Some Advice to GOP on Unity

“Normalcy. It’s a beautiful thing.” Oh yes it is! Our friend Jeff over at On the Fence Voters has some advice for Republicans who are doing their damnedest to throw a wrench into anything good that President Biden is doing to help bring this nation together once again. Thanks, Jeff … wise words … now if only the congressional republicans would heed them!

On The Fence Voters

Even though they haven’t asked for it, it’s time to offer some thoughtful advice to the Republican Party about unity and what it means when President Biden invokes the word.

You see, unity does not mean that when you become president, you must make sure not to upset the other side by introducing legislation they disagree with. But when the American people strongly support legislation, across party lines, mind you, it’s easy to conclude that you’re trying to unify the country.

Yes, it’s hard for the GOP to understand the concept. They know it but would instead try to use the issue to score cheap political points with people who either have short memories or do not pay attention to real news. It’s been a constant for years now. They play to the ignorance of their base — in this case, that Biden is the one not unifying the country.

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6 thoughts on “Some Advice to GOP on Unity

  1. My response.
    Like some children who always point the finger ” It was him ” the Republicans are never prepared to accept the blame for the things that go wrong but are ready to accept the credit for things that go right, even if it’s nothing to do with them. In this case “It was him” is pointed at the Democrats and refers to the disunity in Government. Since they haven’t developed policies that appeal to voters they must always hope to win votes by discrediting the other party. If they try to stick to Trump and have him stand in 2024 they’ll learn why they lost this election by such a margin and have to start squeaking for unity again.

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    • Rather like my son Michael when, as a child, he ran into the house one day saying, “Whatever they say I did, I didn’t do it!” You’re right … most of the congressional republicans will accept no responsibility for the damage their policies have wrought, but will gladly accept credit, even where none is due. Frankly, I hope we never have another Republican president again, unless they oust their current leadership, sever all ties with Donald Trump, and re-structure their party to be honest, at the very least.

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