Uh oh. Is It 2016 All Over Again?

TokyoSand is famous (in our blogging community) for her activism and the way she nudges us to stay involved, not to turn a blind eye to what our elected officials are doing.  I applaud her for this … I occasionally ask my readers to call or write their representatives or senators, but I don’t do it on any regular bases, whereas TS not only encourages us, but makes it easy, providing links to phone numbers, email addresses, and more. 

The impeachment trial for Donald Trump begins next Tuesday, and it appears that the vast majority of Senate Republicans haven’t the courage to vote to convict.  But, perhaps a few can be persuaded if they are forced to hear how seriously we are taking this, even if they are not. 

TokyoSand asked a question on Twitter and the responses are jaw-dropping.  I’ll let her tell you the rest of the story …

Uh oh. Is It 2016 All Over Again?

The 2016 election unleashed a torrent of activism, mostly because people realized being unengaged with politics was a terrible idea. Yet, four years later, that lesson feels like it’s already been forgotten.

Yesterday, I asked a simple question on Twitter. I was dismayed with the response.

With the Senate impeachment trial starting next week, I posted a quick poll with this question: Have you called your Senators about the impeachment trial yet? The poll offered 3 choices: 1) Yes, 2) I’ll do it today, and 3) No.

Not only did the Nos outpace the Yeses, here are the two replies I got over and over again:

I don’t need to call. I’ve got Dem Senators. I know they’ll do the right thing. or Are you kidding? I’ve got GOP Senators. It’s pointless to call them.

I’m like, has everyone forgotten the lessons from 2016? What happened to “I got complacent and wasn’t engaged, and that’s why we lost the presidency. I’ll never let that happen again.” But yet here we are, four years later, with the Democrats in control of the presidency and Congress, and all of a sudden, no one thinks its necessary to call their Senators anymore.

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4 thoughts on “Uh oh. Is It 2016 All Over Again?

    • Oh, it absolutely would! But, ’tis not the way the rules are written. And unfortunately, today we have politicians who are more loyal to their political party than to We the People, who place their own wealth and power above our survival. Sigh. xx

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    • Yes, that second point is something I think we fail to do far too often. We’re quick to criticize those things we don’t like, but how often do we write to our senators or representatives to thank them for a job well done?

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