♫ Sad Eyes ♫

I had picked out this song to put on yesterday’s music post, but on Thursday night I became ill with fever and chills, so I went to bed before I got around to producing the post.  So, let me try this again …

Released in 1979, this song was written and sung by Robert John, whose real name is Robert Pedrick, Jr.  It was produced by George Tobin, who also produced my song from Thursday, Being with You.

Robert John first appeared on Billboard Hot 100 on November 10, 1958, as Bobby Pedrick, Jr. From that time on to his first #1, 20 years and 11 months elapsed, setting a longevity record which was eventually broken by Tina Turner in 1984 with “What’s Love Got To Do With It.”

In 1978, George Tobin called Robert John from California …

“I had him come out and he lived in my house. He was actually a laborer in New Jersey at the time, carrying bricks on a construction job. I was looking for material for him and I heard a song called My Angel Baby and said, ‘That’s the kind of song Robert should be doing.’ So we used that as a frame of reference. Robert wrote ‘Sad Eyes’ and rewrote it for about 3 months. Every time he’d write it I’d go, ‘Nah, change this and change that.'”

Sad Eyes
Robert John

Looks like it’s over, you knew I couldn’t stay
She’s comin’ home today
We had a good thing, I’ll miss your sweet love
Why must you look at me that way?
It’s over

Sad eyes, turn the other way
I don’t want to see you cry
Sad eyes, you knew there’d come a day
When we would have to say “goodbye”

Try to remember the magic that we shared
In time your broken heart will mend
I never used you, you knew I really cared
I hate to see it have to end
But it’s over

Sad eyes, turn the other way
I don’t want to see you cry
Sad eyes, you knew there’d come a day
When we would have to say “goodbye”

Sad eyes, turn the other way (turn the other way)
I don’t want to see you cry (cry, cry, cry)
Sad eyes, you knew there’d come a day (he-e-e-ey)
When we would have to say “goodbye”

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Philip Cody / Neil Sedaka
Sad Eyes lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group

16 thoughts on “♫ Sad Eyes ♫

  1. Another song I cannot place in my memory, and I am not sure what to think. The story just doesn’t seem real. He is leaving a new love because an old love is coming back into his life? Seems a bit concocted. Worst of all, I can barely understand the words, and they don’t seem to connect with the lyrics you gave us. Not to say anything about the singer/songwriter, but I do not connect with the narrator. My only feeling is for the present love, who is supposedly not being used.
    This song should have been from her (or his) point-of-view. I doubt the eyes would have been sad, but full of daggers representing betrayal, anger, rejection, etc. Now that would have been a passionate song. That I could connect to!

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    • And that’s where you and I sometimes differ, for mostly if I like the tune, I like the song … unless, of course, it’s calling for people’s deaths or something, but those types of songs I typically don’t like the tune anyway.


  2. Good Morning, Jill! So sorry that you haven’t been feeling well. Hope you are on the mend. 👍. Sending a virtual bowl of chicken soup your way!
    As for today’s song pic…I am saddened to have to tell you…. that I don’t care for this one! I love the words and the concept of this song, but just don’t care for the melody. Hope I’m not disappointing you. As Soul Sisters, we are more often than not…in sync! By the way…. I loved the boy band, N’SYNC. Took my God-daughter to see them at Madison Square Garden ….back in the day. They were GREAT!
    Hope you feel better soon! Stay warm! Stay safe! oooo’s. 💙

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    • Oh, I’m fine … I think it was simply exhaustion! Two of our cats have been carrying on a hatefest, so I have to keep one in my room at night, and she walks all over me all night long! But thanks for the chicken soup … it was delicious!!! As for the song … no worries … we agree probably 95% of the time, so it’s certain that every now and then I’ll hit on one you don’t like. You’re still my soul sister! Wow, I haven’t heard N’SYNC in ages … y’know, I can’t remember a single one of their songs, though I recall liking some of their music. You too, dear one … keep safe, warm, and happy! ❤


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