Why do we protect and serve?

I first began to realize just how many in this nation are blatant racists when President Obama became the first African-American President, and everything that has happened since has reinforced the truth that this is very much a nation driven by racial hatred. I will have more to say on that soon, but for today, our friend Brosephus has written a post about Wednesday’s events that I believe is relevant to the topic of how racism has been fueled and how it ultimately led to the events of last Wednesday. Thank you, Brosephus, for this very thoughtful and thought-provoking post.

The Mind of Brosephus

 This was one hell of a week, right? I started this week off on a high, first enjoying the cockpit of a Gulfstream G7 (technically Gulfstream G700), a private jet with a starting price tag of $75 million give or take. That same night, I spent some time chatting with some Air Force guys responsible for shuttling around the presidential motorcade.

Gulfstream G700 cockpit via Gulfstream and not the actual one I got to see

After that night, my wife and I had a date morning where we cast our Georgia Senate run-off votes for eventual winners Senators-elect Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock. Seems like that string of good fortune ran out when we didn’t hit a single number in the Mega Millions lottery drawing.

Like millions of other Americans, I spent Wednesday glued to the news as a gaggle of morons, idiots, conspiracy theorists, and armed terrorists (fuck…

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3 thoughts on “Why do we protect and serve?

  1. Brosephus stated:
    “The actual coup attempt doesn’t anger me as much as the lack of preparation to stop it. Where was the riot gear, helicopters, and thousands of officers? There were Capitol Police officers opening the gates and helping the terrorists out. To add insult to injury, the police then held the doors and allowed the insurrectionists to walk away freely as though it was a concert letting out after the last act.” —
    Perhaps this insurrection coup was a false flag operation staged by Democrat leadership. Hear me out, what if the DC police were staged to fail? Hence being woefully unprepared for even the most basic riot control, crowd dispersion. Seriously, not even any tear gas to disperse the mob?
    Coordinated media coverage all day about Trump inciting violence to overthrow the election may just be the answer to discredit his whole populist movement. Democrats have completely demolished Republican talking points about “stealing the vote”, showing how crazy unconstitutional his supporters are, blatant disregard for the rule of law.
    This is just a theory, and I could be totally wrong, but it does explain alot, why DC police held the door for looters & rioters is the last straw. No police officer would turn a blind eye to wanton destruction unless ordered to do so. It’s the same during BLM riots when cops were ordered to stand down and allow protesters to loot and burn down the cities. Mayhem and chaos ensued, yet on the upside it did force Trump out of office, stopped him from hijacking and overturning a Biden victory!
    Come Jan 20th, we can put this collective nightmare behind us and try to rebuild this nation under a new administration.

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