Keeping Our Eyes Where We Don’t Want Them To Be…

Many of us have opined about the impeachment trial, the likelihood that the senate republicans will fail to do their duty to We the People, and more. But, just when I thought I’d heard it all, I came across Annie’s post last night and … my jaw dropped. Trump apparently believes that he is still president, has set himself up with an office, staff, and claims his office will address “… official activities to advance the interests of the United States and to carry on the agenda of the Trump administration …” All the more reason that he must be convicted, his lies must be paid for, he must be forced into irrelevancy. Thank you, Annie, for this thoughtful post!


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I’ve had various gastrointestinal problems over the years: I come from a family of “gut” people, and there’s lots of scientific evidence about our gut-brain connection. But it took me about a week to realize that a lot of my annoying symptoms had dissipated.

I no longer had to make daily shakes with the fattening avocado I dislike to keep my weight stable, and I was eating things I’d abandoned in misery—like hummus. (OK, not thrilling, but when peanut butter on apples is the only lunch that sits right, a little diversity is most welcome.)

When I saw my gastro Monday morning, I told him how much better I was feeling. And the light bulb had gone off. My GI system almost instantaneously expressed its enormous gratitude and relief when Joe Biden replaced Donald Trump in the Oval Office. “You’re not the…

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12 thoughts on “Keeping Our Eyes Where We Don’t Want Them To Be…

  1. Good share Jill.
    It is essential for all folk who voted against Trump keep their eye on those who created this freak. He could drop down dead tomorrow and they would still carry on.
    In fact they would louder with stupid claims he was assassinated by the CIA and attempts to have him elevated to Sainthood. Then somebody else would turn up.

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    • Thanks, Roger! Yes, those who created him are perhaps even more dangerous than Trump himself is, for next time they might accidentally find one with the same evil ideas, but also some degree of intelligence who could carry those evil ideas much further than Trump was able to. I’ve thought the same … if he died in his sleep of heart failure, the clowns who support all the conspiracy theories would have some wild tales, and at least a quarter of the people in this country would believe them without even questioning. Sigh.

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      • That is how it works Jill.
        Salutary note : Consider how many folk who have come across agree with you on Trump, racism and all the other evils but also believe the assassinations of the Kennedy Brothers and 9/11 were actually conspiracies carried out by ‘shadowy’ folk in the establishment.
        Unfortunately these supporters of myths were inadvertently making common cause with other true believers on the Right and fostering this feeling of distrust of government in general…and eventually you get Trump. Ironic….maybe….tragic definitely.
        We’ve got folk over here who want King Charles I (Civil War- Head chopped off) who believe he was martyred and want him to be officially made a saint

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        • I can only draw one conclusion from all of this … all the conspiracy theories, false premises, etc., and that is that people are basically bored with their shallow little lives and have nothing better to do, that they need more excitement than their day-to-day routines are providing, so they latch onto anything that might give their little lives a bit of zest. If people die because of it … well, that just makes it all the more exciting! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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  2. Thank you for reblogging, Jill. I struggled with whether I should write this post — not only because I want to rid myself of trump—but also because I don’t want to alarm people needlessly.
    But after watching the impeachment managers’ closing arguments today, I was even more painfully aware, as they maintained, that trump is a continuing danger. If the Senate, in all likelihood, doesn’t impeach him, I hope he will face federal charges as well as those in NY and now Georgia.

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    • My pleasure, Annie … this was a superb post, as a number of my readers commented. I’m glad that you did write it, and people need to be smacked upside the head every now and then when they grow complacent and think that somehow everything will just work itself out. Like you, I hope he faces so many charges in so many areas, including federal, that he doesn’t even have time to play golf!


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