Jolly Monday — Again, Already

Monday-sleepy-2Good {yawn} Monday morning folks … didn’t we just {yawn} do Monday a few days ago?  Seems like the older I get, the faster Monday comes ‘round.  I wish there were some sort of a switch we could use to slow down time!  We still have our Christmas decorations up … the girls took down the tree a week ago, but all the what-nots, village houses, and lights are still up, and I’m wondering if I should just leave ‘em up, for at this rate, Christmas will be back around by the time I get everything packed away!

So, how was your weekend?  Mine?  Peaceful, and I’ll settle for that at the moment — no police standoffs, no shootings here in da ‘hood, and no major cat fights — life is good.  Joyful has been ‘cross the pond visiting Roger’s girls, Karlyn, Trelli, and Arketre, and she just got back last night, so she hasn’t had time to do any baking this morning, but she promises me she made bacon for the bacon-lovers in the group, and that she’d whip up something with Jolly’s help.  I always cringe when Jolly goes near the kitchen … you remember the episode last year, right?  But, Joyful has promised not to let him near the stove or oven, so it should be alright.  So, let’s go see what’s on the table and then we’ll find something to start our week out with a smile.

Give me the peanuts🥜, or else!

I’ve taken great delight the past month or two from the squirrels that visit each day.  I buy 3 pounds of unsalted, unshelled peanuts every week and feed them every morning.  They delight me, watching their antics, watching them stalk birdies, and I think they’re beginning to trust me, for they only move a foot or two away when I come out in the morning to feed them and the birds.  But if I ever see one of them wielding a knife, I might have to re-think this!

That’s what happened to Andrea Diamond, who lives in the Rosedale area of Toronto.  One morning Andrea stepped out into her backyard and spotted a squirrel that had picked up a paring knife she had left near a tent outside her home.

squirrel-knifeShe said the squirrel gnawed on the knife handle for a while before abandoning the tool. She said the animal returned a short time later to chew on the knife a little longer.

Fortunately, neither Ms. Diamond nor the squirrel were injured in the incident!


Da dog has empathy!

Russell Jones of London (the one in the United Kingdom, not Kentucky) broke his ankle not long ago, and is using crutches to walk without putting wait weight on the broken appendage.  Now, Russell has a dog, named Billy, and he noticed that Billy was favouring one leg, refusing to put weight on it as he walked alongside Russell.

Concerned, Russell took Billy to the vet, and after X-rays and an exam, the vet could find nothing wrong with Billy.  The veterinarian told Jones his dog was imitating the way he walks with his broken ankle. Jones said Billy had been limping since the day after his ankle injury.  And this only cost poor Russell £300, or about $400 USD.

I always enjoy seeing humorous signs, don’t you?  Here are a few …


I’ve had a harder time finding ‘toons this week, partly because Phil over at Phil’s Phun didn’t post very many … but here are a few, plus some fun memes.



Oh I can so well relate to this one!!!



And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for … {drumroll} … a cute critter video — I love the hedgehog … and the bear in the sidecar!

I hope you found something here that helped to start your week off with a smile, and if you did, what say you share that smile?  The fun thing about smiles is that they’re rather like love … you can give and give, and your own share gets even bigger as you do!  Have a safe and happy week, dear friends!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly, and Joyful!

34 thoughts on “Jolly Monday — Again, Already

  1. I was greatly entertained, thank you Jill! Saw the limping-dog-vid already, had it sent to me by someone…. my own dog was a great actor too. She could cry real tears when we didn’t give her what she wanted. And much more – but isn’t it a great, great sign of doggie love that he/she/it imitated the owner?
    The video with the entertaining animals made me howl with laughter. The unfolding hedgehog!!!! Great stuff. The trompeteer bear! Wowwwwww – and the rolling down seal, poor thingie! Although I would roll down the hill just like he did 🙂

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed Jolly Monday and found it entertaining! Yes, I think that dog video went viral, for since I posted it, I’ve seen it on both Twitter and Facebook. Like you, I saw that as a sign of great love and empathy for his human!

      Oh yes, wasn’t that hedgehog just the cutest? I loved him! And the bear in the sidecar, too! I hope you have a great week, my friend!

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  2. Ssssoooo that’s why The Girls weren’t looking over my shoulder and hassling when I was creating those images for my post; they were all chatting and yarning with Joyful. Phew! Thanks Joyful, I got away with it, (well until they sashay over there).
    I’m glad to see the Newcastle Tramway Authority adopted a non-nonsense approach, that’ll teach those transgressors!
    As always the cartoons are all stellar (although being nearly 70 the first one does have a kinda wicked appeal)
    The seal on the video reminds me of some guys I know

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  3. Great fun start to my week even though the last one only ended an hour ago. I loved the baby elephant chasing birds but what an Aww moment when he falls flat on his face. Mummy elephant suddenly becomes the only safe place.
    Love n’ Hugs to everyone. I hope you all have a Great Week.

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  4. Cute videos, but what’s the difference between a meme? (Ancient Buddhist meditation theme!)
    Two videos reminded me of things my furry, or shell-carrying friends have done that made me laugh. One, the sea lion rolling down the hill over and over: snails we had in our home aquarium discovered the joys of riding the bubbles–they would get into the bubbles at the bottom of the aerator, ride them up to the top of the tank, swim over to the wall, climb back down, then get in line for the next available ride up. As far as I know, they didn’t have to buy tickets, and there was no pushing and shoving in line. (I won’t tell my pelican story, cuz I’m pretty sure I already told it.)
    And I probably related this story to you previously, but I love to tell it anyway. My pure black tomcat Loki, who could talk a weird kind of English when desperate, was out tomcatting one spring. When he failed to return home at bedtime–he always slept on the bed–we went out in search of him. We found him cowering under a car, surrounding by about ten other toms. When we chased them away, and convinced him he was safe, we discovered one front leg had been torn to ratshit. The vet patched him all up, and put a cast on his left leg. He discovered we gave him way more attention while he had the cast on. For six weeks he was the centre of attention in our home. Finally, the cast came off, but still he limped around. Another visit to the vet found nothing visibly or mechanically wrong, but the limp wouldn’t go away. Until one day he didn’t hear me come home from work, probably he was sound asleep. He stretched out with weight on both front legs, then suddenly realizing I was watching, he hunched up and started limping, on his right front leg. I looked sternly at him, and called him a little trickster. The limp immediately disappeared, but now we knew it was all for show, and attention. In his waking confusion he had limped on the wrong leg, and he knew he was caught in the act!

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    • Well, a cartoon is hand-drawn with caricatures, while a meme is a photo to which someone has put captioning.

      Love the story about the aquarium snails! I used to have a 55-gal aquarium, but my snails never entertained me in such a way!

      No, you hadn’t told me the story of Loki before! At first, when you found him under the car, scared and badly injured, I wanted to cry. But, by the time you got to the end, I was laughing! Go Loki! They are far smarter than we sometimes give them credit for!


      • Loki was the most intelligent cat I ever knew. Being a hockey on television fan, every cat I had before him would sit in front of the TV and try to catch the skaters. Even though they could not, they would try for hours. Loki looked about to do the same when he saw his first game, but after trying to catch them for just a few seconds, he instead watched them skate, and as the camera moved, he watched them disappear off the sides of the screen. So he looked on the sides, but they never came out. Next he jumped on top of the TV and waited for them to come out the top. They never did. He never watched television again. Nothing was real.
        Well, thanks for describing the difference between a mem3, but I still don’t get it. When Richard Dawkins first used the word meme, it was supposed to be an idea whose 5ime had come, and popped up in various places around the world in a short period of time. Sort of like the start of a zeitgeist, the defining spirit of a particular time period. And suddenly people all over were talking about memes, in many different places. Memes became a meme. So I stopped paying attention. Then one day I heard the word meme meaning a slogan on a art piece of some kind, but I never caught the details before. So meme no longer have a social side to them? Just photos with captions? How boring…
        But Loki was never boring. I have many more stories of his intelligence to tell, but no more today. I’d write a book, but who besides you, Gail, or I would read it?


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