♫ Lightnin’ Strikes ♫

I seem to be stuck in 1966 this week!  This one was released as a single on Christmas day 1965, and on February 19, 1966, it hit the top of the pop charts.  The song was co-written by Lou Christie and Twyla Herbert, who was at least 20 years older than Christie and came from a classical music background.  Said Christie in a 20015 interview …

“And they didn’t even like it!  Lenny Shear threw it in the wastebasket and said it was a piece of crap! So we put up our own money to get it played around the country, and it started taking off once it got played. Three months later, Lenny was taking a picture with me for Billboard magazine, handing me a gold record. I loved that.”

Ralph Casale, who was one of the top New York session musicians in the ’60s, played guitar on this song. When we interviewed Ralph, he told us how he came up with the solo. Said Casale …

“I was asked by producer/arranger Charlie Calello to play the six string bass guitar which sometimes doubles the same line the bass plays. When the track was being played back without vocals I started jokingly improvising a solo on the bass guitar with a fuzz box. I didn’t know what the song was about but Charlie obviously did. He stopped the playback and said ‘I love it!’ I laughed, and asked if he was joking. He excitedly replied, ‘I’ll tell you where to play it!’ After recording it and listening to the entire song I realized why he included my solo. It actually sounded like thunder and fit in nicely with the entire recording. That’s how the solo in Lightnin’ Strikes was born!”

The song hit #1 in the U.S. and Canada, and #11 in the UK

Lightnin’ Strikes
Song by Lou Christie

Listen to me, baby, you gotta understand (ma-me-aah, ooh)
You’re old enough to know the makings of a man (ma-me-aah, ooh)
Listen to me, baby, it’s hard to settle down (ma-me-aah, ooh)
Am I asking too much for you to stick around (ma-me-aah, ooh)

Every boy wants a girl
He can trust to the very end
Baby, that’s you
Won’t you wait but ’til then?

When I see lips beggin’ to be kissed (stop)
I can’t stop (stop) I can’t stop myself (stop, stop)
Lightning is striking again
Lightning is striking again

Nature’s takin’ over my one-track mind (ma-me-aah, ooh)
Believe it or not, you’re in my heart all the time (ma-me-aah, ooh)
All the girls are sayin’ that you’ll end up a fool (ma-me-aah, ooh)
For the time being, baby, live by my rules (ma-me-aah, ooh)

When I settle down
I want one baby on my mind
Forgive and forget
And I’ll make up for all lost time

If she’s put together fine and she’s readin’ my mind (stop)
I can’t stop (stop) I can’t stop myself (stop, stop)
Lightning is striking again
Lightning is striking again and again and again and again

Lightning is striking again
Lightning is striking again

There’s a chapel in the pines
Waiting for us around the bend
Picture in your mind
Love forever, but ’til then

If she gives me a sign that she wants to make time (stop)
I can’t stop (stop) I can’t stop myself (stop, stop)

Lightning is striking again
Lightning is striking again and again and again and again
Lightning is striking again and again and again and again

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Lou Christie / Twyla Herbert
Lightnin’ Strikes lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

23 thoughts on “♫ Lightnin’ Strikes ♫

  1. Hated it then, still hate it today. The guy gets to screw around, but his best girl better stay a Virginia. Don’t people listen to the words! This song is uuuugggh-a-ly!
    That is what Spelchek decided it wanted me to say! What if her name was Bimbo?

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    • Okay, well … as somebody (I forget who) once said, “You can please all of the people some of the time, and you can please some of the people all of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” I try. 😉


        • I know, and I don’t take it personally when anybody doesn’t like a song I play, because our tastes are all different. That’s the beauty of music and art. Yes, you should always speak your truth.


          • But you sound so disappointed when I don’t like your choices, and like any lover I don’t want to disappoint you.
            Meanwhile, did you listen to any of the songs that I listed from Phantom of the Paradise? I’m thinking that if you have never heard of them, maybe a lot of your readers might not have either. They aren’t cultist types, lol. But as I kinda helped start this cult, I am quite attached to it.
            I think Old Souls would be a candidate for your music blog. It was never released as a single, I don’t know that any song from the soundtrack was. But it should be famous, the ultimate love song, in its own way. When I quoted from it the other day, I did it from memory, and made a few mistakes, lines in wrong places. Old age! Doing this for me would make me most happy. (Bribe, Bribe, bribe…)

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            • No, not at all! Sure, I would love it if every song I played were loved by all, but I’m a realist, and the thing about music is that it’s a personal taste, so I’m never offended if someone doesn’t like a song I play. Sooner or later, I’ll hit on one you like!

              Sorry, I haven’t listened to any of them yet … I have been kept busy by the events here and haven’t had a chance yet. You’d be right, though, that I’ve never heard of them. I will definitely try to find time to check out Old Souls tomorrow (actually, later today, hopefully after sleep for an hour or two) LuL


      • No hot water, yet! Have to get a new hot water heater. Appliances …. dated! Looking into getting a tankless hot water heater. Boring!!!!!
        Wedded to the TV …MSNBC! So happy about the Impeachment…. today!!!!! 💙
        Enjoy your day! oooo’s & xxxx’s

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        • Oh my! I’d be going nuts! I’ve read about the tankless hot water heaters, but not sure quite how they work. I hope you get something soon! Cold showers are for the birds!

          Yes, I was pleased by the impeachment and that 10 republicans voted to impeach, though I wish more had found a conscience.

          I will enjoy my days when a) it gets warm!, and b) next Wednesday has passed, hopefully without incident! Meanwhile, keep well, dear friend! ❤ ❤ ❤

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