KILL The 2nd Amendment!

Think about this one for a minute:

More than 2 million guns were sold in January, an 80% jump and the second-highest monthly total on record.

According to The Washington Post, the surge is in line with the record pace set in 2020: Nearly 23 million firearms were bought, representing a 64 percent jump from the previous year.


Said one Florida resident who tried to buy ammunition for his semi-automatic but found the gun stores had sold out …

“With the lockdown and a president who is saying things like ‘gun reform,’ there’s a fear within the gun community and people that are responsible gun owners that they’re going to be made into felons just by nature of law.”


According to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) …

It’s common for gun sales to jump when a Democrat takes over the White House. In January 2009, when Barack Obama was inaugurated for his first term, the total number of firearm background checks registered through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) reached 1.2 million. That was a record at the time and a nearly 29 percent jump from January 2008.

In January 2017, when Trump was inaugurated, more than 2 million background checks were recorded, a 20 percent drop from 2016.

Biden pledged during his campaign to reinstate a ban on the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. He also proposed a buyback program for assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that would require owners to sell them to the federal government or register them under the National Firearms Act.

In three individual weeks in January, there was a record number of background checks, climbing into the top five spots since the FBI began tracking in 1998.

Why … just WHY does the average Joe need an assault weapon that can kill or maim dozens of people within a minute?  Would somebody please explain this to me, for I frankly think it is utterly stupid, and I know for a fact that more innocent people have been killed by lunatics with assault rifles than have been saved by a non-law enforcement individual with an assault rifle.  NOBODY outside of law enforcement or the military needs one.  In 1994, a ten-year ban on assault weapons was judiciously passed by Congress, but at the end of ten years, the damn fools said it ‘violated people’s constitutional rights’, and it has, despite multiple efforts, never been re-implemented.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, firearm stocks spiked in the days leading up to the January 6th domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol and on Congress, inspired by Donald Trump and his witless minions.   I have seen enough pictures of those bozos with their assault weapons storming the Capitol to literally make me ill.

Today is February 4th, and already just this year there have already been 24 mass shootings in the U.S.  But that’s only mass shootings, involving multiple victims.  In total, there have been 3,976 deaths due to guns, and 3,026 injuries.  Take a look at this chart by the Gun Violence Archive


I have a few thoughts on all of this …

  • Personally, I hate guns and would very much like to see a total repeal of the 2nd Amendment.  The Founding Fathers never … NEVER intended every person in the nation to own multiple assault weapons that could shred numerous people within a minute.  No, the intent was to form local militias that would have the right to own guns in case of something akin to a coup or hostile takeover.  The 2nd Amendment, like the 1st Amendment, has been so abused that if any one of the framers of the Constitution were to return to earth and see what is happening, he would be horrified.

  • I think that for the most part, those who feel a need to own a gun and carry it with them to the grocery store, restaurant, bookstore, etc., are cowards. If they think it makes them appear strong or macho, they are very much mistaken. I chuckle and roll my eyes when I see a man with a gun stuck in his belt, and then I leave the store, but not before informing a staff member that there is a man with a gun, that I am leaving because of this, and that I am not purchasing anything at this time.

  • Guns and gun owners are in the top five biggest problems with the United States today. How many parents will go to sleep tonight with a loaded gun somewhere that their child can access? How many school shootings will this year bring?  How many women will be killed by their significant other or husband because dinner was late and he was in a foul temper?  How many crazed people will go into a mall or other public venue with a chip on their shoulder and just start shooting for any or no reason?

  • Anybody who is an advocate of the 2nd Amendment and who is against any reasonable gun legislation is the problem … the biggest problem … in this nation.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t buy into that old NRA slogan about a ‘good guy with a gun’, for in my mind, if that ‘guy’ is toting a gun, he is NOT a ‘good’ guy.  I have zero tolerance for guns, they are not allowed in my home, and I refuse to occupy the same building as a person who is ‘packing heat’.  The good people of this nation, those who value their children’s and grandchildren’s lives over their ‘right’ to own a weapon, need to make it clear to all — Congress, state legislatures, gun owners, and anyone who has the power to make changes — that we will not continue to live in a nation populated by gun nuts.  Period.

75 thoughts on “KILL The 2nd Amendment!

  1. I own several “assault rifles” and do not ever intend to go out and kill people. Firearms are tools that are misused by some! Criminals by definition do not follow laws, so no matter what gun restrictions that are imposed on us law abiding citizens only hurts us! Families that enjoy shooting are moving towards ARs as they have very low recoil and good for new shooters, and they are very versatile. Yes, families! Where I live firearms are tools and heirlooms that many of which here pass them down the generations. The whole family goes out target practicing together. There is also not a lot of money here and many do rely on hunting to supplement their food supply.
    ARs can be setup for long range shooting, hunting, and yes self defense all of which are perfectly legal. Will criminals still use these in crimes? Sure, and no law is going to stop that, just as laws against drunk driving haven’t stopped it. Suspension of a drivers license doesn’t stop some criminals from driving. Laws have not stopped pistols, knives, or even cars to be used in crimes. Just last month there was a couple offices here that were targeted to be hit with a vehicle several times causing the officers to return fire, now what law would prevent this?
    You people look at the guns as being the cause of deaths but fail to see the underlying problems. Some of which is just where our society is currently. Children grow up now without punishment. The news media glorifies shootings to try and force their agenda on us, but for the generations now growing up with this, it is almost normalizing and glorifying killing, especially for mentally ill criminals.
    You mention that nearly 23 million firearms were purchased in 2020. What is the percentage of those that will be used in crimes? I am sure it is much lower that motor vehicles used in crimes. Maybe if they have tinted windows and more than 250 hp. they should be classified as Assault Vehicles because no one needs to have tinted windows or more than 250 hp.


  2. My other-half just contributed $40 to the NRA-ILA to help in the “war against guns.” When I asked him about it, he stood and recited a list of actions that he’s CERTAIN is going to take place under Democratic rule. And not one of them has ever been mentioned by Biden or in ANY source that I can find online. Even on the NRA-ILA website!

    Unlike you, Jill, I do not hate guns. However, I do agree with you that gun ownership (especially AR-15s) and the bastardization of the Second Amendment have gotten out-of-hand over the past several years.

    Further, I must go against the grain of some of those who have commented because I do not think penalizing the thousands of sensible and safe gun-owners simply because they enjoy hunting and/or target-shooting by removing all guns is the answer either.

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    • Every time any democrat takes the Oval Office, the gun nuts go berserk. I would agree that ‘sensible and safe’ gun-owners should not be punished, but … is there such a thing? Sure, there are those who have their guns to protect their home/family, keep them under lock & key, etc. But, we all have tempers and what happens when one night, in the midst of a very heated argument, that sensible gun owner goes for his/her gun? We really do not need guns in a civilized society, but I do acknowledge that my dream of a weaponless society will never come to pass. Sigh.


      • I obviously can’t say for certain and without a shadow of doubt … but I do have VERY strong doubts that a “sensible gun owner” is going to reach for a gun in a heated argument. That’s why they’re referred to as “sensible.” 🙂

        There will never be a “weaponless” society (think about that one). However, I do agree that it would be nice if the number of gun-owners could be reduced.

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  3. I fear you will never take away their beloved 2nd Amendment. They are cowards, entitled cowards, and any attempt to get rid of guns, even just semi automatics, is now much too late. Nothing short of a civil war will change this madness, and then only by replacing it with an even worse one. But perhaps education and time can achieve what legislation cannot. The young of America have woken up, and they want change. Let’s hope Biden gives them enough of what Bernie Sanders was offering for them to get behind him. Fingers very much crossed.

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    • The majority here in the U.S. are bemused by our gun laws … or rather lack thereof … but try taking a single gun from anyone and watch what happens. I despise hunting animals for sport, and am continually horrified by the number of people killed by guns in this country. I seem, though, to be in the minority. Twice in my life, I have had a gun pointed at me, and both times I responded with fury rather than fear … foolishly. Luckily, I can look back on it and laugh now, but many cannot. My friend Suze, who lives in Oklahoma, told me tonight about a mass shooting there that took the lives of six people, five of them were children. 😥 We are obviously not a civilized nation, but a rather barbaric one.

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      • I’ve read that there are more guns in circulation there than the total population. That’s crazy! And why anyone would need an assault rifle for personal use is beyond me. I’m glad you survived those two instances – they must have been scary. I’m sure the people who wrote the second amendment never intended this.

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        • Sadly, it is true that there are more guns than people in this nation. My friend’s brother-in-law has a veritable arsenal in his garage, with rocket launchers, automatic weapons, pistols, and enough ammunition to kill half the people in his state! I did a post a couple of years ago about a couple who left their guns where the children could get them, and one of their kids shot another one. Social Services told them they had to get rid of the guns, else they would take their children and place them in foster care. Guess what? They chose their guns over their children!

          Yes, I have a fool’s gene, and when someone points a gun at me, I get angry and don’t stop to think. Act first, think later! The first was my ex-husband, and I kicked the side of his car in when he came at me with a gun. The second was a redneck cop who stopped me because my headlights had gone out a block from my house … blew a fuse … and he pointed the gun as if I were a hardened criminal on the lam, even though two of my three children were with me! I cursed him and luckily somehow didn’t get hauled to jail! 🤣

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            • Sigh. The U.S. leads the world in gun deaths, and that’s not a record to be proud of. Were it in my power, I would shut down every gun manufacturer in the world. But alas, I am in the minority on this, at least here in the U.S.

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              • Just occasionally, usually after one of the big mass killings, our media report the total gun deaths figures in the US, but they usually go under the radar – too frequent to be ‘news.’ That is an incredibly sad reflection on the mentality of those who own killing machines, and of a society which accepts this as normal.

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                • That’s just it … people are no longer horrified by it, for gun deaths and mass shootings have become the norm. Now, when it’s a school shooting, they do get a little more riled, but even those are quickly forgotten in the next few news cycles. It is not a healthy society that accepts this with barely a whimper, and the fact that republicans have opposed any form of gun regulation for years now speaks volumes about their values, at least in my mind.

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                  • We had two mass shootings, in 1987 (Hungerford) and 1996 (Dunblane Primary School). Andy Murray was a survivor of the second one. After that, private ownership of guns was banned apart from legitimate purposes, eg farmers. There were moans, but gun deaths here are few and far between, terrorism aside. It takes political will, and I doubt that exists over there: the NRA owns the GOP.

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                    • You guys obviously have more sense than we do! If I’m not mistaken, the bulk of your police officers don’t even carry guns, or has that changed in recent times? Those who say that guns make our society safer are fools. Guns were invented and are manufactured for one purpose only: to kill. But yes, you are right, the NRA owns the GOP. Though, the NRA is faltering these days, as is the GOP, so perhaps both can go down in flames together!

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                    • That’s right, only specially trained officers carry them, and their use is strictly controlled.

                      I saw that the NRA is in financial difficulties: that would reduce the funding for a lot of politicians if their finances are as bankrupt as their morals.

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                    • I’ve long ago lost count of the number of unarmed Black people have been killed by police here, and in most cases, the officer(s) involved got off without penalty. Your way is so much more sensible.

                      I definitely want to see the NRA crash and burn … they are an evil organization, created only to support the manufacturers of firearms.

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                    • I know that other countries arm their policemen, but they don’t seem to have the problems you do. Maybe they don’t have institutional racism in their police forces?

                      Now that the NRA’s supporter has been booted out of the White House I’m hoping things will get more difficult for them. Financial ruin would be a good start.

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                    • I think that the institutional racism is a large part of it, and until we implement new methods of training for law enforcement AND hold those who kill without justification accountable, treat them as the criminals they are, then nothing will change. That said, I still believe the majority of police officers try to do the right thing, but the bad ones are prevalent enough to make it appear that the corruption is widespread.

                      Interestingly, the NRA doesn’t have the support of the majority of gun owners in this country. Yes, Trump being out of office should help … fingers crossed.

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                    • I’m sure you’re right about that majority, but the bad ones need to be rooted out and either retrained or sacked. I understand there were many among the mob that stormed the Capitol: that’s scary!

                      My fingers are crossed too. Yours isn’t a safe country at present, in many places.

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                    • Exactly! If the bad ones are not made an example of, then it becomes the norm and we are on that path now, I fear. Yes, I was sickened to learn of law enforcement officers taking part in that horror … it is scary and I still shiver when I think what might have happened that day. No, ours is not a safe place to be at the moment. It’s odd … I look out the window and everything looks perfectly normal, but … nothing is normal in this country at the moment.

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                    • It needs to happen, or there’s no hope.

                      There is still the occasional question on Quora – admittedly less so since the pandemic – from Americans asking if the U.K. is safe to visit. Such blissful ignorance!

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                    • Blissful ignorance pretty much defines about half the people in this country, it would seem. My own representative in Congress posted on Twitter tonight that it’s time for government mandates to be lifted and let people decide what they wish to do to resume their lives. I responded by asking him if he was aware that just three days ago we set another record for daily deaths of over 5,000 in one day. Sigh.

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                    • The problem with our lot is that they are so incompetent they probably can’t learn new skills.

                      Farage is a slimy weasel, about as popular here as Piers Morgan. Maybe they can both go to live with their pal in Florida?

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                    • No deal, sorry. We may be weaker after Brexit but that would be too high a price to pay even to lose those two morons!

                      Congratulations on being banned by the paper that supported Hitler – wear that as a badge of honour 😊

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                    • Well, I can’t say as I blame you, but do let me know if you change your mind, or if you hear of another country that would be willing to deal.

                      Oh yeah … any time I’m banned from a venue, I wear it as a badge of honour. Twitter has done it to me 3 times now! And I’m much less aggressive than some others are!

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                    • I won’t, but I don’t think I have much influence with our government anyway: I didn’t go to the right schools or fall into inherited wealth.

                      That sounds the best way to treat them for their stupidity in banning you!

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                    • Yeah, inherited wealth seems to open a heck of a lot of doors, doesn’t it?

                      I don’t mind being banned, but what I do mind is news sites that charge … you get 3 free articles and then you’re out unless you subscribe for a monthly fee. I use so many sources, and if I subscribed to every one, I wouldn’t be able to afford food! I do subscribe to the New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Guardian, but that’s because I use them on a daily basis and find the value is worth the price. But, some little fly-by-night in Idaho that just happened to have one article that interested me … no way!

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                    • It sure does, as does what we call ‘chumocracy.’

                      The only thing I pay for is an app called ‘Readly.’ Loads of magazines and some newspapers, including the Guardian – my paper of choice. It costs about half the price a subscription just to the Guardian on its own. Everything else I can get from the free version of Apple News. I’m a cheapskate!

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                    • You’re not so much a cheapskate as a wise man, I think! I pay for the convenience of having what I’m looking for right at my fingertips, or delivered to my inbox, because … I’m lazy? Still, I spend 12-14 hours a day on this blog, so I don’t feel much like having to go searching too much. 😉

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                    • That’s a trade off we all make, I think, and with that level,of commitment I think it makes perfect sense for you to subscribe to good sources. I prefer the traditional printed papers but they are very expensive for a pensioner. The Guardian is nearly £60 a month for the print edition, plus there’s the cost of delivery. Its digital subscription is £12 a month, but doesn’t present the paper in the print format. Readly is £8 a month and does give me a paper that looks like the real thing, as well as more magazines than I could ever read! It’s a no brainer for me.

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                    • Like you, I find there is something more satisfying about a print newspaper, just as I find holding a physical book more satisfying than reading one on my Kindle. But, I would have to buy a much bigger house, for after a few weeks, the newspapers would be stacked to the ceiling! As it is, my books are taking up nearly every square inch of wall space! I have a free app called Feedly that I think is probably somewhat like your Readly. I don’t use it often, though, for it usually gives me much that I have no interest in, and leaves out some of the important things.

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                    • I know the problem: I have way too many books, CDs and DVDs, especially as nowadays they can all be found online! I tried Feedly but decided to stick with Apple News as my main free source. Readly is different, as it gives you the publications in a format that matches their print versions – and very easy to read without creating a recycling issue!

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                    • It might be, as I can filter it for just US publications. That only works for magazines, not for newspapers, though – there don’t appear to be any of yours there. Have you tried the paid version of Apple News? It’s very US-oriented and would be cheaper than multiple subscriptions. No Guardian, though – just The Times.

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                    • Just signed on for the 30-day free trial of Readly … WOW … so much to love! I doubt I’ll subscribe, but there is a heck of a lot there, for sure. I got lost for an hour in the ‘History’ section! I’m not a fan of anything ‘Apple’ (except the fruit, which I do like), but I might give that a shot anyway.

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                    • It gives me all the magazines and news I need, so I hope you enjoy it! Apple News’ free version is enough for me, but you can get a free month trial of the News+ version too.

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  4. Great post Jill and I totally agree. Thom Hartmann, the author and talk-show host I reblogged on my site last week, told a story about how he and his brother went to a shooting range in 2008 to target shoot-something he enjoys doing-and tried to get ammo for his rifle. The owner told him he ran out a couple of days prior. When Thom asked him why, the owner replied, “Well, ever since that N word got elected, people are stocking up.” That’s a large part of the United States of America Jill. A bunch of racist gun nuts, conspiracy theorists, and dumbasses. 300 million plus guns in circulation. And now comes the usual mantra-Biden’s gonna take your guns!! WTF?

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    • Thanks Jeff! Just reading that response of the owner of the shooting range sickens me. This nation sickens me these days, and the gun owners are the worst. All those pictures of them at the Capitol on January 6th, with big automatic rifles slung over their shoulder … I wanted to spit in their faces, then kick them in the groin! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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  5. In Muskogee, just days ago, a family of seven was shot. 6 dead, one barely surviving in hospital.
    This is what happens. I live in a red state…so red it literally bleeds with the blood of children and their parents, sleeping at home, thinking themselves safe. I am so tired of fighting, but how can I stop? It seems few here give a damn about others. I’m shutting up now, too tired and depressed over all the violence here to think right now. stay safe my friend.

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    • I read about that … five of those killed were children! WTF is wrong with this nation? Like you, my friend, it seems we are fighting a losing battle, but we cannot stop, for if we do, they win and we lose. Perhaps at least we make a few people stop and think, or cause a bit of legislation that might save a life down the road. You keep safe as well, dear Suze. ❤

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  6. I understand guns for hunting. I understand needing a deer gun, a water fowl gun, a muzzleloader if you’re into a more challenging hunt (that’s what I used when I hunted). Nobody needs a AR-15 to hunt. They laughed at Cuomo when he said this, presenting the SAFE Act, but it’s the damn truth. Anyone who says they hunt with one is either a blithering idiot or lying. Or they’re hunting people. Which is sick.

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    • Well, I hate hunting as much as I hate guns … these days, humans don’t hunt because it’s the only way they can feed their families, but they kill for sport, for bragging rights, and I cannot abide that. Humans are not, contrary to what they believe, masters of this planet, but every creature has the right to life.


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