Snarky Is Baaaaaaack!

My snarky side took a bit of a break after the events in my own life on Monday night, but suddenly it has returned with a vengeance!  No point in holding it back, now is there?

Delusional bimbo

I had to laugh when I read that Kellyanne Conway said …

kellyanne“From the time the electors certified the results to the time the president leaves office should have been spent reviewing and reliving the policy accomplishments of his four years and reminding Americans we are more peaceful or prosperous.”

We are neither more peaceful nor prosperous by any stretch of the imagination than we were before Donald Trump took office.  We are more divided than at any time in at least the last 150 years, as evidenced by the events of last Wednesday and the aftermath.  And prosperous?  All time record high unemployment numbers, people who cannot afford to pay their rent or mortgage, and between 3,000-4,000 people dying every day of a pandemic that was so poorly handled by the Trump administration that the world looks on in disgust. 

Sorry, Kellyanne, but your ‘hero’ is a big-time loser who has done more damage to this nation and its people than any other president in the history of the United States.  His ‘legacy’, such as it is, will be one of death and destruction.

Republicans and impeachment

I was pleased to see that 10 republican members of the House of Representatives voted in favour of impeachment.  Mind you, it’s too little too late, so I’m not going to propose that perhaps they’ve found a conscience and regret their prior sycophancy to Trump, but for this time anyway, they managed to do the right thing. 

I’m also pleased to read that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has condemned Trump’s actions of last week and said he ‘might’ even consider voting to convict Trump on the impeachment charges once the charges are presented to the Senate and they conduct a trial.  I’m not holding my breath, and again, it’s way too little far too late for him to redeem himself.  Best thing he could do after the impeachment trial would be to resign from the Senate … he’s way past his “best by …” date.  However, McConnell holds a great deal of sway with other republicans in the Senate, and if he votes to convict Trump on the charges, I believe that other republican senators will follow suit, which could result in the necessary 17 republican votes needed to convict Trump, thus ensuring that he can never again hold public office.  Not even as sanitation worker or dogcatcher. 

It’s interesting how some of the republicans are appalled by what Trump did, inciting a terrorist rebellion against the United States from within, but yet refuse to condemn him, saying that impeachment or any form of punishment would only further divide the nation.  WTF???  How can we get any more divided? 

As if

I hear Trump released a video of himself yesterday reading a statement that was obviously not written by him …

“In light of reports of more demonstrations, I urge that there must be NO violence, NO lawbreaking and NO vandalism of any kind. That is not what I stand for, and it is not what America stands for. I call on ALL Americans to help ease tensions and calm tempers.”

Right, Donnie.  I read that Ivanka, Jared and others begged him to read the statement and record the video telling him that it would boost his image among republicans who were turning against him.  I actually wonder, reading those words, if somebody wasn’t off to the side with a gun pointed at his head, for this is a far cry from his words of a week ago when he said he would never concede and urged his terrorist supporters to ‘go to war’ for him.

If I had to guess, I would guess that through some other venue, perhaps one of his children’s social media accounts, he is talking out of the other side of his mouth, encouraging another terrorist riot similar to last Wednesday’s next week. 

Congratulations, Donnie …

Ol’ Trumpie always declares he is first, best, and any other superlative he can think of, like covfefe.  Well, he’s got his wish … he is the FIRST president in the history of the United States to be impeached twice!  Way to go, Donnie … we knew you could do it! 

Two worthwhile reads …

Two of my blogging buddies, Jeff over at On the Fence Voters, and Keith at Musings of an Old Fart, published excellent posts last night.  I wanted to re-blog them both, but had already started this post and … well, there are only so many hours in a day and only so much energy to expend, so instead I am including a link to both here and I really hope you will check them out … you won’t be sorry!

If You Still Think The Election Was Rigged  by Keith Wilson

The Big Lie(s)  by Jeff Marzick

Last but not least, Don Lemon hits the nail on the head with this one …

19 thoughts on “Snarky Is Baaaaaaack!

  1. I spent years, years, years defending the USA from the thick necked and shrill racist wing of the UK Left who were wont to blame the USA for everything while Russia, China etc got away with literal murder.
    I was even on UK Radio when Obama when got elected saying that maybe the fashionable Left will stop haranguing the UK and so what if they had elected George Bush jnr it was a democracy wasn’t it? He won the second election fair and square.
    I can no longer defend ALL of the USA anymore there is a large minority who have shown themselves to be racist hysterics who have spat upon the US constitution and who resemble ISIS more than Americans.
    And let’s just leave it at that. My ire is up and boiling, and not in a legal & constitutional way.

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  2. I can no longer shake my head because my brains are getting scrambled. I can no longer slap my forehead for fear of causing a concussion. My tears are a dry well and my sense of humor took off for an island in the South Pacific, threatening to return only when humans step out of the shadows and into the light. My personal challenges have taken the patience out of me and I am left holding an empty sack once full of hopes, wishes, peace and eager anticipation. Sadly, there is no icon suitable to post for the only finger on my hand that has the enthusiasm to rise would be offensive. That is my salute to all Republicans who voted him into office and continue, by their verbal encouragement or silent apathy, to support his agenda. At this point I can offer no excuses for such people other than sheer ignorance or diabolical evil in their hearts. It is what it is, as the saying goes. Kellyanne….just. Shut. Up. Already. She is the one person besides him and that mouse eared, scrunched nose excuse for a woman, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who can talk for endless moments and never utter a word of sense. I prefer the happy babble of a toddler to their diatribe. As for those ‘day late and dollar short’ GOP members who can’t decide whether to sh!? or get off the pot, you’ll never make up for what you were too much of a coward to do; but doing the right thing for once without first shifting feet while weighing your monetary and political options would be a great place to start. Just. Let me wake up from this nightmare already. 🤯

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    • Well said, my friend, my soul sister. In face, I couldn’t have said it better and I fully share your every thought, every raw emotion. What have we become? I ask myself this daily and have no suitable answers, but whatever it is this nation has become, it is absolutely NOTHING to be proud of. Sigh. Hugs, my friend. ❤


      • You know I spoke to an acquaintance last night that hasn’t answered my messages since before Christmas, she said due to problems with her oldest son who is an alcoholic, when he came home for the holidays. When the subject of what is going on in the states comes up she asked what news I watched outside the country because she heard that international news is the only news you can trust. She also said her son (the alcoholic) who works in DC, just ‘ten minutes’ from the Capitol said to never watch the National news and that there was no big riot that shut down the streets (I didn’t recall seeing that in the news anyway) and he tried to play it off like the crowd that Trump addressed was totally different than the ones who stormed the Capitol, also insinuating they were ‘let in’ at first and no one broke any barricades. Then it was all over a short while later. Now I know the news likes to report news and drag things out, but like I told my friend, “No offense to your son; but does he think they hired actors to stage this event and that Trump never said the inciting words?” I can’t even deal with the mentality of these people who would choose absurdity over the truth because the truth is too raw for them to handle. They believe they are the chosen few who will save the country from evil…..🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ That’s it. Now I have a concussion and I have to get my husband ready to go for more tests and he can barely walk. Sorry Jill, I am so very tired. 🤗

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        • OMG!!! I can’t believe the … utter ignorance!!! When did this man last have his eyes checked? I concur 100% with what you said to your friend … it reminds me of the conspiracy theories around the Sandy Hook school shootings, when the likes of Alex Jones said the grieving parents were ‘paid actors’ and that no children actually died!!! Or 9/11 when the conspiracy theorists said no planes actually hit the towers of the Pentagon! What is wrong with people???

          Awwww, my sweet friend … I’m so sorry your husband is having such a hard time, and I know you are too. My heart is with you and I seriously hope this nightmare ends soon, but … well, get some rest, dear friend. Love you. ❤

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  3. You are on the verge of losing the topic that makes you so snarky, Jill. Snark away to your heart’s content. Hopefully, very hopefully, after Jan. 20th, that main target will vanish into the annals of forgettable history, though what he did and how he did it show become a study in how not to run a government–but how to ruin one!
    Good riddance to Orange Rubbish.

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  4. Isn’t it great that I can still go to Twitter to say that Trump can’t. He and his cart load of hogs have taken corruption to new limits until now when big bribers are leaving them either in disgust at last week and their continuing support of Trump or from fear that they’ll be linked to last Wednesday and any future attempts to overthrow the legitimate Government. Snark away Dear Lady.

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    • Indeed it is! I hear, though, that Twitter’s and Facebook’s decision to ban Trump isn’t sitting well with other world leaders, and even Angela Merkel expressed concerns. I’m definitely pleased to see so many corporate donors pulling away from the GOP in light of last week’s events, but how long will that last? I think they’re doing it to show they have a conscience (they don’t) and when the hoopla dies down, they’ll be supporting GOP candidates once again, for it is the GOP that puts corporate profits over people. I wonder if I’ll have anything to snark about after Biden takes office? Oh yeah, I think I’ll find something!

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