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Remember a day or two after President Biden’s inauguration when I mused that perhaps ‘snarky snippets’ would soon be retired?  Hahahahahahahaha.  What was I thinking?  I must have been drugged or something at the time!  Never fear, folks, I still have plenty to snark about!

Another example of profit over people

The J. Edgar Hoover Building on Pennsylvania Avenue is home to FBI headquarters.  The building, completed in 1975, has become inadequate for the needs of the FBI, and is notable for its crumbling facade, inadequate security, antiquated infrastructure, and inadequate square footage.  Back in 2015, the decision had been made to look for suitable property to house the FBI somewhere in the suburbs, as the CIA has already done, then raze the Hoover Building.  A search was already on for finding the right location, taking bids from contractors, etc., when in 2017 Donald Trump took office and called a halt to the project.  Why?  Because the Hoover Building is across the street from his hotel.

Hoover-bldgTrump feared that if the Hoover Building were torn down, another hotel might be built in that spot, taking business away from his own hotel.  Yes, folks, a government decision for an agency that protects this nation was made based on a personal profit motive by the person sitting in the Oval Office.  What a surprise, eh?  I suspect there’s even more to it, such as out-of-town visitors to the FBI might stay in Trump’s hotel because it’s close and convenient, and who knows what other monies the hotel gets as a result of being across the street from the FBI.

Thousands of bureau employees, for whom there is no space at headquarters, are scattered in office buildings around the D.C. region, at significant cost to taxpayers. The danger to pedestrians posed by falling chunks of concrete is such that netting has been installed on the building’s east facade.  While not the highest priority the Biden administration has to deal with, a new building in a new location is likely to be built sometime in the near future, and frankly I hope somebody does build another hotel there and puts Trump’s gaudy monstrosity out of business.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department’s Inspector General has launched an inquiry to review the reasons for the plans to relocate were scuttled.

And speaking of Trump …

The impeachment trial for Donald Trump is scheduled to start in just over a week, on February 9th.  This past weekend, his legal team walked off the job!  It is reported that he insisted that the lawyers focus on his continuing false claims that he actually won the election and that due to widespread voter fraud it was ‘stolen’ from him.  All of this is a fantasy cooked up in his own mind, and not one iota of evidence has been produced to support his claims.  In fact, we the taxpayers have footed the bill for numerous recounts, for signature verifications and more, but no voter fraud at a level that could have changed the results in even a single state has been found.  Trump lost, but apparently he’ll go to his grave claiming that he won, ‘bigly’.

toon-trump-lawyer I suspect it is to the point that no reputable lawyer wants to be any part of Trump’s legal team for fear it would cast a long shadow on their reputation.  The lawyers had initially planned to center their strategy on the question of whether the proceedings were constitutional and on the definition of incitement, but Trump was having none of that.  Remember, he has always falsely believed that he was far more intelligent than anybody else, so this should come as no surprise.

He has apparently hired two new lawyers, one from Georgia and one from Pennsylvania.  Interestingly, David Schoen, from Atlanta, also served as Roger Stone’s defense attorney in his case of lying and witness tampering in a congressional investigation, so perhaps Trump has found one this time who doesn’t have any values or integrity.

Unfortunately, it likely doesn’t matter who his attorneys are, or even if he has attorneys, for the Senate Republicans appear to have already decided to acquit Trump no matter what.  One has to laugh when hearing the Republican Party referred to as the ‘Law and Order Party’.  Bullshit.

Just say ‘NO’, Joe

Jeff and I were in a Twitter ‘discussion’ with a man who was calling President Biden a ‘liar’ because he hadn’t received his $2,000 stimulus check yet.  We both tried to explain that nothing happens overnight in Washington, and further that Biden had done his part, now it’s up to Congress to pass the bill, but the man would have none of it and was determined to blame Biden.

The Republicans in Congress have come up with their own, greatly reduced, version and a group of ten Republicans, led by Ms. Wishy-Washy Susan Collins, are meeting with President Biden today.  The total amount of the Republican proposal is a mere 31% in total of Biden’s proposal, and the payments to individuals is reduced from $1,400 to $1,000, and also greatly minimizes the number of people who would qualify.  But the thing that concerns me most is that the Republican proposal requires abandoning the minimum wage increase that has been planned – and much-needed – for some time now, and which Biden plans to push Congress to pass.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, and in this case, the Republicans in Congress seem determined to ensure that the 99% continue to suffer, while the 1% continue to profit.  I’m sure there must be a few Republicans in Congress who have a conscience, but they are a paltry minority, for the rest are without conscience, without concern for the people of this nation.  I hope that President Biden tells them to put their ‘counter-proposal’ where the sun doesn’t shine.

Not right bright

eric-trumpThe Trump children, like their father, are not known for being the brightest bulbs in the pack, but Eric Trump is apparently lacking even basic brain function.  Eric, in the early hours of November 3rd, before the polls were even open, made a wager … we’re not sure how much … that his father would score 320 electoral votes!

16 thoughts on “Never-ending Snarky Snippets

  1. Have to correct one minor point. You wrote, “‘Law and Order Party’. Bullshit.”. That should be Law and Order Bullshit Party.” That’s their proper name. Many — like me — shorten it to the Bullshit Party. Saves time when you’re commenting, say, on deficits. “Hear what the Bullshit Party is suddenly worrying about?”

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    • I fully agree with you … perhaps you didn’t hear the sarcasm in my voice as I wrote that! They are pure bullshit, and tonight I’m so furious over Lindsey Graham trying to block the confirmation hearing for Merrick Garland that I have steam coming from my ears!

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  2. Jill, well dozens of Bush officials have left what they referred to as the Trump cult, which is the burnt out shell of the Republican party. The Trump cult party stands on a flimsy foundation of untruthfulness, conspiracy parroting and lawlessness. People like Boebert, Greene, Gohmert, Cruz, Hawley and Trump, et al have built that flimsy foundation. Keith

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    • Wouldn’t you think the party leaders, such as they are, would notice the exodus from the party and put some distance between the party and Trump? Or, are they truly so afraid he’ll start his own ‘Patriot’ party and that his base will leave the GOP to follow him off the cliff? The people you mention and a few more have no business being in Congress, and the people who voted for them have no understanding of how government works … or is intended to work, for it isn’t working very well these days.


  3. Hello Jill. I hope tRumps’s new lawyers do argue his demented delusion. It will hopefully piss off at least 17 Republicans and make them realize why if they do not convict their political futures will be tired to tRump for a very long time. That is what scares the Republicans most, that they will be stuck with the tar and feathers of tRump and I am all for it.

    As for Republicans watering down the Covid assistance bill, the Republicans cannot have the people get used to having government work for them. Once the majority of the population sees and understands that government can serve their needs and not just the upper wealthy class, they will demand it happen more often. That will really piss off the big money Republican donors who will punish the Republicans for failing to hold down the masses in to a desperate struggle for survival willing to take what ever working conditions and wages the wealthy see fit to offer them. The Republicans believe that government must always serve the wealthy upper class but never work for the lower incomes and poor, and so the Biden Covid Relief bill is a sure fire threat to their way of keeping the people in misery. Hugs

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    • Technically, their brief argues that under the 1st Amendment, Trump had a right to say what he in the days and hours prior to the attack on the Capitol, but they’ve also said, though not in the brief, that there is insufficient evidence to say Trump wasn’t correct in saying he ‘won’ the election, perhaps by as many as 75 million votes. Bullshit! They are also questioning the constitutionality of convicting a former president on impeachment charges, but most legal scholars say that it is not unconstitutional, so hopefully that won’t fly.

      I’m sure you’re right about the motives of the Republicans, but if government isn’t working for the people, then it serves no purpose and should be replaced. This nation is ripe for a takeover, so divided are we, but … who would want us? Hugs.

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      • Hello Jill. Well said! Biden is doing a surprisingly great job returning the nation to a better place and even more progressive than I had hoped he would be. I think if he can get ICE under control he will have gone a long way to undoing the damage the hateful ones caused. Hugs


  4. I wonder if Eric remembered to collect on his bet unless of course, it was a prediction that it was the whole total his father would win. I hope Merrick Garland is sworn in soon and sets the DOJ, the Nation’s Watchdog on going after those that fomented the violence on Jan 6th. It can’t be swept under the carpet, in the name of justice the culprits no matter who they are- or were-must be imprisoned lest anyone else gets the same idea.

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    • Since he lost the bet, I imagine he went into hiding so he wouldn’t have to pay up! That’s the Trump way, y’know. I, too, hope Merrick Garland is confirmed by the Senate soon … so far the confirmations have been running pretty smooth with very little opposition, so let’s hope that continues. You’re right … if we don’t hold those who attacked the Capitol and attempted to overturn our election to account, then it is only a matter of time before a similar attack occurs. I’d like to see the whole lot of ’em spend the next 20 years in jail.

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