The Week’s Best Cartoons 1/30

I thought this cold, dreary afternoon could use a bit of humour in the form of TokyoSand’s weekly cartoon roundup!  It’s amazing the difference in the tone of the cartoonists just in the past two weeks.  Not a single one has an orange-faced monster with a critter sitting atop his head!  Today’s batch is more humorous and uplifting than political ‘toons have been in a long time!  So, enjoy … and thank you, TS!


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13 thoughts on “The Week’s Best Cartoons 1/30

    • Ahhhh … thank you, dear sister … but I cannot take credit … it is TokyoSand who scours the ‘Net for the best of the best … I just copy ‘n share her work. Still, glad you liked them! Yes, I am fine today … just needed sleep, I think! ❤


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