GUILTY As Charged!

I just finished watching a clip of the scenes that were presented at the impeachment trial of the January 6th attack on the Capitol and on Congress. They were very emotional, frightening, and all too real, especially for those who were in the Capitol on that fateful day.  I do not think, after seeing just a small portion of the madness that transpired on that day, that anybody can not want to see the guilty punished to the fullest extent of the law.  And the guilty are many, but the person who inspired these terrorists, for they can be called nothing but terrorists, bears the lion’s share of the guilt, has the most blood on his hands, and he must be held accountable.

That person is Donald Trump.  This was his plan, funded in part with money from his campaign fund.  He watched police being overwhelmed and brutalized, watched our center of government being damaged, and watched members of Congress fearing for their lives, and he watched with a smile on his face, as his son’s girlfriend danced … yes danced … in the background!  When it comes time to vote on the impeachment charge of inciting violence, every single senator sitting in judgment damn well better vote to hold Trump accountable, else they must share in his guilt and for that, they will pay a heavy price.

What follows is Dana Milbank’s column in yesterday’s Washington Post, and I fully agree with everything he says …

You can’t hear that officer’s scream and acquit the man who caused it

Dana MilbankOpinion by

Dana Milbank


Feb. 10, 2021 at 8:33 p.m. EST

For a full minute, the officer’s screams of agony pierced the Senate chamber — and then, silence.

On their screens, senators sitting in judgment of former president Donald Trump saw the raw savagery that Trump incited on Jan. 6 in his last-ditch attempt to overturn his defeat. They saw it in the pain-contorted face of Officer Daniel Hodges of Washington’s Metropolitan Police, who had been called to the Capitol’s West Front that day to defend the people’s representatives from the terrorists Trump had dispatched to ransack the building.

In the video, Trump’s mob crushes Hodges and other officers against a door, pinning and immobilizing him with a stolen riot shield. They spray bear repellent at the police, they beat Hodges’s head against the door, they violently rip off his gas mask, revealing his bloodied mouth, they taunt him and they take his weapon as a trophy. And through it all, Hodges, unable to move, wails in pain — an excruciating sound interrupted only by the “heave ho” of Trump’s mob stampeding the officers.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.), the impeachment manager who forced senators to watch the video, first read from the Beatitudes: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.” Said Swalwell: “You will see how blessed we were that, on that hellish day, we had a peacemaker like Officer Hodges protecting our lives, our staff’s lives, this Capitol and the certification process. May we do all we can in this chamber to make sure that never happens again.”

Trump’s apologists seem willing to excuse just about anything, even though the impeachment managers are laying out in minute detail the damning evidence showing how the former president conceived, organized, fomented and refused to call off the murderous invasion of the Capitol by his supporters. Republican senators seem not to care how close the insurrectionists came to assassinating Vice President Mike Pence (who we now know was hiding in the Capitol the entire time of the attack) and killing or taking hostage senators and members of the House.

But they do not have hearts if they are not moved by the heroism of the Capitol and D.C. police departments, badly outnumbered by Trump’s armed supporters. They do not have souls if they can’t see the evil Trump inflicted on the officers protecting the seat of American government.

As the impeachment managers retold, and showed with newly released security footage, Trump’s terrorists beat police officers with Trump flagpoles, sticks and bullhorns. They dragged them down stairs. They blinded them with bear spray. They gouged their eyes. They tased one officer, triggering a heart attack. The security footage, and the insurrectionists’ own videos, show the savagery. But you can also hear it in the terrified voices on the police radios that day, replayed for senators Wednesday.

“Multiple Capitol injuries! Multiple Capitol injuries!”

“Throwing metal poles at us.”

“Multiple law enforcement injuries. DSO get up here!”

“We need some reinforcements up here.”

“They’re starting to pull the gates down.”

“They’re starting to throw explosives.”

“We’re still taking rocks, bottles.”

“The crowd is using munitions against us.”

“Bear spray in the crowd!”

“All MPD pull back!

“10-33, I repeat, 10-33! We have been flanked and we’ve lost the line!”

10-33 is the police emergency code: Need immediate assistance.

American democracy is sending a 10-33 right now. The impeachment managers, though far from done with their prosecution, have thoroughly documented Trump’s history of instigating violence, his premeditated attempts to overthrow the election, and his mob’s absolute (and accurate) belief that they were doing what he wanted.

The videos, from inside and outside the Capitol, are sickening: MAGA-festooned domestic terrorists, in riot gear, smashing windows and doors, carrying zip ties into the Senate chamber. “Imagine what they could have done with those cuffs,” Swalwell told the senators, whose wrists they were meant for.

The managers showed Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) being saved from the mob by the heroic Officer Eugene Goodman, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) retreating from the mob, Pence and his family scurrying away, lawmakers running from the advancing terrorists.

The managers replayed the terrified whisper on the phone of an aide to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), barricaded with colleagues in a room, with pounding on the door in the background. They replayed the fatal shooting of a woman who had rallied a mob to pursue fleeing lawmakers, then jumped through a smashed door after them. They played the warnings broadcast in the House chamber: “Be prepared to don your masks. . . . Get down under your chairs.”

One-hundred forty police officers were hurt in Trump’s failed coup. Three have died. Yet even after his brutal injuries, Hodges said, “If it wasn’t my job, I would have done that for free. It was absolutely my pleasure to crush a white-nationalist insurrection, and we’ll do it as many times as it takes.”

If cowardly Senate Republicans can’t bring themselves to punish Trump for what he did to them, maybe they can at least punish him for what he did to Hodges, Goodman, Brian Sicknick and all the other brave officers who saved democracy that day.

37 thoughts on “GUILTY As Charged!

    • That wouldn’t surprise me one bit! I heard that he was very angry, in a rage, but then later I heard that he was laughing about it, for he has been assured by some of the Republican Senators that he will be acquitted. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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  1. What I want to see pictures of are those GOP senators who paid no attention to what they were being shown, reading papers, and tweeting about breast milk. They will claim that the Democrats were presenting political theatre, but they should not be allowed to speak to the presentation or vote on things if they do not pay attention. I almost want someone to call on them and ask them to repeat back what just happened. They are worse behaved than some high school students, and should be treated as such.

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    • Can you imagine if a trial jury in a court of law behaved in such a manner? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. And worse yet, three of them then had a closed-door session with the defense lawyers! That is collusion, plain and simple! This is a sham! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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  2. The GOP as a party is over, who would support them after such indifference to life, liberty, justice. They allowed a madman to reign free for 4 years, and planned acquittal of his impeachment charges.
    Sadly Trump will get off yet again, without taking responsibility for the chaos destruction he caused, and not just on Jan 6th.
    No one will support cowardly Republicans after this trial, additionally Trump supporters will drop out en-masse, blaming the GOP for not doing enough to “save the republic”.
    Positive outlook: Dems will rule unencumbered under Biden/ Harris for the next 8 years!! America’s future looks bright. *\o/*

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    • I think you’re right, that this is a death knell for the GOP, but then, it seems that nearly half this country would rather have a white-supremacist three-ring circus in Washington than an actual functioning government, so I’m not quite writing them off just yet. People are odd sometimes. Sigh.

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      • Hence the imperative for Democrats to ban Trump for life, but it seems Repubs have other ideas. Oh well, selling one’s soul is as cheap as the next election. Perhaps the GOP are preparing for Trump 2024?! The populist movement is growing, quite disturbingly all over the world. By the next election, it wouldn’t surprise me if a fascist white supremacist ran, someone like Marjorie Taylor Greene. Sigh indeed.


  3. Jill, how anyone can avoid convicting the former president of sedition and inciting insurrection is beyond me. This should not be a political issue. Any president must be held accountable for being a traitor to the constitution, as this former president is. Seven people are dead because of this person’s enfant terrible behavior.

    If the terrorist found Mike Pence, he would be dead. If they found AOC or Nancy Pelosi, they would be dead. The former president got the kindling, laid the wood, then added gasoline and lit the match. Of course, he provoked this. And, for those who think I am saying this because of a toddler’s reason that “I just don’t like Trump,” it is because I don’t like the president of the US to be the most corrupt, deceitful, and now traitorous president in my lifetime. Keith

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    • Apparently, the senate republicans honestly believe that Trump is going to make a big comeback and they want to be on his train when it leaves the station. I’m going to laugh when his train never even gets out of the gate for lack of fuel. Those who vote to acquit should never be re-elected to the Senate, for they no longer represent the best interests of this nation or the people.

      I agree with you … Pence, Pelosi, and I think many others would be dead today if Trump’s nefarious plan had succeeded … thankfully it didn’t, but no thanks to Trump! He has re-definied the office of the president, and we can only hope that Joe Biden will clean it back up and put it to rights again. However, whoever follows may not have a conscience, and he will have been shown that he can commit the crime of sedition and not be punished.


      • Jill, I truly think they want the corrupt and deceitful former president to go away, but leave his voters. That has long been the calculation they have been making. If a legislator does not know Trump is a deceitful bully, then they are not paying attention. Sadly, in an election the former president claims he won, without any proof, 74 million people voted for this person. If he had gotten 64 million and a few more senators lost, then he would be pushed out faster. If the election were held today, Trump would get around that lower tally or less. Keith

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        • Good points all. Dutch made similar points earlier, that it isn’t Trump himself who is the crux of the problem, but those 74 million who support what he stands for. Long after he is gone, they will still be here. Sigh.


    • Thank you! I hope justice is done, but it is very doubtful, for the Republicans in the Senate made up their minds before the trial ever started. They sold their conscience, and no longer represent the people of this nation.


        • It certainly is a bad time. I think that some of the damage will take a decade to repair, and that’s if we don’t get another president similar to Trump (or Trump himself!) in that time. Some of the damage is irreparable, for it’s impossible to bring people back from the dead. The effects on the environment as a result of Trump’s regulatory rollbacks may never be repaired. Sigh. But, at least we are on the right path now, Vinny. Let’s hope it lasts!


  4. And so say all of us. But if some Repub Senators vote Guilty they know they convict themselves next and probably in a court of law, charged with sedition. Some Senators, Josh Hawley not least among them know they backed the wrong horse and continue to do so. Their only hope is by trying to revive his chances. Well, there’s no way to avoid acquittal if that’s the way the Repubs want to play it even in the face of all the overwhelming proof. But thy should remember that the AG can still bring charges against them, and I hope he will, to put some of these people into an orange jumpsuit and leave them to rot. Trump must never be allowed to stand for office again and a high percentage of the Repubs shouldn’t be allowed to either if, in the end, they choose to ignore their responsibilities.

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    • Yep, so say us all, but our voices don’t count … until … November 2022 when 1/3 of these Senators will be coming up for re-election, and 2024 when another third of them will face us at the polls, as well as a republican presidential candidate. We must remember the atrocities that have been forced upon us until we speak at the polls! Meanwhile, other charges have been and will be filed against Trump, investigations will reveal unknown atrocities, and with luck, he can spend the rest of his days in exile behind prison bars.

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  5. If this doesn’t open the hearts of blind Republicans, nothing will. Against all humanity, they will probably remain blind, and heartless. Anyone voting against a guilty verdict is not doing their Congressional, Senatorial, or just constitutional duty. They are no longer governers, and should therefore be removed from their elected offices.
    Where are the true leaders now?

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    • I doubt it will change many minds, for there is no conscience among that bunch, but … it will have proven the point to the public, and my hope is that enough people are appalled that Trump loses enough of his support to render him irrelevant in the future. And yes, I hope every Senator who votes to acquit loses his next bid for re-election. I don’t know the answer to your last question, though. Out there somewhere, I hope.


        • They can be expelled from Congress, but it takes a 67% majority. I wish I knew how to make them remember their oaths, to force them to give a rat’s ass about We the People. Only way I know is to vote them out of office. A widescale tax rebellion would do the trick, too, but I have no idea how to sell that idea to the public. My voice isn’t that loud of far-reaching.


          • All grass roots organizations, and/or protests, start small. The thing is, someone small has to start them. The rest is up to We the People to make them grow.
            If an idea’s time has come, and I think this one’s has, it will grow. Maybe read Silent Spring again. Or Black Consciousness in South Africa. Or get Greta Thunberg on your side.
            A journey of a hundred miles starts with putting a shoe on. BE THE SHOE!
            Go, Jill, go! Go, Jill, go! Go Jill go!!!

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  6. Hoping so hard for justice to be served against that dangerous lunatic. He needs to be reduced to a convict in an orange uniform, to be seen to be NOTHING and stripped of any and all influence, ever again. Love to you from the UK.

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    • Thanks, Owen! Fingers are crossed, despite the odds. Still … even if the Senate acquits him, the public will have seen the truth. If nothing else, hopefully he loses his base of support so that any future attempts to run for office would be met only with derision. Love ‘n hugs!

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