Three former Republican Senators say the former president should face accountability

It is good to know that the Republican Party still has at least a few members who haven’t sold their conscience downriver. Our friend Keith tells us of three such men and their reasons for believing that Donald Trump must be convicted of impeachment charges. Now, if only they could inspire others to find their conscience and do the right thing for the nation … Thanks, Keith!


The following opinion was written by three former Republican Senators, David Durenberger, Larry Pressler and Gordon Humphrey as reported by CNN called “3 former GOP senators: Trump should not escape accountability on a technicality” Most of the opinion can be found below, but a link follows at the bottom.

“Former president Donald Trump incited an insurrection and has faced little consequence for it so far. As such, senators must take on their constitutional duty to sit as impartial jurors in the impeachment trial, regardless of any lingering concerns — unfounded we believe — that the process is unconstitutional.

When the House of Representatives voted to impeach then-President Trump on January 13, by abipartisan vote of 232 to 197, those voting to impeach knew it was unlikely that the Senate would be able to hold a full trial before Trump left office. However, both Democratic and Republican members of…

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10 thoughts on “Three former Republican Senators say the former president should face accountability

      • Jill, Clive, those GOP sycophants need to measure intermediate term vs. short term. Going against the former president will pay dividends down the road, as one thing the MAGA base is trying to mask is the former president is guilty of sedition and inciting an insurrection. The key question is which side of history do they wish to be on? Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Lindsey Graham, et al have made their decisions to side with the traitor. Keith

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        • It seems to me that they aren’t capable of thinking any further ahead than the next election. I hope that what they are doing today will doom their chances next time they come up for re-election. It’s time for the GOP to inject some new faces, new ideologies, but I think that as long as Ronna McDaniel is at the head, it ain’t gonna happen.


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