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I tried to do something humorous for this morning’s post, for my last several posts have been either rants or introspective critiques and I thought it was time to ‘lighten up’.  However, try as I might, it just didn’t work.  But I had no trouble whatsoever finding my inner snarky self … that is, apparently, the real me!


The late Senator John McCain’s wife, Cindy McCain, has been ‘censured’ by the Maricopa County (Arizona) Republican Committee.  Why?  Because of her support for “leftist causes” like gay marriage, larger government and “others that run counter to Republican values.”  And also because she “failed” to support conservative candidates and has “supported globalist policies and candidates,” including Democrats such as President-elect Joe Biden.

Incredible, is it not?  I wasn’t quite sure what, in a case like this where the person being ‘censured’ holds no political office, what it even means to be censured.  Turns out, it means pretty much nothing.  According to Wikipedia …

“Censure is a formal, and public, group condemnation of an individual, often a group member, whose actions run counter to the group’s acceptable standards for individual behavior. … Like a reprimand, a censure does not remove a member from their office so they retain their title, stature, and power to vote.”

In response to the censure, Ms. McCain said on Twitter “I am a proud lifelong Republican and will continue to support candidates who put country over party and stand for the rule of law.”  Like her husband, Ms. McCain is a person of character … much more so than the buffoons who decided to censure her.  This is yet another example of the bigotry that has become the foundation of the Republican Party in the 21st century.


More times than I can count in the past few days, I have heard the domestic terrorists who attacked the Capitol on Wednesday referred to as “patriots”.  Hearing this is like hearing fingernails running across a chalkboard … it sets my teeth on edge.

NOBODY who harms others and attempts to undermine or overthrow their own government can possibly be called a patriot.  Period.  A patriot is somebody who cares enough about their country to defend it against enemies, not someone who blatantly attempts to destroy their country from within!

John McCain was a patriot, President Barack Obama is a patriot, Senator Bobby Kennedy was a patriot, as were Martin Luther King and the late Representative John Lewis.  These thugs …


… are not patriots, they are homegrown, domestic terrorists.  They are racists and homophobes.  They are fools, idiots and buffoons.  They are ignorant rednecks … but they are the furthest thing from a ‘patriot’.

Rather than defend their country, what they did, and what they are still planning to do, is to take away the will of the majority of people in this nation and impose their own brand of anarchy based on bigotry, based on racism and hatred.  No, folks, these are insurgents, they are domestic terrorists, every bit as dangerous as members of al Qaeda, and even less intelligent.  Do not make them heroes … call them what they are … the enemies of the United States.

Idiocy has a price …

In January 2019, Senator Josh Hawley, then 39 years old, took his seat in Congress for the first time as the Senator from Missouri.  It was likely the first and last time.  Hawley wanted to be the maverick, the one who gave voice to Trump’s false claims that the 2020 election was somehow ‘stolen’ from him, was ‘rigged’, and so Hawley made great show of announcing that he would object to the electoral votes last Wednesday when Congress met to formally certify the electoral votes that declared Joe Biden the next president of the United States.

Yep, ol’ Josh was pretty proud of his sycophancy, pleased to be standing up for the voice of the electoral loser, thought he might even overturn the voice of the people.  And when terrorists gathered outside the Capitol building on Wednesday morning, Josh wasn’t concerned, in fact he waved and smiled, even gave them what I’ve come to think of as the Trumpian equivalent of the Nazi salute …


And then the shit hit the fan.  Those terrorists Josh thought he was bonding with stormed the Capitol building, disrupted the proceedings, caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, and left 5 people dead.  And Hawley became an overnight pariah.  Former Republican Senator John Danforth, Hawley’s political mentor and a fellow Yale Law School graduate, stated that supporting Hawley in his Senate bid and his prior state attorney general role was the “worst mistake I ever made in my life”.

David Humphreys, who with his mother and sister donated more than $6 million to Hawley’s campaigns, called for Hawley to be censured, having “revealed himself as a political opportunist willing to subvert the Constitution and the ideals of the nation he swore to uphold.”  Hawley has since faced bipartisan calls for his resignation, to which he has responded that he “will never apologize”.  But in all likelihood, his political career is as dead as the fish we had for dinner last night.

Apparently ol’ Josh had written a book … “The Tyranny of Big Tech” … that was scheduled to be published in June by Simon & Schuster.  That has since been canceled, according to Simon & Schuster …

“We did not come to this decision lightly.  As a publisher it will always be our mission to amplify a variety of voices and viewpoints: At the same time we take seriously our larger public responsibility as citizens, and cannot support Senator Hawley after his role in what became a dangerous threat.”

Fortunately for him, Hawley’s net worth is estimated at $1.1 million, so he won’t have to worry about finding a job as a dishwasher or truck driver anytime soon.

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  1. Good recap of everything here. These weren’t patriots. They were domestic terrorists while being some of the biggest hypocrites around. They were treated so softly in the Capitol, broke stuff, urinated, defecated on the premises, broke things, and looted the place. Those same people who claimed to back the blue were telling some of the cops “F the blue!” right outside the hallway, assaulting them, or killing one with a fire extinguisher. What’s taking them so long for all of them to be arrested? I even saw pictures of some of these thugs wearing neo-nazi stuff like Camp Auschwitz and 6MWE which I found out stands for “6 Million Wasn’t Enough” which is just horrific. All these people involved in storming the Capitol need to have terrorism charges.

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    • Thanks, Ospreyshire! You’re spot-on … they were domestic terrorists and should be treated like any other terrorist. I read tonight that the Pentagon is referring to them as “First Amendment Protestors”. Bullshit! I’m betting that fewer than 25% of them will be arrested, even though their ugly mugs were there for all to see … no masks even! Yes, I saw the Auschwitz shirt and was absolutely sickened. If we allow this to go unpunished, then we can expect to have a lot more of it over the coming weeks/months/years. The 1st Amendment has run amok, it would seem. And what really galls me is that people I know, people I thought were human, support this! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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      • No problem, Jill! They need to be treated the same like other terrorists. They’re still finding more people and some of them include CEOS, some local politicians, and even off-duty cops were there on site. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a COVID spike in the DMV area kind of like the Sturgis motorcycle rally months back. It does sicken me that people actually supported this.

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  2. Jill, what does a real patriot look like? Too many legislators and commenters did not heed the red flags, nay sirens, and did not push back on tyrannical behavior. Some looked the other way, while a few sycophants rationalized or supported such behavior. They let honorable diplomats and inspectors general raise concerns knowing they would be fired, but they did it anyway. Those are the patriots.

    Dr. Fiona Hill, Ambassador William Taylor, Michael Atkinson, Mitch Behm, Glenn Fine et al are patriots. They lost their jobs by trying to protect the country and constitution. The ougoing president fired them, but gave a Medal of Freedom to Congressman Devin Nunes who had to be removed from a committee for giving the president’s staff information on what they were investigating AND he was in the phone call records of Lev Parnas who was being investigated by the Committee which he served on for digging up dirt in Ukraine.

    Americans owe more than a debt of gratitude to these people. They are patriots. Keith

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    • I absolutely, 100% agree with your assessment of who the real patriots are. Those who consistently remembered their oaths, remembered that their allegiance is to the Constitution and the people, not to any specific person, who put their jobs on the line … those are indeed the patriots, and I would include Christopher Krebs who was fired for being honest and saying the election was the most secure in our history. That ragtag bunch of assholes who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday are naught but a bunch of privileged white spoiled brats. And speaking of Devin Nunes … he is going to be a topic of a scathing post by me sometime this coming week. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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  3. Poor little rich boy. Perhaps in now looking for another job, he’ll join ordinary people in the world of ordinary work. It might be the best thing that ever happened to him. Actually, $1,000,000 doesn’t go as far these days as it used to. 😦 — Suzanne

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  4. Poor little rich boy. Perhaps in now looking for another job, he’ll join ordinary people in the world of ordinary work. It might be the best thing that ever happened to him. Actually, $1,000,000 doesn’t go as far these days as it used to. 😦 — Suzanne

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    • I could easily live comfortably on an extra $10,000, let alone a million. If a million doesn’t go far, you are living far beyond your needs. Sorry, Suzanne, but that is one of the problems of today’s society. Life is all about wants, and everyone seems to want much more than they will ever need.
      Sorry, but I am not feeling very generous today. Everything is pissing me off, especially while so many are starving.

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      • I’m not saying I couldn’t live comfortably on 1 million dollars. What happens is you know you get taxed more when you have all that money. Also, if people find out you have it they bug you half to death to share it with them. You find yourself with a bunch of hangers-on. I would probably have to hire an expensive lawyer to sort everything out for me. That would just be the beginning. The only benefit I would have is to be able to live back in the U.S. nearer to my children. My husband used to have hangers-on as he was bipolar, refused to take medication, and used to tell people how much his U.S. pension was which was more than people got here. I had to get rid of several of them when he was hospitalized a couple of times. I hate to think how much harder it would have been if we had had about 1 million. The vultures would start circling. Here many already think all Americans are rich. There would have probably been attempted break-ins as they would think I kept some of it in my flat. Before my one uncle died I suspect someone known to me was feeding him lies about me as they wanted to be in his will instead of my dad or me. It hurt my dad to hear it. He was too sweet to understand what was happening. I’ve found it costs money to keep the money. — Suzanne (who will no doubt never be rich.)

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        • I am sorry to hear how your life has gone, Suzanne, but I was reacting to your words onl. I wasn’t talking about you personally, how you live is up to you. I was just reacting to the general thought that a $1million does not go as far as it used to. All those things you mentioned, like needing lawyers, even those are just accoutrements, unnecessary parasites andleeches. If you had a $million, I’m sure you could handle it quite well on your own.

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    • Nah … he is an arrogant s.o.b. who has a sense of ‘entitlement’. He’ll find some way to either remain in Congress, or run for some office in his home state of Missouri. Hah! $1 million may not go far, but it’s more than I’ll ever see in my lifetime, and I manage to survive just fine! Perhaps he’ll need to lower his standards just a bit?


  5. I read so many times of these Senators and representatives having graduated from law school yet a certain section have no interest in following laws, especially humanitarian ones. Also, like Josh Hawley we hear they have personal fortunes in the millions. Is that from being high priced lawyers or from the money that bought them for their positions by big businesses?

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