Saturday Surprise — Snow Art!

I think it’s been a couple of weeks since I last did a Saturday Surprise post, hasn’t it?  This week seems like a good week to get back to the routine, the schedule, so … Happy Saturday!

Only 55 more days ‘til Spring arrives!!!  I have been freezing since mid-November and I can’t wait for Spring … buds on trees, sunshine, birds singing (not that I can hear them, but still …), and warmth.  But, since it is still winter, today I found some cool (no pun intended … well okay, maybe it was intended) snow sculptures by various ‘snow artisans’ and I thought it would make for a fun way to kick off the weekend.

Frozen Forest




Y’know … these snow sculptures are amazing, and I love seeing them, but … I’ll just see them from the warmth of my office-in-the-kitchen, because building one would require far more talent, time, and patience than I have, and about 10 minutes of playing in the snow, and I’m done … ready to return to the warmth of the house!  Every now and then, when we have enough snow, I will either help the neighborhood kids build a snowperson (my contribution is usually to provide the carrot for the nose and sometimes a cucumber — use your imagination) or engage in a snowball fight, but that’s the limit of my snow time.  So, my hat is off to all those who made these exquisite and fun sculptures, that sadly will melt into oblivion soon.

Have a great weekend, my friends!

52 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — Snow Art!

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    • I liked the heffalumps a lot, too … not sure if there was a frontal view, but I didn’t see one. Perhaps the snow artist only did their posteriors! Elephants being the symbol of the Republican Party, that seems apt.

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  3. Apparently we in Canada have had a lot of snowman-building weather, for our news has been filled with snowmen, snow animals, and even snow scenery. But not so where I live. The good thing is, cross my fingers and hope not to die, we have barely hit -30 C this winter, let alone -40 C. But, we still have 4 more months to go, not some measly 55 days. But I’ll feel bad for you anyway.

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    • Wow … is that not odd? I thought you guys usually had many feet of snow throughout the winter. No need to feel bad for me … it’s just that the old … really old body doesn’t seem as able to cope with cold as it once did, even just a year ago. We’ve only had a dusting of snow a few times, though one day last week there was enough for the neighborhood kids to build a snowperson.


      • Yup, almost every year since we moved up here in 2007, the last two weeks of January have averaged more than minds 40 below, Celsius or Fahrenheit. (They meet at 40 below!) Tnis year, I think thanks to Trump and all his followers crying their eyes out, we’ve been hanging close to the freezing point of water. I predict next year will be back to usual, weatherwise. I hope I am wrong, but that might mean the globe is warming up another degree.

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        • This winter and last have brought very little snow to us, and higher than average temps, though I’m still freezing! I think there can be no sane person who would deny the facts of climate change and global warming, but … I hear it every day. Sigh.


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