WHAT Does It Matter?

I have to ask this seemingly inane question … why does anybody give a royal f**k what the brand of the watch Joe Biden wears on his arm is???  Rolex, Timex, Elgin … what the f**k business is it of mine or yours???  He wears it so that he can tell what time it is, so that he isn’t late for important meetings and conference calls and the like.

I have seen no less that 15 articles critiquing Joe’s wristwatch, not only the ignoble Fox ‘News’ and New York Post, but reputable sources both in this country and abroad!  For Pete’s sake!  Grow up, kids!  There are more important issues on the table than the brand name of the President’s watch!

I well remember August 28, 2014, when President Barack Obama had the audacity to wear a tan-coloured suit to a live press conference on increasing the U.S. military response against the Islamic State in Syria.  The topic fell into the background as the media and those on social media went into a feeding frenzy over his choice of a suit.  A light-colored suit is considered casual summer wear that was seen by conservative media outlet Fox News as being too casual for a press conference on such a serious matter.


Seriously???  Yes, seriously … that mattered to the fools and idiots on the other side of the aisle and in the media.

Conservatives disapproved of Obama’s decision to wear the tan suit. Conservative Republican Representative Peter King of New York called Obama’s wearing of the suit unpresidential, and stated that “There’s no way, I don’t think, any of us can excuse what the president did yesterday. I mean, you have the world watching.”

WHOA!  “No way … any of us can excuse …”  The presidency is not … NOT … a fashion contest, for Pete’s sake!

And then there was that … {GASP} … moment in 2009 when First Lady Michelle Obama wore a sleeveless dress for her official White House photo!


The press jumped on that, and also when she chose a sleeveless purple dress when attending President Obama’s address to Congress.  Oh, the horrors!

And yet … when Trump was in office, Melania was often seen in a sleeveless dress and not a word was said.  Even worse …


And believe me, there are far more disgusting nude photos of Ms. Trump from her days as a nude model, but I refuse to put such garbage on my blog.  Yet, people were more horrified at seeing Michelle Obama in a rather sedate, black, sleeveless dress and President Obama in a tan suit.  And now, Joe Biden is to be criticized and denigrated for the the timepiece on his arm!

If the biggest thing the media and the fools who spend half their days on social media have to worry about is the brand of Joe Biden’s watch, then this country is in serious trouble, my friends.  To those who care … I say, “Get A LIFE!”

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    • No, nor did they complain about him not only wearing expensive jewelry and having a gold toilet, but bragging all the time about how much money he had (supposedly) and how rich he was, how expensive his cuff links were, etc. He was the ugliest human, both inside and out, yet you didn’t hear a peep out of them. There is a double standard … even the mainstream, supposedly ‘unbiased’ media adhere to it. I just read tonight that We the Taxpayers spent $144 million on Trump’s golf trips!!! Now, how does Joe’s watch, that we did NOT pay for, compare? Sigh.

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    • I can’t find anything to back that up, Mary, but it may be true. I’ll keep digging. Either way, if Jill bought it for him, if it was Beau’s, or if he bought it himself, this nation has bigger things to focus on. Sigh. Good to see you, my friend! Hope all is well?


  1. Well, I’m going to say I think it’s great the media is rushing to criticise Biden’s watch, for exactly the same reason it was great they did the same with Obama’s suit. It means they can’t find anything of substance to criticise him for.

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  2. I entirely missed the tan suit episode as I didn’t have a computer or good TV at the time. I never felt out of touch for missing it. As to the wristwatch, some people have far too much free time on their hands. 😀 — Suzanne

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  3. All fair comments. If there were specific criticisms from those at Fox I’d love to see what they wear on their wrists. I bet there are very few of them who call themselves celebrities didn’t buy themselves the same brand when they thought they’d ‘arrived’. They’re known for their quality, reliability, and their accuracy so surely that’s what a President needs.

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  4. Jill, good post. This story is not even close to the story of the day. The three stories of the day:
    1) The first action of Sec of Defense Lloyd Austin is to denand to see the military sexual assault data – amen
    2) Sen Mitt Romney shows other Republicans what a Senator acts like saying the former president should be tried for impeachment.
    3) Senators Paul, Rubio and Graham have decided to be Ted Cruz supporting the corrupt and deceitful former president. That oath thing means nothing.

    Note to these three toadies – it is harder to speak against the mob than go along with it. Romney has guts and a conscience. Keith

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    • Exactly! There are much more important things than the President’s watch! I agree with you regarding both Romney and the three toadies … I’d trade all three for one person of conscience. Let them go work for the “Patriot” Party! I think I’m going to like Lloyd Austin!


        • Yes, I read that this morning. I frequently disagree with him, and I’m probably one of his most prolific antagonists, but in truth, as republicans go, he’s one of the better ones. I shudder to think what the people of this state will come up with to replace him, and it’s almost a certainty that it won’t be a democrat.

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  5. I’m going to go out on a limb here…please excuse the noise as I saw it off. As any person who is in the spotlight by choice should know, he or she should be prepared to expect scrutiny and critiques (both positive and negative) on anything and everything they wear, say and do. It could be said that it goes with the territory that they have claimed for themselves, so should be expected and accepted. Therefore, when President Biden is sporting a $7,000 Rolex in order to know the time and to be on time the notice of his arm accessory is fair game. The question of ‘what does it matter?’ is a matter of one’s own opinion on the matter! Indeed then at the end of the day one could say that Biden’s choice of wrist watch is rather unimportant and irrelevant…unless one considers how many other important things $7,000 could do. Still, I find the interest the watch generated to be somewhat amusing…though not nearly as much as Bernie Sander’s mittens! Thank-you!

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    • I’m sure you’re right, that anybody in the public eye is going to be subject of much discussion from their hair (what WAS that creature Donald Trump wore on his head???), to what they eat, to their clothing and even their watch. But, it’s ridiculous. Their time would be much better spent trying to understand the issues that face the President today and what Joe Biden plans to do about such things as the pandemic, the economy, our reputation abroad, the huge deficit, etc. Sure, $7,000 could feed a family of four for a year, but so could the million dollars or more that most every member of Congress has paid for their home. Great wealth disgusts me, as you already know, but relative to Donald Trump’s arrogant excesses, Joe Biden’s watch is nothing. And it has no relevance to anything … sigh. Hugs, my friend!


  6. The BS never changes. Ultimately the blame ends up in the laps of those who are glued to the tv, social outlets and express interest in such drivel. Without an audience a diatribe is just words falling on air.

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    For real … what DOES is matter? … “If the biggest thing the media and the fools who spend half their days on social media have to worry about is the brand of Joe Biden’s watch, then this country is in serious trouble, my friends. To those who care … I say, “Get A LIFE!”

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    • Many thanks, dear Horty! Can you believe the idiocy of all this? It galls me … Trump was always showing off his expensive cuff links, bragging about his gold toilets and other trappings of the wealthy, but Biden wears a watch that happens to be an expensive brand, and the nation goes nuts! Sigh. Hugs!!! ❤

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  8. I haven’t notice the comments on Biden’s watch. I guess I could never make it to the big time, as I’m wearing an inexpensive Casio digital watch. For me, a watch is for telling the time; it is not for making a fashion statement.

    As for Obama’s tan suit — I thought it was an excellent choice. In all honesty, African Americans should consider wearing lighter colored clothing, because it better contrasts with the color of their skin.

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    • I ignored the first few, but when I was one that said it proved he was an ‘elitist’ and unfit for the presidency, I threw my hands up in disgust. I agree with you about the tan suit … that picture says it all, for he looked great in that suit … especially compared to Trump in ANY of his clothing!

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