The Week’s Best Cartoons: Bye Trump, Hello Biden

While I always appreciate the talent of the political cartoonists, being able to comprehend a situation and relate it with few or no words, only drawings, of late I have found that rather than lighten my mood or make me smile, the political cartoons have been somewhat dark and depressing.  Well, they do reflect our reality, which has also been dark and depressing, so what should I expect, right?  But this week’s ‘toons are different … I actually smiled and found humour in them!  Gee … I wonder what’s changed?

As she does every Saturday, TokyoSand has searched the world over and found the best selection to bring to us.  Thank you, TS, for your hard work and diligence, and for your permission to share!


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28 thoughts on “The Week’s Best Cartoons: Bye Trump, Hello Biden

  1. Jill, thanks. The great rationalization is occurring in the Republican Party, so as not to offend the MAGA base. The brave ten Republican Congress members are becoming ostracized for courageously voting their conscience. And, it is highly doubtful the former president will be convicted by the Senate as too many could not wash off the “toadie” skin.

    Here is what bemuses me. The former president sics his wound up attack dogs on Congress. Five people died and America looked like a third world country. So, Senators Graham, Cruz, Hawley et all, should be thankful they can make a vote at all, much less for this former president.

    It reminds me of the scene from “Lake Placid” with Betty White telling the officials that her pet crocodile did not mean to eat her husband. Ms. Graham, the president did not mean to get your husband killed.


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    • Yes, I think that the GOP fears losing some of the avid Trumpeters to his “Patriot” Party if such ever comes to fruition, so they’re afraid to offend then. They are trying to demote Liz Cheney by removing her from a committee she’s on for supporting impeachment, and I’m sure more such will follow. Perhaps it’s time for the GOP to take a good hard look at its values, or lack thereof, and determine what it is they actually stand for, because from everything I see, they stand for all the wrong things.

      ‘Twould seem they have short memories and have forgotten that they feared for their lives less than three weeks ago. Sigh.


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      • Hi Jill. My purpose is always to cut through what I perceive to be government / political party / compliant media lies, propaganda, any attendant bias and to undertake a dogged, impartial, business-like pursuit of both the facts and due process, be it a choice between Trump or Biden for example. I see the US electoral system as mortally broken and incapable of mounting an honest, dignified candidate capable of representing thecelectorate or the entire population. Thanks.

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          • Being British I have a fine eye for satirical imagery, but these US offerings are far too removed from actual events to be interpreted correctly as ‘satire’. Don’t worry. You’re a relatively young nation and this is a common, time-honoured complaint on these shores 🇬🇧 You will mature in a few more centuries. May I recommend Steve Bell and Martin Rowson? 2 × true masters. Thank you.

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            • Ahhhh … I didn’t realize you were British. Yes, we are a young nation, but until recently I thought we were relatively intelligent. These days I wonder, though. Thanks … I’m familiar with Steve Bell, but not Martin Rowson — I will check him out!

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            • Pardon me for getting involved I speak as someone also from the UK and who has been following US politics since the early 1960s as well as submersing themselves in the reading US history. I find these cartoons are accurately reflecting the mood of a nation which is going through a trauma.
              One which is based upon fault lines that were there at the onset of the USA, a not uncommon feature when a nation state comes into being. These fault lines have grown wider over the past 40 years and at present the USA stares down a choice of some stark roads to travel.
              A sizeable proportion of the US population have rid themselves of a person whose behaviour and lack of understanding and the responsibilities of the office have made it even possible to be nostalgic for Nixon. What is more salutary is that 70,000,000 thought him acceptable. And worse this person tried to turn around a result in the traditions of a Third World dictator placed in control by First world gold. First he tried to use quasi legal flummery and then by a clumsy re-enactment of Mussolini’s March on Rome. Trump’s efforts caused the death of six people (a police officer committed suicide in the wake of the events of the 6th January 2021). Of course there are these cartoons, they are the outpouring of relief selected by someone who has had to live through an era which makes our Brexit experience a mere spat as to which neighbour should cut the hedge.
              I daresay if you look hard enough you will find a sufficiency of cartoons from the USA’s right-wing press which will be lamenting out loud the loss of Trump. Fortunately we do not have them here.
              I would put to you, therefore there is no bias and it is of small worth to wag a finger at the Democrats. Yes, as a very hard-left winger of UK politics (so far left I viewed Corbyn as moderate) there is much I disagree with on the Democrat side, but the alternative is far, far worse and Democracy is a thing of compromise (despite what Thatcher said). And these, sir are valid expressions of folk who are hoping the nightmare is ending or beginning to end.

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      • I think, Jill, that maybe what makes Wirral and I wonder, is the selective and wholly uncritical analysis of the current government. and its leader. I suggest if these political cartoonists are cheering you up, it’s because they are failing in their job.

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