Accountability and unity

Our friend Keith has perfectly echoed my own thoughts, and likely many of yours as well. His words are so very apt … certain members of Congress would do well to listen to Keith … hmmm … perhaps he should run for office! Thanks, Keith!


Republican Senator Mitt Romney said yesterday, we cannot have unity without accountability. Yet, some Republican Senators are still echoing the planned fraud by the former president on the American people claiming unproven voter fraud. Others are saying the former president should not stand trial in the Senate.

As for those who do not want to hold the former president accountable, here is metaphor who uses a crying toddler example with intent.

-The toddler cried to anyone who would listen he was cheated.

-He took all measures he could to say he was cheated, unable to prove such.

-He bullied other toddlers to go along with him or he would be mean to them.

-He invited the tin soldiers to his room having wound them up for two months.

-He revved them up some more. Then he pointed them at the perceived enemy and sicced them to go do harm.


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  2. Dear Jill, once again I am going to copy my comment to Keith’s post on your post. Hopefully it will not be the disaster the last attempt was:

    I’m not sure where I am going with this, so be prepared:
    It is easy to sit in judgment over anyone as asinine as Fake-President Donald J. Trump, and the people who supported him, and they should be called to account for their actions. But how do you punish someone for the events of the last four years, and in particular for inciting insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021. Biblical law requires an eye for an eye. American Civil Law requires removing convicted felons from the company of ,normal society, to wit, vacations in jail or prison.
    But will that change what has been done? Will it force these people to feel remorse? Will it help them to become better human beings?
    We all know, none of them are going to actually change. Many have already reversed their political positions, but we know that is just for appearance sake, generally called covering your own ass! Not one of them actually feels regret, or remorse, for their actions. Moscow Mitch is the worst of them all, after Trump!.
    What is going to hurt these people is not banning them from public society, but fining them to the full extent of their fortunes, including all stocks, bonds, bank accounts, businesses, possessions,and properties, including their fancy homes and vacation dwellings. (And use the proceeds to pay down the national debt they built up through theft and sheer stupid greed.) Turn them into homeless paupers, including their family members who rely on them for support. Let them face the real court of public opinion, losing their wealth and privilege, and learning to exist on miniscule handouts. It is punishment, but it is fitting punishment. Let them eat other people”s garbage, as so many homeless people are doing right now because of them.
    This they will regret, but still without remorse.

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