Foot-Stomping Mini Rants

Filosofa is on a tear tonight, so fasten your seatbelts, and if you’re offended by a bit of cussing, go visit another, tamer blog, perhaps one that only features happy things like critters, flowers, or recipes.

We’re paying for this terrorist to eat what we cannot even afford!

Does the name Jacob Chansley ring a bell?  He is one of the two most photographed and most horrible of the domestic terrorists who attacked Congress and the Capitol on January 6th.  This half-naked creature …


… does not either look or act human.  He was arrested on January 9th on federal charges of “knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, and with violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds”.  Pretty damn mild charges if you ask me.  At the very least he should have been charged with domestic terrorism, and I would have added intent to commit murder.  However, I was not consulted.

Now, Mr. Chansley is 33 years of age, an adult, right?  But his mommy, Martha Chansley, worried that he might get sick if he didn’t get his organic food while in jail.


Martha Chansley, Jacob’s mummy

And so, at a hearing on Wednesday, lawyers for Chansley said he had not eaten in more than a week because of a lack of organic food. The attorneys argued that Chansley needed the food for medical reasons and because it is a tenet of his religious beliefs in shamanism.  BULLSHIT!

Freedom of religion dos NOT translate into a terrorist being able to demand the much more expensive organic foods!  And as for the health reasons … BULLSHIT!  No specific conditions were cited, and I probably have as many health issues as anyone, but I cannot afford organic food and wouldn’t eat it if I could!  I am not paying taxes to feed this asshole the food his so-called “religion” requires!  For all I care, he can effing starve to death! He tried to undermine and overthrow our election, our votes, to silence our voices!  He damaged OUR property and endangered the lives of OUR elected officials!  We owe him NOTHING!

Chansley has spent the last several years of his life participating in riots and protests, harassing Black Lives Matter peaceful protestors, following QAnon and its conspiracy theories … he does not deserve an ounce of kindness!

However, U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth ruled that Chansley was entitled to the organic food on religious grounds.  Not only that, but the judge also ruled that since the D.C. jail where Chansley was being held did not have the ability to cater to Chansley’s dietary whims, he is to be moved to the Alexandria Detention Center in Alexandria, Virginia, where they will be happy to spend OUR money to accommodate this terrorist’s dietary desires!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I’m sick and tired of hearing about this woman …

Since the Republican leadership, ie., Kevin McCarthy, chose not to take any disciplinary action against Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene for her many inappropriate and criminal transgressions, the House Democrats called for a full House vote yesterday afternoon.  As a result, Ms. Greene has been removed from the committees she served on.

The vote was 230-199, with 11 Republicans voting with Democrats to strip Greene of her committees.  It’s at least something, but far too little.  If I endorsed a plan to kill a member of Congress, as Ms. Greene did, I would be arrested and put in jail to await my trial.  If I spouted some of the conspiracy theories she has done, I would be in a padded room right now, wearing one of those jackets with really long sleeves!  Ms. Greene does it and doesn’t even get a slap on the wrist.  Perhaps House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was too afraid of that gun she carries to censure her.  Or perhaps now that he and Mr. Trump have kissed and made up, he is dancing to the beat of a different drummer.  He damn sure is NOT representing the people of this nation!

Greene gave an 8-minute speech attempting to justify her past behaviour and criticizing one thing after another, including the national debt, at which I nearly choked, for it is the damned Republican tax cuts for the wealthy that have increased our national debt to it’s current level!  It is because the rich assholes aren’t paying anywhere near their fair share, while the rest of us struggle to pay our 13% – 25% each week.  Bah humbug, Ms. Greene!  At the end of her speech, she received a standing ovation from her fellow Republicans.  A standing ovation!  They stood and clapped, as if she deserved even an ounce of respect!  These people are fools and they make me sick!

Either way, Ms. Greene now serves no purpose in the House of Representatives, but she will not be sent packing, expelled from Congress, as would be right and proper, because the Republicans in Congress are cowards, plain and simple.

Heartbreaking and Unforgivable

Elba Pope of Rochester, New York, is the mother of a 9-year-old daughter with mental health issues.  On January 29th, Pope’s daughter was having a meltdown and threatening to kill herself, so Ms. Pope attempted to get mental health services to come to her home to help.  Instead, she got “Rochester’s Finest” [sarcasm fully intended].

When police arrived, they immediately began attempting to physically restrain the child, while Ms. Pope kept pleading with them to call a specialist.  One officer flat out said, “No.”  Officers chased the child through the snow outside, wrestled her to the ground and handcuffed her.  Please remember … this little girl is nine years old and has serious mental health problems.  As the officers attempted to put her into the police cruiser, she sobbed repeatedly, “I want my dad … I want my dad,” but officers ignored her please.  At one point, an officer said to the girl, “You’re acting like a child,” to which she sensibly replied, “I am a child!”  And then, when she couldn’t be calmed down and continued crying for her dad, one officer said …

“Just spray her”

Spray her, meaning pepper spray.  And that is what was done, and this poor little girl was crying, “Somebody please wipe my eyes!”

The following video made me cry, so either watch it or don’t, if you can’t.

Can we say “police brutality?”  Did I mention that the Pope family is Black?  If this had been a white girl, do you think the police would have abused this poor child in this manner?  NO, they would NOT have.  Think systemic racism in police departments isn’t real?   THINK AGAIN!

17 thoughts on “Foot-Stomping Mini Rants

    • I fully agree, but since I am already planning my next life as a wolf, I must tell you that I would consider them tainted food and wouldn’t go near them. I’d rather starve! Anyway, I plan to be a vegetarian wolf! 🐺


  1. Jill, I think you made a mistake. The Rochester incident, read travesty, deserved its own post. The political garbage takes away from it. But what’s done is done.
    I cannot think of a consequence vile enough to recompensate the child other than to use the eye for an eye gambit, to wit, cuff the officers, chain them to the ground, and let the girl spray a full can of pepperspray at each one of them while their eyelids are forced open by those gadgets eye surgeons use during eye surgery, and leaving them there until they are begging for forgiveness.
    What the hell is wrong with them? I know the mother regrets ever asking for help, and this is going to prevent other mothers from calling 911 when their challenged children are in crisis.
    No, this has to stop, and it has to be done in such a way as to make sure it never happens again, anywhere! Grown men (please tell me there were no women cops there, because if there were they should be sterilized, as maybe these men too should have their balls cut off!) were so scared of a little girl they had to handcuff her, throw her in a sqaud car, and pepperspray her??? What danger were they in? Were the little girls screams doing to harm them in some way? Did they think pepperspray would stop her from screaming? If any of them are parents I would prevent them from ever seeing their children again. How will they cope with their kids being in crisis? Taser them, probably! Strip them naked and throw them in a time-out room? Definitely!
    This makes me sick! Violently sick! And these cops are supposed to protect us? BULLSHIT!

    It was not long ago the police (somewhere, Edmonton I think) shot and killed a man who was having a mental health crisis. They certainly cured his problem. At least this girl is still alive, but will she ever recover from this trauma. I expect she will now have PTSD, on top of whatever issues she already has.
    So let me amend the above punishment I suggested for these cops, and stretch it to their superiors who tacitly allowed them to do this: spray them with the pepperspray every day for the rest of their lives, for as long as this girl suffers from their actions. I think that is only fair…

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    • You are right, rawgod. The despicable abuse by police of a child did … DOES … deserve its own post and I am kicking myself for diminishing it by lumping it in with other, far less relevant stories. Your suggestion is exactly what I said in my comment to David … the officers should be fired and charged with police brutality and child endangerment, but first … they should be thrown to the ground in the snow, handcuffed, thrown into the back of a cruiser, and pepper-sprayed. There is no punishment too great for these bastards. I will continue to follow this story, and if they get off with a slap on the wrist, steam will be coming from my ears!


    • That’s exactly as it should be … care for everyone, regardless of the country they come form, the colour of their skin, or their religion. None of that matters … what matters is kindness, compassion, understanding. Sigh. Will this world never learn? I’m trying to calm down, my friend, but every hour it seems there is a new abomination to stir my angst. Have a terrific weekend, if you can!

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  2. I honestly thought, when I heard about those ‘organic food^’ demands that this must have been a joke – except it wasn’t…. And that woman Greene – I’ve seen and heard too much of her on YT videos and it makes me hate to hear the colour green (which is a shame as I love green)…. plus, I couldn’t ever view that video with the police peppering the young girl. That’s just plain WRONG and TERRIBLE. I understand that your blood is boiling – and I praise my ‘dull and boring’ life where I don’t have to deal with such horrible people and happenings.

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    • Sadly, this is life today in the U.S. I don’t blame you for not being able to watch the video … about 15 seconds into it, I was in tears. And Marjorie Taylor Greene is enough to turn anybody against the colour green or the name Marjorie! Yes, be thankful for where you are, my friend. Life in the U.S. has been a nightmare for four years, but hopefully is turning around now, though it will take time to undo the horrors of the past 4 years.

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  3. I shan’ bother with Jacob Chansley yet. At least he’s in prison where he belongs.
    Kevin McCarthy to my mind did not do his job properly. For her continued seditious remarks and suggestions that certain members of Government should be executed and her ludicrous beliefs Slime Greene should have been kicked out of Congress.
    But, you managed to make my blood boil today, for a police officer to wrestle to the ground and handcuff a child and then for her to be pepper-sprayed is a vile thing to do. Every officer on that call should be sacked and then the parents, No, the county, should take them all to court for assault on a minor..What a dreadful experience for a child who already suffers mental health issues and when her mother had asked for intervention by a professional and been refused. Who is it again who doesn’t want the police to be defunded so money can be spent on Social workers or other professionals better designed to deal with a problem like this than using the police.

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    • I fully agree that “Slime Greene” (perfect name for her, by the way) should have been expelled from Congress, but perhaps she is the new face of the GOP. Having gotten by with so much already, she is no doubt on a path of destruction. Hopefully, the GOP will awaken before it’s too late and see what they have wrought.

      If your blood did not boil over the case of the police brutalizing a 9-year-old child, I would question your sanity. I think nobody can read this story, let alone watch the video, without feeling outrage. I think every single officer involved in this should be charged with police brutality and child abuse, but first, they should feel the pain of being thrown to the ground in the snow. handcuffed, thrown into the back of a police cruiser and then pepper-sprayed. This was an extreme case, but it cannot be tolerated … it must be made an example of what is wrong with our law enforcement agencies!


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  4. About the jailbird asking for organic food, I am reminded of an anthology we read in school many eons back where this fellow insults the judge just so he can be sent back to prison. His argument being he gets free accommodation, not the best in the circumstances, but ok, three square meals and time to study. Maybe Jacob has a copy of the book.

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    • That would be funny, except that it is a real thing! Recidivism in the U.S. is high, and in far too many cases, the reason is that they struggle out in the world, whereas in prison they were fed and didn’t have to fight the daily battle for survival. Free room and board, meals, medical care, and even higher education if they opt for it. Heck, starting to sound good to me! (just kidding)


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