that Trump is but a symbol of what’s wrong in this country, and we now have the proof … 74 million people voted for him, and thousands turned out on Wednesday, sacrificing good sense, their jobs (many have been fired in the past day or two, as their employers discovered what they did), and in at least two cases, their lives. FOOLS! I’m lucky that I live in a predominantly Black & immigrant neighborhood, so there are few Trumpeters here and the ones that are, don’t advertise it. I would find it hard to live next door to a maga-hat-wearing person without wanting to smash their face every time I saw them!

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    • You are spot-on, Anne, when you say they were more driven by fear for their own miserable lives … and their political careers, more likely. They have had four years to condemn Trump’s evil, and it took a disaster before they would speak a word against him. You’re right … they are complicit in what happened on Wednesday, and will be considered complicit in what is likely to happen in 11 days.


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