Life, Once Again, Goes On

My friends, we now have a President.  I began watching the ceremonies with some degree of trepidation, fearing another terrorist attack similar to the one two weeks ago, but as the program progressed, there was no sign of trouble or even mild dissent, and I began to relax a bit.  I realize that this is only the formal first step, and that Joe & Kamala have much work to do, but it feels as if fresh air has returned, as if I can breathe again.  My tears today were tears of relief, of peace.

It is time, now, to move forward, not to keep looking back at the past four horrifying years.  That’s not to say there won’t be times that it is necessary to look back, for much damage has been done and repairing it will also mean assessing it, but for the most part, I think we need to focus on President Biden’s actions.  Moving forward doesn’t mean we forget the past, but rather that we learn from it, we catalog the mistakes, assess their origins in order to ensure we don’t repeat the same mistakes ever again.

For four years, this nation has been steadily losing the respect of the rest of the world, and it will take time and effort to repair our alliances, to once again be respected in the eyes of the world.  For the past year, we have fought a deadly pandemic, with deaths in the U.S. alone totaling over 400,000 … fully 20% of the total deaths worldwide, though we have only 4% of the world’s population.  The overt racism and police brutality toward Black people is out of control.  Unemployment and poverty are at an all-time high, in part due to the pandemic.  And perhaps the most critical issue is that for four years we have completely disregarded the environment, have added more plastic and CO2 to the atmosphere than ever before.  All of these and more are things that President Biden will need to deal with rapidly, and I believe he will.

Solutions will not happen overnight, and our patience is likely to be sorely tested, but finally we have a President who understands the problems, will listen to the experts and the scientists, and will do his best to repair the damage, to protect not only the people of this nation, but of the world.  My hope is that rather than engage in partisanship and obstructionism, Congress will work with President Biden to help solve some of our many problems.  Members of Congress who fail to do so will earn themselves a place in my ‘snarky snippets’ hall of fame!

And so, we enter a new day in our ongoing history … a day filled with hope for the future, something we haven’t felt for a very long time.  When I awoke this morning, the sky was cloudy and grey, but sometime in the early afternoon, the sun came out and outside my window the birdies are eating the squirrel’s peanuts and the squirrels are eating the bird seed – and thus, life goes on!

20 thoughts on “Life, Once Again, Goes On

  1. In spite of my personal challenges, Jill, we slept very well last night, knowing our children and grandchildren stand a better chance of survival and a happier future that only weeks ago seemed bleak.

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    • I’m glad, my friend. I hope Biden will be given a chance, at least, to reverse much of the damage that has been caused over the last four years and that this nation can begin to heal. But, it will take cooperation and patience on both sides. Sigh.


  2. It made me smile just now when we saw on the news the arrival in Florida and the former first lady emerging wearing a bright summer dress – ‘yay holiday time’ I bet she’s thinking. The day seemed very dignified, best wishes for the next four years. Ps Who is the anonymous amazing voice doing the announcements ‘Ladies and gentlemen…’

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    • Rumour has it that she will divorce him soon … not sure how true it is, for she’s found her sugar daddy, but …

      Yes, it was a day of dignity, one of hope, one of a return to sanity. Please keep those fingers crossed for us, for there are many in this nation whose idea of humanity is different than mine and yours. I don’t know who that dude was … I’ll see if I can find out. He definitely has an amazing (read sexy) voice!

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  3. Beautiful words Jill. And yes, ridding ourselves of the monster we had for four years is worth a good amount of tears! I hope R’s will give him a chance. If he can peel off a few here and there, maybe we can really get things moving in this country. Fingers crossed!

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    • Thanks, Jeff! We may have rid ourselves of the head demon, but his minions remain, as evidenced by Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Moscow Mitch. They didn’t even give him 1/2 day, not twelve hours, ’til they started putting him down, arguing that the Keystone Pipeline should have stayed, and saying that he called every republican a white supremacist. I’m ready to leave this country … let the f*cking republicans have it and destroy themselves along with it. If there are good republicans, then they need to stand up and speak loudly against the rest of their bunch! Sigh.

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  4. We know what the Democrats intend, now is a big chance for the Republicans to show whether they travel in the same direction or if they will be as obstructionist as ever. Together you can achieve a lo bur separate again and it will take so much longer. In that case, it’s the people that suffer.

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    • Well, they took that chance and they lit a match to it, then they poured gasoline on it, and now they are fanning the flames. It would appear that the Republicans, at least some large number of them, have no desire to be a part of the human race! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I am seething this evening and am going to hush now before I wish a slow and painful death on everyone who ascribes to the Republican bullcrap. Puff puff puff

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  5. Jill, we have taken a major step to climb out of the hole we are in. The speech was refreshing in contrast to those of his predecessor. He raised concerns, but noted we must solve them together. Now, the hard part of unity begins. I wish them well.

    By the way, my wife wore pearl earrings to honor the glass ceiling being broken. As I ran an errand after the speech, on NPR someone noted another first for Kamala Harris, the first multiracial family with step children from both adults. Her extended family represents those of many Americans.


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