Insurrection Impeachment: Prosecution Rests

The events of January 6th were plotted and financed by the person on trial in the Capitol today. What will the verdict be? Depends on whether the republicans in the senate have found a conscience — doubtful. We will remember what happens here and hopefully the Department of Justice will launch an immediate investigation. There will come a day when truth wins out and justice is served. Brosephus has summed up the impeachment trial and his views, with which I fully concur. Thank you, my friend.

The Mind of Brosephus

Yesterday, the prosecution finished presenting their case for Trump’s second impeachment. While I thought I knew the details of what happened on 1/6, the House managers somehow managed to drop even more knowledge and information that I had no clue existed. So, I’ll try to offer my insights on where things sit thus far.

While I initially thought that Trump’s actions of inciting the attempted coup warranted impeachment and a permanent bar from ever holding office again, I don’t think that would be sufficient based upon what the prosecution put forth this week. While I believe Trump’s actions fit the definition of stochastic terrorism, I could not have imagined how close we were to a full on constitutional crisis. Even being a fan of the TV show Designated Survivor, I don’t think Hollywood writers could have ever come up with a story to match what we’ve lived over…

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4 thoughts on “Insurrection Impeachment: Prosecution Rests

    • It almost feels as if the bar has been removed completely. I don’t know, if half the people in this nation still believe Trump is great, how we can ever be a nation again. We aren’t right now … we are … I don’t even know what we are, but not unified or united, and not a nation with shared values. Sigh.


  1. This was well said. I expect the defence to push that you can’t impeach a civilian which is quite ignoring the fact that the impeachment started while Trump was in office and that the impeachment has been shown to be constitutional. My mind has already adjusted to the fact that the Republican Senators are fools, those that are not implicated in this insurrection anyway and so despite some 6 having possibly found a conscience the likelihood is of an acquittal. I am relying on the AG appointee to point the DOJ in the direction of a full investigation leading to criminal charges against a number of people, Trump first and foremost but not forgetting Senators and Representatives who decided the people’s voice mattered less than their power grab. There cannot be nil justice in this case, it must be seen it must be done so that no-one is tempted to go down this path again. If they’re allowed to get away with it then people like Josh Haley and Ted Cruz will sooner or later be putting themselves forward as Presidential candidates knowing that they can ignore any vow they make with impunity.

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    • He speaks from the heart, you can feel his pain and angst. That was their first line of defense, but when that obviously didn’t fly, they went for a comparison of the attack on January 6th to the Black Lives Matter protests last summer. THERE IS NO COMPARISON! The Black Lives Matter protests were valid, they were protesting against cops killing Black people for no reason. Trump and his band of murdering hooligans were protesting a fair and honest election that Trump lost, mainly because his bungling of the pandemic has cost nearly a half-million lives in this country.

      All that said … I am still so confused about what hold Trump has over the republicans in Congress. He’s out of office, has no power, no relevance, and yet they are so damn afraid of him that they have burned their oaths of office, have shredded the Constitution, and are sentencing the people of this nation to a fate worse than death. The only remaining hope is that the Justice Department opens multiple investigations into his crimes over the past 4+ years and that they end up charging and convicting him. Even then, though, what do we do with those who are so stupid as to think he is legitimate? Sigh.


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