A Bit Of This And A Tad Of That

Thirty-six hours left until we once again have a president, a vice-president, and sanity in the White House.  Just 36 hours until we kick the imposter who has been illegitimately occupying our White House, using our money to buy food, to travel all ’round the globe, and to line his own pockets, while destroying this nation with his ignorance and cruelty.  Still … 36 hours … he could still do a lot of damage.  It is said he plans to issue some 100+ pardons today, and I still don’t trust him any farther than I can throw a feather.  But soon, my friends, we will be shed of him … hopefully forever.  My angst level is at an all-time high tonight, even knowing that 36 hours, only 2,160 minutes, and the source of much of my angst will head to Florida where hopefully he will be eaten by a shark!  The angst I feel I know is shared by  many of you, so feel free to add your own bit of snark here!

Domestic terrorists – some you wouldn’t expect

An Olympic gold medalist in swimming, Klete Keller, was one of those arrested for the January 6th terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol.  His friends and former teammates noticed his picture in the footage of the attack and reported him to the FBI.  After being arrested, Keller spoke with his former coach and according to the coach …

“He kept repeating, ‘You’ve done so much for me, and I let you down.’ He kept saying over and over, ‘I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.’”

Then WHY THE SAM HELL did he go there in the first place?  Every single person who was involved in that mob in any way, shape, or form, was there in an attempt to destroy the government, the Capitol, and some even intended to kill our elected legislators.  No, he isn’t to be pitied, for he is a terrorist, a fool, he is the enemy and I hope they lock his ass up for at least a decade.

Among other terrorists who perpetrated the attack on our government on January 6th were a number of law enforcement officials – people whose salary is paid by We the People, people who are hired for the sole purpose of protecting the people of this nation!  I demand they return the last decade’s worth of their salary, for we damn sure lost out there!  Among them are a New Hampshire police chief, a Philadelphia detective, and two Seattle Police Department officers.  These people wanted to kill those members of Congress who we elected.  They hoped to overthrow the government, overthrow the November elections, and install Donald Trump as a dictator.  And to think … we pay them to stab us in the back!

Also represented on January 6th were that group that call themselves the “Proud Boys”, though from their pictures and behaviour, I would say they’ve got nothing to be ‘proud’ of … they look like what they are … a bunch of bigoted, redneck, jobless, slobs with beer bellies, scruffy faces, and guns.  Lots of big guns.  Turns out they have gotten some portion of their funding for such events as the storming of the Capitol from a so-called ‘Christian’ fund-raising site.  In fact, when Proud Boys leader, Enrique Tarrio, was arrested in Washington on January 4th, he was given more than $113,000 from 2,359 donors on this ‘Christian’ website to help with his bail and legal fees.

I hope that ultimately, every single person who entered the Capitol is arrested and imprisoned for a very long time, for these are not simply protestors, they are domestic terrorists … every one of them … and need to be treated accordingly.  No bail, no plea deals … just orange jumpsuits and prison bars (no, not the kind that serve Canadian Mist).

In other news …

Donald Trump is throwing himself a going away party at Andrews Air Force Base on Wednesday morning.  Attendance is by invitation only and the event starts at 8:00 a.m.  He is planning an ostentatious military parade and an official armed forces farewell as the commander-in-chief, as well as a large crowd of supporters, selected backers and current and former officials in his administration and their guests at a huge red-carpet affair. On our tax dollar. However, senior Pentagon officials say that it ain’t gonna happen like he wants.  Awwww … pobre Donnie.

My immediate concern is … this ‘event’ is to be held just a few miles from the Capitol Building where four hours later Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will take their oaths of office to become the president and vice president.  Remember January 6th, where Trump used a speech to rile the masses, to incite violence, to urge them to ‘fight’?  Is a repeat performance part of the plan for his ridiculous ‘ceremony’?  It is said that attendance is by invitation only … who is he inviting?  White supremacist groups like the Proud Boys and others?

Any other president who had just been impeached for the second time, would be tucking his tail between his legs and slinking out of town with as little fanfare as possible, but not Trump.  Nope, he has to leave with a big bang … I’m just concerned that the big bang might happen four hours later and a few miles distant.  Federal security officials should shut his event down … throw him on the plane bodily if necessary (it will take a few of them to lift his 330 pound girth) and send him on his way!  Good riddance to bad rubbish!

And speaking of spreading conspiracy …

Remember how Parler, the website frequented by Trump-fanatic, right-wing domestic terrorists, was virtually dead in the water after being dropped by Amazon, Apple, and Google?  Well … they’re baaaaaaack.  And guess who helped them make a comeback, just in time for the inauguration?  DDos-Guard (no, I didn’t stutter), a Russian-owned technology company.  Put that one in your skillet and let it simmer for a while.

Since this post is mainly a rant, I’ll leave you with a bit of humour … dark humour, as it were, but humour nonetheless …


34 thoughts on “A Bit Of This And A Tad Of That

  1. Well, Trump did damage, but Fox News and the GOP laid the foundation and embraced.

    I was reading about the Big Lie as used by dictators to inflame their base and come to power. Hitler’s big lie was that Germany wasn’t defeated (and didn’t surrender) in WWI but that the Jews and others had backstabbed the German people. Trump’s big lie, yeah, that the election was stolen. Astonishing, one the one hand, how many Republicans and right wing embrace it, not surprising on the other, given how Fox News and other outlets (and social media) echoed the lie.

    What pisses me off about the Trump farewell is the twenty-one gun salute he’s being given at Andrews. That this draft dodger, who has called military members losers, who’s made fun of them, who carries them in such disdain, is being honored like this, sickens me beyond my ability to express, other than to actually regurgitate my stomach’s contents. Yeah.

    Hugs always, M

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    • Good point … and the sycophants in both his administration and in Congress aided and abetted as well.

      In order to keep the masses from revolting, I suppose there has to be some ‘big lie’ … Trump has had more than a few, though … that immigrants were coming to take jobs and lives, that all Muslims are terrorists, and … so many to choose from that kept his base enamoured of him. And then, of course, the grandaddy of all lies, that he won the election “by a lot”, when he didn’t even come close.

      I fully agree with you … he is the least deserving person I can think of for a 21-gun salute. I thought perhaps they wouldn’t do it, since there won’t be a military parade … at least last I heard, there wouldn’t. Sigh. What an ego the ‘man’ has.

      Hugs back, my friend! 11 more hours!

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    • Thank you, my sweet friend! Sadly, I doubt very much that we have heard the last of the wicked monster who will be leaving in just over 11 hours as I write this. He and his flying monkeys (Wizard of Oz) will haunt us for years to come, but hopefully we can begin to repair the damage right away. Sigh. Thanks again, dear Horty! ❤

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  2. Jill, there are many things to lament about this outgoing president and his legacy. Rather than focus on his first three years and ten months, let us focus on the microcosm of the last two months. How has this populist president spent his time?

    – Most of his time has been perpetrating a planned and staged fraud on the American people saying the election was stolen from him and he won by a lot. There has been well-documented push back on this claim, but the shortest line was uttered by Attorney General William Barr in a group meeting at the White House when he said to the outgoing president, the claims of fraud are “bulls**t.” Barr was forced out later. Thus far, five people have died because of the outgoing president’s lies.
    – He has spent (and will spend today) time pardoning people who have committed fraud and other crimes. I have always detested these actions of any president, but this one has shown what he values in so doing.
    – He is making sure the federal government executes as many people as possible, including the first woman since 1953. Why?
    – He is doing his best to make it more difficult for the incoming president. When I saw this in business, people torching their former company wanting them to fail, it showed a horrible lack of professionalism, a word that is NOT top of mind to define the outgoing president.

    What he is not spent much time on is the COVID-19 vaccine roll out. It is almost as if it did not matter to him. Keith

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    • Quite right on all counts, Keith. Only five people have died that we know of, but I suspect there have been others who died either as a direct or indirect result of the trouble he has stirred with his lies about the election. His executions AND his pardons have gone beyond what is even reasonable … big surprise, eh? The Blackwater pardons took the cake. All of his perfidies over the past two months have proven what we already know … he has no conscience, no moral character, and he does NOT represent the people of this country, but rather his only concern has been himself. I’m thankful he’s leaving in less than 12 hours as I write this, but he has left much scorched earth that will take decades to repair.

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      • Jill, the GOP party leader he pardoned in NC was a part of a bribery scheme that the Republican Insurance Commissioner reported to the FBI. This party leader pleaded guilty to turn evidence against those who offered the bribe. As you note, there are far worse crimes. Keith


  3. 33 hours now, but who is counting? The problem is, while he might be run out of the White House, the damage he did while there could take decades to repair. His legend will last long after him. And should the Repuglyorangegarbagecan Party ever be elected back into power, the fear of reprisal to non-Trumpers will be more than tangible.
    Is it possible to dismantle a political party? The the Goon Onslaught Party needs to be utterly destroyed, and dropped into Mt. St. Helens.

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    • I’m counting … less than 13.5 hours now! Yes, the damage he has done to this nation and its reputation WILL take decades to repair, and some will be irreparable, like the lives lost because he refused to take the pandemic seriously. The GOP appears to be destroying itself from within, but who knows if that will last or if the draw of $$$$$$$$$$ will cause them to call a truce?

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    • I hear they aren’t happy about him making Mar-a-Lago his permanent home, so might not be too long, especially if he holds stupid rallies and such. I know … I thought those words belonged there, too, but I guess it just goes without saying.

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    • I share both your sense of relief and if anxiety. I’m sure Trump has one last trick up his sleeve, and I hope he will fail, but after the fiasco on the 6th, I cannot be 100% confident in our law enforcement agencies.

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