Just For Laughs …

I hope to have a post later this afternoon, but today I am struggling under the weight of a few things, and have fallen behind … as often happens.  However, our friend Ellen sent me a link to a short, fun video that I think will make you laugh … or at least smile.

Thanks to Pendantry for this video!

28 thoughts on “Just For Laughs …

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  2. Jill, very funny. I was thinking of Ebeneezer Trump. The ghosts of Christmas past and present would just throw up their hands in disgust and say just take him. There is nothing no redeeming past to remember. Keith

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    • I laughed … actually laughed … the first time I viewed it! Great analogy, Keith, about the Dickens’ classic … Trump would have had the ghosts all stymied and, as you say, they would have thrown their hands up in disgust and left him to his fate.


    • Benjamin has adapted well to his online schooling regime, from what I understand, and he has much familial support. He’s such a special young man … only 6 years old, and already has better sense than many adults I could name!


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