Prove Me Wrong — PLEASE!

Joe Biden has promised to do everything in his power to heal the wounds that divide the people of this nation, to bring unity where there is only separation and hate.  I fully believe he will try, but we all have to do our part … he cannot do it alone.  And today, it seems to me that nearly half the nation does not want unity, though they claim they do.  Perhaps they are defining ‘unity’ as everyone bending to their own views.

In an early morning text from a friend, there was this …

“… the “new” President call 74 MILLION Americans…. white suprematists. He’s off to a great start. Unity? I think not a chance in hell now.”

And that was only the beginning.  Senator Rand Paul said in a morning interview with Fox News …

“If you read his speech and listen to it carefully, much of it is thinly veiled innuendo. Calling us white supremacists, calling us racists, calling us every name in the book. Calling us people who don’t tell the truth.  ‘And going forward we’re not going to have manufactured or manipulated truth.’ That’s another way of saying ‘All of my opponents manufacture or manipulate the truth and are liars.’”

And speaking of Fox, ol’ Tucker Carlson just had to throw a bucket of fuel on the fire, saying …

“Now that we’re waging war on white supremacists. Can somebody tell us in very clear language what a white supremacist is? Biden has now declared war. So, we should know specifically and precisely who exactly he has declared war on. We have a right to know that innocent people could be hurt in this war. They usually are.”

Joe Biden offered an olive branch, and some republicans are determined to destroy it rather than accept it.  It’s almost as if they take great pleasure from the current atmosphere of hate and divisiveness.  Biden wasn’t looping Republicans generally in with white supremacists and extremists. Carlson is doing that. Paul is doing that.

I’m sure there is a large contingent of republicans who are hopeful that Biden can, in fact, lessen the tensions, find common ground on the issues that divide us, and helps us find the path to mutual respect, but they aren’t speaking loudly enough, if at all.  The only republican voices I’m hearing are those who aren’t even willing to give peace a chance.

From an OpEd by Philip Bump writing for The Washington Post …

It’s important to note that this is clearly not what Biden was talking about. He was talking about the rise of white nationalist extremism and violence of the sort that has been manifested occasionally in recent years and which the Department of Homeland Security (under Trump) identified as the most significant terrorism threat in the country. He was talking about the sort of extremism that contributed to what happened at the Capitol.

There is some undercurrent of sympathy among Republicans generally for what happened there. Most Americans reject the mob’s actions in storming the Capitol, though, as a Washington Post-ABC News poll found, 15 percent of Republicans at least somewhat support the storming of the Capitol itself. A HuffPost-YouGov poll taken shortly after the attack found that most Republicans viewed the mob’s actions as being mostly right or simply having gone too far in pursuit of a valid point.

I remember a time when being a republican or a democrat was not a divisive feature.  Sure, there have always been ideological differences – hence the reason for two distinct political parties.  But it wasn’t the thing that defined us, as it appears to be today.  This nation is split in half, though not by any physical boundaries, but rather by prejudice and intolerance.  President Joe Biden wants to start to put us back together, but it can only work if people on both sides of the issues are willing to make it work.  Taking his words, twisting them to mean something entirely different, then spewing hateful remarks is not the answer, people!

I call on every person, whether democrat, republican, or independent, to give Joe a chance, for Pete’s sake!  Within twelve hours of him taking his Oath of Office, people were already denigrating and swearing that they would not even listen to his actual words, would not be open to trying to help make his attempts at healing the Great Divide work.  Do these people actually crave violence, want a damn civil war?  I’ve said many times in the last four years that this is no longer a country I recognize.  I was hoping that would change under a President Biden, but it can only change if we all want it to.  Do we still have any shared values in this country?  Today, I have my doubts.  PLEASE prove me wrong!

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  1. You obviously haven’t caught on that the most powerful man on the globe is in the early stages of dementia. Check Biden’s gaffs on YouTube because the illiberal liberal media aren’t about to out themselves. A couple of those clips were downright creepy. I didn’t care much for Biden before, but you surely should be asking why the push for a lame duck president.


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  3. Thank you for sharing!.. unfortunately, there are elements in today’s American society (and the world) who function with a closed mind and perhaps will never change… those elements are the people that Trump and others of like thinking have found a audience with and will tell them what they wish to hear…. 🙂

    Today, technology has given many people more access to knowledge and reality and change is in the winds, especially with the younger generations… the closed minded are having difficulty dealing with and accepting change (especially the older generation).. it happens with every generation and in time most will accept change though there will be a percentage that will never accept change, especially in the area of religion… 🙂

    America has observed a waken up call, as it has in the past, and believe it will energize people into coming together (especially the younger generation) and America will realize your’s, Joe Biden’s, Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream; “I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal.” (Martin Luther King, Jr.)… 🙂

    Until we meet again, keep your fingers doing the walking (typing/writing) and your heart doing the talking!!!… 🙂

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    • Thanks so much, Dutch! I always value your wise insights, and in this one you are spot-on. Change is in the wind, people who thought Donald Trump was their saviour have seen him slinking away, tail between his legs, and are now asking themselves if perhaps they made a mistake. Others, of course, will stubbornly refuse to admit such a possibility and will hang on, continuing to rabble-rouse, until they are too feeble to think clearly. I’m amazed by my own generation … 60-70 years of age … who lived through so much … Civil Rights era, Vietnam War, assassinations, and more … who fall for the rhetoric spun by the likes of Trump. We know better! Or we certainly should! I’m still waiting for Dr. King’s dream to come true, and have begun to think it won’t likely happen in my lifetime, but perhaps in my granddaughter’s time. My fingers are walking and sometimes even running a marathon across the keyboard! Thanks so much, Dutch, and take care, my friend!

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      • Dutch, great comments. Like you, I am amazed how many folks our age have fallen for the greatest con ever committed in America – a person well documented as untruthful, has convinced his followers every one else is lying and only to believe him. And, they do. PT Barnum would applaud that con. Keith

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  4. That Joe Biden referred to the fact that he would tell no lies, there could be no doubt that he was referring to the diet you’ve been fed constantly for the last four years under Trump. If anyone on the Republican side felt they were all being called liars must be down to knowing that’s exactly what they have done in enabling Trump. I’m afraid it’s the same if they read into his comments that he thought all Repubs are White Supremacists. They heard what they expected to hear and not what was said. It looks like they’re drawing the battle lines already rather than asking the public to forgive what they fomented on 6th January.

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    • Indeed, one of the biggest reliefs is that we can trust what the President says, whereas with Trump, you could just about bet whatever came out of his mouth would be a lie. And those who inferred that he was calling them white supremacists, I presume it’s a result of a guilty conscience, for he neither said nor implied any such thing.

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  5. I don’t envy Biden, he’ll have his work cut out for him, these are volatile times. Not only does he have to deal with the unhinged radical right – the ultra-white nationalists & Trump Christians, now Antifa and BLM are opposing Biden’s administration.
    Antifa rioters break windows at Democrat HQ in Portland, spray-paint ‘F*** BIDEN!’ messages, later attack ICE offices. One banner read ‘We don’t want Biden, we want revenge!’
    The rioting appeared to be planned well in advance, as demonstrated by flyers advertising the event days earlier.
    Other videos from the protest documented that the Antifa demonstrators were anti-Biden and also anti-police.

    We are certainly living thru interesting times. How does one unify the radicalized fringes?

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  6. They will NEVER change for those people are hate mongers. Fox News? Gag me. The ‘waging war’ rhetoric slays me after they fully supported the war being waged against our Constitution. I would give anything to have them shut up for one day. Just one. Impossible.

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  7. Rabblerousers all. They are not just talking, they are telling their/Trump’s followers how to interpret words that do not mean what they say they mean. Trump did this all the time, telling people what to think. And the masses are brainwashed to believe what their experts say. This is how we got to where we are. It us easier to believe what someone tells them to believe than to figure it out for themselves. Fear-mongering. Rabblerousing.
    And the rabble want to believe them, so they do.
    And nothing anyone else says is going to change their minds. Pardon the extremenous of these words, but they do not have the minds to be changed. They have been bred right out of them.

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  8. Jill, President Biden did not call 74 million people white supremacists and to say he did is fear mongering. I cannot speak for your friend, but Rand Paul used to be better than this. When he says stuff like this he likens himself to Ted Cruz. We need our leaders to be among our better angels and not our worse demons.

    To be honest, Paul and Cruz are groveling in the mud for Trump’s base. I expect that from Cruz, but Paul knows better. I said this part jokingly in 2016 is the one good thing about Trump winning the GOP nomination is Cruz did not. At the time, I did not think Trump would win.

    We need bipartisanship and we need people to meet the President half way. To do otherwise is an insult to Americans says this independent and former Republican voter.. Emulating Cruz and Trump is not what governance looks like. Keith

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    • PS – I left Senator Paul pleading with him for bipartisanship. Saying what he did is beneath him and he knows better. I added I expect this kind of fear mongering and lying from Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

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    • You’re quite right … he didn’t say it, didn’t imply it, didn’t intend it, but there you have it … some will only hear what they want or expect to hear, not what is actually said. We certainly do need leaders who are among our better angels, and we have a few, but … very few in the Republican Party, it would seem, and it hurts to have to make that rather partisan statement, but … it’s true.

      Like you, I thought that of all the GOP candidates in 2016, Trump was the LEAST likely to win. I lost confidence in my ability to make accurate predictions on November 8th of that year!

      Yes, we desperately need bipartisanship, or better yet, non-partisanship, but how to achieve that? I don’t know how any, even President Biden, can make inroads as long as some will not even listen.


  9. I remain hopeful, Jill. Our new President is so manifestly decent that he will, in time, reach SOME who are now believing the Rand Paul-Tucker Carlson nonsense. There will be genuine wins for the American people, and those who aren’t invested in chaos will come along.
    Regrettably, while most of us were watching the dignified events of the day and the joyful celebrations in the evening, those watching Fox saw nothing but lying screeds about Hunter Biden. There’s a lot of money driving hate coverage—now bolstered by Fox’s competitors on its right. That’s formidable, but there are more of us than there are of them. We must savor this time and redouble our efforts to protect our democracy.

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    • Oh, I haven’t given up hope, my friend, I’m just so frustrated by the refusal of some on the right side of the aisle to even give Biden a chance, not even 12 hours time before they are criticizing him and blaming him for the failures of his predecessor. I sincerely hope the GOP self-destructs as they pay the price for their almost unencumbered worship of all things Trump for the past four years. And Fox News can go right on down the tubes with them. Yes, we must redouble our efforts and shine a bright light on the good and the bad. My hope is that in the long run, Biden’s innate decency wins out over the evil that remains in the GOP.

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      • I agree. It’s hard to watch the party of sedition calling the President who appeals for unity— despite the gargantuan mess he inherited—“divisive.” But that’s who they are, and we can expect nothing more. My hope is that the Democrats will remain united, understanding that we won’t get everything we want (and the country needs)—and that the mainstream press won’t be tempted to try to make big stories out of small matters.

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        • I think that the party of sedition has become so inured to lies and half-truths that they don’t recognize truth and facts when they see it. They have jumped on the bandwagon of evil, and cannot recognize humanity when it confronts them. My fear is that the moderate Democrats and further left Democrats will stoke the fires of division within the party, but hopefully they understand what is at stake and ‘cool their jets’! Sigh.


  10. Jill, you are not wrong. I saw a meme on Twitter that showed Sean Hannity on his show, with the crawl saying: 400k dead President Biden? Or something like that. I think it was doctored. But it belies the point. These people will NOT give him a chance. He’ll soon be blamed for not vaccinating enough people, thousands more infections and deaths. You name it, they’ll find ways to blame him. That’s where you and I come in. We must continue to tell the truth, put out the facts, and call these idiots out. Our country is at stake damn it! We can have not one iota of patience with crackpots and insurrectionists like Rand Paul, Cruz, and far-right media. It’s up to us Jill!

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    • Sigh. Indeed, I saw something similar tonight, blaming President Biden for the 900,000 new unemployment claims this week, when the man had barely been in office for a full day! He’ll catch all the blame for everything that goes amiss, and receive none of the credit for his hard work when it begins to pay off. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Oh yes, Jeff … you and I will shine a bright light on the truth, the facts, and we won’t give up! We cannot give up. As you say, our nation is at stake, our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren are at stake.

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      • It’s so damn frustrating. And, unfortunately, I’m finding that much of the noise is coming from the far-left, almost as much as the right-wingers. That, my friend, is a discussion for another day….or post!

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  11. A view from an objective non-American. Firstly, Biden’s words and his meaning were clear to me, unlike the self-serving verbiage of his predecessor. Not once did I interpret what he was saying as meaning that Republicans were all white supremacists – it was more a statement of his view that extremism has taken a hold in certain quarters and needs a bipartisan approach to counter it. Anyone who saw this as an attack is reading their own meaning into his words, either because that is what they want to believe he said or because they ARE white supremacists who felt they were being targeted. And so they should be!

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    • Spot on, my friend! You guys in the UK always see our situation far more clearly than we do, and you are absolutely right about this. There are many ‘closet’ white supremacists, and unfortunately some are in Congress. Thanks for your absolutely perfect assessment, Clive!

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  12. I share your frustration Jill, but this was to be expected. The Republicans who eagerly promoted The Big Lie like Rand Paul, aren’t going anywhere and are already looking toward 2022. The good news is that some of Trump’s base is starting to splinter. The Proud Boys are turning on him and calling him a weak failure, and even QAnon shows signs of some believers waking up. No doubt, this is going to continue to be a fight for the foreseeable future, but we can’t give up.

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    • Yes, it was to be expected. I suppose I had foolishly hoped that the Republicans were sickened enough by Trump’s last few weeks that they would view a more moderate, saner president as a breath of fresh air and be willing to work with, rather than against, him. Silly me. I am thrilled that some of Trump’s base, having expected ongoing support and kudos from him, are now disillusioned. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end of some of the more hateful of these groups. Fingers crossed.

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  13. i don’t see how i can prove you wrong!! i mean like, i am a teenager, so i don’t know much about political talk, or anything like that!

    On Thu, Jan 21, 2021 at 12:03 PM Filosofa’s Word wrote:

    > jilldennison posted: “Joe Biden has promised to do everything in his power > to heal the wounds that divide the people of this nation, to bring unity > where there is only separation and hate. I fully believe he will try, but > we all have to do our part … he cannot do it alone. A” >

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  14. I found it most telling that Rand Paul assumed that when Biden references white supremacists he was talking about republicans. He did not mention specific people or republicans or FOX news or anyone. As far as I’m concerned, Rand Paul is the one who called republicans white supremacists.

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    • Good point. Perhaps it was his guilty conscience that let him to jump to the conclusion that Biden was pointing the finger at him and others in his Party. This will get us nowhere, for it takes more than a handful of people to change hate into love, war into peace. Sigh.

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