An Eventful Evening

I was in the middle of a post that I had hoped to finish in time for this morning’s post, but I was interrupted and since I cannot corral my thoughts tonight, I am going with a post of a more personal nature.

Sometime between 4:00 and 5:00 this evening (Monday) I happened to walk by the living room windows that face our street, and saw not one, not two, but three Sheriff’s vehicles on the street.  Curious of course, I stepped out onto the sidewalk and saw that there was a fourth Sheriff’s car parked further down the street.  The officers seemed to have congregated around the apartment two doors down from mine.

Now, the sight of police here in da hood is nothing unusual, but that many is a bit concerning.  The next time I looked out, perhaps 15 minutes later, there were seven Sheriff’s vehicles and an unmarked SUV into which police were loading a dog … a police dog, I presume.

Those of you who know me know that I have little tolerance for drama and chaos, so around 7:00 I stepped out back on my patio and yelled at the police who were standing around their vehicles parked in the grassy backyard, “Hey … I’d like to know what the hell is going on!  I live here, I have a right to some information!”  Yeah, okay, maybe not the brightest thing, but in my defense, I hadn’t noticed the big guns they were holding.  Luckily, a very kind deputy came to my patio, calmly told me that there was a ‘very dangerous hostage situation’ and urged me to please go back inside.  I did.  I may not be the brightest bulb in the pack, but by this time my brain had engaged.

Checked the local news, but there was nothing to be found.

Below is a picture of my ‘quiet’ little street at about 9:00 p.m.


The house with all the lights on where that bright green light is shining is ours.

By this time, there were more than ten Sheriff’s vehicles surrounding our building, front-to-back and the street was closed off on both ends (it is a single block street with two buildings of attached townhouses on either side.)  An hour or so later, a SWAT team had been called in and spotlights were all over the place.

Finally, around 9:30, there was news on a local Fox channel saying it had begun as a domestic violence situation and escalated when the police showed up.  The man had a gun and had barricaded himself in his apartment.  Just before 11:00, daughter Chris went to bed (she gets up at 5:00 a.m. for her job), and granddaughter Natasha, aka Miss Goose, went upstairs to shower.  At last … a moment of quiet to sit down and work on my post!  Until …


Rapid gunfire … a searing pain from chest to back made me wonder briefly if I had been shot, but I was out of my chair and halfway up the stairs, so I figured I wasn’t the one they shot.  Checked on both girls, they were fine.  I returned to my ‘office’ at the kitchen table, but by that time, shaking like a leaf, I knew my post for this morning just wasn’t going to happen.

Sheriff’s deputies were walking up and down the street, between buildings, and through yards, so my first thought was that despite there being at least 50 cops, all with big guns, they had somehow missed, and this guy was on the loose.  Double-checked that both exterior doors were locked.  Checked the news … no updates.  I wanted to go out and ask one of the deputies, but Miss Goose was prepared to forcibly wrestle me to the ground … she may be little at barely 5’, but she’s got youth on her side!

At 11:58, I received a text message from my beautiful Iraqi friend Maha, who lives next door, saying …

“Juju everything is good.  He is die.  Police they killed him.”

And thus ends my exciting evening, although as of this writing, 1:17 a.m., there are still a SWAT van and at least six Sheriff’s vehicles on the street, with crime scene tape cordoning off the area.

But the events of the last 8 hours or so have made me think.  This was terrifying … and angering.  But there are people in the inner cities, people in other countries, who live through this scenario on a routine basis.  DAMN!  We complain over the smallest things … lately I have been bitching because my dishwasher is not working, and the apartment management has been slow to repair it.  But … wow … at least I’m alive to wash those dishes by hand.  We complain because we cannot go out and enjoy a Saturday night dinner at our favourite restaurant, because we must wear a mask to the grocery store.  You know what, folks?  We … most of us, anyway … have it so easy compared to so many people around the globe.  We take for granted things like being able to step outside our door without fear of being shot.  Tonight, I got just a small taste of what some people live through daily …

DAMN the gun culture in this country, and in fact DAMN the person who invented guns in the first place.  DAMN those people who think their ‘rights’ matter more than other people’s and who  think that violence is the answer to their problems.   And on that note, I shall try to catch up on some emails, for da hood is still swarming with police and there will be no sleep for Filosofa tonight.

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  1. Oh my gosh lady!!! Sooo glad you are OK! I would have been shaking like a leaf too. The part of you yelling at the cops though does crack me up!! But yes let your dear granddaughter wrestle you to the floor next time. Stay safe!
    You are so very right, we don’t know how very good we have it!!
    Hugs and love!

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  2. And this, Jill, is what happens in da real ‘hood, on an almost daily basis. So sorry you had to experience it, juju.
    But I go back to my original question, Did they have to kill him? There is no more shoot, when you have to, to stop a situation. It has changed to, Shoot, if you can, to end the situation forever! I guess the police have become the purveyors of justice. They are taking the legal arena out of the storyline. The are judge, jury, and executioner all rolled up into one.
    But what got to me most, juju, is that your neighbour was unmoved by the fact they killed him. It is like he still lives in a war zone. For me, this is most unsettling.

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    • rg … they tried for over 6 hours to talk him down and he was the one who pulled the gun on the police. Now, you know I abhor police brutality or racism in policing, but this guy was white, had threatened his girlfriend with a gun, and kept this neighborhood tied in knots for over 6 hours. When the police finally entered the apartment, he immediately pulled his gun, so yes, in this case, I think it was a justified killing. Yes, I’m sorry somebody had to die, but … he seemed to have a death wish and got what he asked for. Now, what would you have done differently? Let him just go free to maybe kill his girlfriend, or a neighbor? There are times when police are justified in what they do, and I believe this was one of them. Hell, I was ready to go kill the guy myself!

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  3. Hey … you have to admit — there’s SOME good news in the event. It temporarily took your mind off the Trump fiasco!

    Seriously … glad all is OK and (hopefully) back to normal.

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    • Ha ha … you know, I had the same thought toward the end of the evening, that I had not once thought about Trump or the Capitol riots or any of those circus clowns in his stratosphere! Even yesterday, the day after the fact, it was difficult to focus on world events when this one had hit so close to home. Thanks Nan! Yep, almost back to normal!

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  4. YIKES!!!!! 😱 Glad you and your family are safe! Violence in your own back yard! It’s everywhere! Hope you are able to chill today. Hard to do…. in this climate of crazy, political chaos! It’s a roller coaster ride and I hate rides!!!!
    Be safe, my friend! Keep your doors locked! HUGS!!!!! 💙
    P.S. My dishwater died, too! 😏 And, I have NO HOT WATER x 1 week! Plumber on his way!

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    • While this isn’t the first time we’ve had violence here in da hood, it’s the first time we’ve had such as this, and ending in a killing. Very traumatic, more so for Miss Goose than me, for she is still nervous. The gun culture in this country is beyond crazy. Sigh. We are safe and keeping the doors locked!
      Now, I can live without the dishwasher, but I would be throwing hissy fits if I didn’t have any hot water! I hope that by now it’s been fixed?
      Thanks for caring, soul sister! Love you! ❤

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  5. Breaking News: Did Trump resign last evening?!
    UPDATE: A disgruntled State Department Employee changed the website to show President Trump’s presidency was ending tonight. Pence was to be sworn in shortly after. Rudy Guilliani to be disbarred immediately. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says an investigation will happen. LOL!
    House moves to impeach!

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  6. Damn Jill. So glad you’re ok. Absolutely horrifying incident. But, as you and I know, we live in one of the most violent societies on earth where guns are glorified and worshiped by millions. Until we face that fact, nothing will ever change. If it ever does, you and I will be long gone from this earth. Sometimes, often lately, I find myself despising my country. Again, I’m so thankful you’re ok. Please be well!

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    • Thanks Jeff! It was horrifying, but it reminded me what a life of privilege we have lived. Were it in my power, I would confiscate every gun in civilian hands and dump them all in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! You’re right … just getting consent for a ban on assault weapons is like pulling teeth … the loonies out there will never give up their guns … they would (and have) give up their children first. Thanks again, Jeff … I’m fine and have recovered from the trauma, though I still jump a bit when I hear a loud noise!

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      • I would do the exact same thing with the guns Jill. Dump them all. We’re the most violent democracy on earth, aren’t we? 350 million guns in circulation, or something like that. thousands killed every year. Unfortunately, that genie will never go back in the bottle. All we can hope for is some form of minor safety regulations or background checks. And even that isn’t likely in our lifetimes. It makes me sick to my stomach. It really does.

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  7. Jill, yes, a (more) philosophical approach is asked for, indeed….. I honest to God could not live like this; but I’m sure you haven’t asked for any of this either! To Hero Husband and myself Life in France (Paris region) was no longer ‘sustainable’ for our souls and hearts, we are happy to be back in Switzerland where life is a tad slower, certainly also far more expensive. But just this morning over breakfast at 6am I told HH how lucky we are to live now in relative peace and serenity (HH is working 3/5 days from home, today it was one of the ‘office’ days). He sleeps w/o having spasms in his sleep, still snores but he’s no longer throwing himself around in bed…. we’re thankful for small mercies!

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    • We’ve lived here for 22 years now, and while there have been incidents, for this is a mixed race and lower income neighborhood, we’ve never had anything like this before. My friends who came here from Iraq and Syria a few years ago have told me how harrowing it was there, with gunfire and militia in the streets every night. Like you, I could not live like that … one night was plenty for me!

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  8. Hello Jill! What a terrible experience! Looks like preparations for a movie, and less real. Seems its the same ih the US like here in Germany. Never ask a police officer at work, what they’re doing. -) Honestly, here on the border to the former sad communistic CSSR we are maybe a little bit more prepared for crowding police. 🙂 Have a beautiful day! Michael

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    • It was definitely harrowing, Michael! Not one I hope to ever repeat. But, more and more these days, people in this country have taken to solving their disagreements with a gun … a rather irreversible outcome, if you ask me. Thanks Michael … you too!


  9. It’s all over and yet again someone ends up dead. After a really bad incident the Australians voluntarily gave up their guns and handed them in.. I wish the rest of the world would do the same.
    Go try and get some sleep.

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    • I share your wishes that the rest of the world would give up their guns. The U.S. has more guns than people … this is ridiculous! And some people care more about their guns than their own children. It has to stop … it simply has to. Sigh. I did, by some miracle, manage a peaceful sleep.

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