Jolly Monday From The Frozen Tundra!

Good Monday morning and welcome, my friends!  Jolly … take their coats, gloves and hats and put them in the bedroom, okay?  It’s been so cold that I only want to snuggle down in bed!  And this week is supposed to be even colder, with highs in the teens (for those of you from ‘cross the pond, that means -12° to -18° Celsius.  Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Even the cats are cold, for they take turns sitting on whichever of my laptops I’m not using at any given time.

Joyful is a bit under the weather today, so the treats are courtesy of Krispy Kreme Donuts and Starbucks … sorry ‘bout that!  So, grab a donut and hot drink, and let’s see if we can start this week out on the right foot, with a chuckle or two.

I had trouble finding humorous news stories this week, so instead, I offer up a few funny headlines, classifieds, etc …

  • Headline from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer: “Mom Warns Son to ‘Watch Out for Idiots,’ Rear‑Ends His Motorcycle.”
  • For sale: cemetery plot, $200, so 
I don’t have to spend all eternity 
beside my ex!
  • Wanted to buy: playpen, cradle, high chair; also two single beds.
  • Free: Piano with matching bench seat, very good condition, all keys work probably
  • Free: 5 kitchen drawers, all matching naughty pine fronts
  • Free rent in exchange for elderly woman
  • Missing Woman Unwittingly Joins Search Party Looking for Herself
  • Police arrest naked man with concealed weapon

That last one has left me scratching my head … where was it concealed???

Since my humour has taken a vacation, I popped over to Phil’s Phun for some ‘toons to give us our Monday morning chuckle.



While I was over at Phil’s place, I found several signs that made me chuckle, and I thought you might enjoy them too!


And this picture … well, just ‘cause I thought it was really cool …


Of course we must wrap up with a cute animal video …

Have a wonderful week, my friends, and please, please share those heartwarming smiles I see on your faces today!  It’s cold and dreary … we all need a smile and perhaps a hug!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly, and Joyful!

50 thoughts on “Jolly Monday From The Frozen Tundra!

  1. I love that first cartoon, as soon as I see cars blowing up I know it’s not my kind of film, of course they were precisely the sort of films Cyberspouse loved watching. I never thought to blow our car up, but way back we had a very fastidious and snooty neighbour whose husband used to fix cars in their narrow driveway. One day the fuel line caught fire and up went the car in huge flames a couple of feet from their front door! ‘Oh, oh, Dave’s in trouble with his missus’ we thought, before wondering if our house was safe…

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    • You sound just like me! My late-ex-hubby was the same and we never agreed on what to watch, so I just let him have his way and I picked up a book, for I’d far rather be reading anyway. Then at some point he would say, “Would you put that book down and watch this with me?” I was in grad school at the time, and what I was reading was such ‘silly’ things as Constitutional Law, etc. So, did Dave remain married, or did his missus toss him out on his ear after that? I do hope your home wasn’t damaged?


  2. Happy Monday – thanks for the laughs. We are looking at a cold snap too, you know…maybe -1 C (we are Canadian, you know) by Thursday. Brrr….. I should check to make sure the tulips are ok… (sorry about that)

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    • Yes, do check on the tulips … they weren’t made for such temperatures … and neither was I! Glad you found a few chuckles here this morning. Bundle up and keep warm, my friend! Maybe lie in front of the fireplace with the kitties!

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  3. First comment only: none of the pictures or files to videos are showing up op my tablet right now, so I gotta go find out what’s up with that. But, just thought I would let you know, 9:30 AM, Monday, February 8th, 2021 in High Level, AB. Ambient temperature, without wind chill — minus 41 Celsius, 42 below Fahrenheit. Think I’m going back to bed, too.

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  4. Awesome laughs! Impossible to pick a favorite, But what is the wife’s feeling for her husband who she bought the hunting shirt for? I think I would be scared. LOL!
    And never knew there were naughty pine fonts!
    Oh and I don’t want to think about where the naked man’s weapon may be concealed at!
    Giant hugs my friend! Have a great week! ❤

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    • Glad to have helped start your week off with some laughts! Heh heh … I can only guess that she’s tried to trade him in and couldn’t, so this was her next best option! I think they meant ‘knotty’ pine! And what the heck use does anyone have for drawers without a base to slide them into? People are strange. Like you, I’m afraid to think where that weapon was concealed. Blech. Big hugs and much love, dear friend! ❤


  5. Loved your Monday post! My favorite…. “Free: 5 kitchen drawers, all matching naughty pine fronts”. A good start to the week! Thanks to YOU, JOLLY & JOYFUL!
    Sounds cold!!!! Brrrrrrr! STAY WARM & STAY SAFE! HUGS!!!! 💙

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    • I’m so glad this helped your week get off to a good start with a smile! Yes, I loved that one, too! I’ll keep safe, but I’m not so sure about warm … it is frigid here! HUGE HUGS!!! ❤


  6. That was a lot of good fun to start my week. Thank you. Your cutesy video at the end left me with a smile I’d happily share if only it wasn’t so cold, I’m not leaving the warmth of the bungalow and I’m not wasting it on the bird since he never smiles at me.

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