Not Time To Go Home Yet … Or Perhaps It Is

They hoped to vote this afternoon, then wrap it up and go home for the remainder of the weekend, to be with their families, eat nachos, and watch whatever sport is trending at the moment.  Now they are angry, for it appears their job isn’t quite done as the Senate voted 55-45 to call witnesses in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump.  Even five republicans, Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Ben Sasse, and shockingly, Lindsey Graham voted in favour of calling witnesses.  But the rest are angry, including Ron Johnson who yelled at Mitt Romney in the Senate chambers.

What changed the mind of Lindsey Graham?  Initially, Graham said …

“If you open up that can of worms, we’ll want the FBI to come in and tell us about how people preplanned this attack and what happened with the security footprint of the Capitol. You open up Pandora’s box if you call one witness.”

Hmmm … isn’t the whole purpose to get at the truth, to find out what really happened, how, and why?

Apparently one thing that changed Graham’s mind and perhaps others was a statement by Republican Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler regarding a phone call she witnessed between House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Donald Trump during the attack on Congress.  She said McCarthy pleaded with the president, telling him, “You need to get on TV right now, you need to get on Twitter, you need to call these people off.” Trump replied, “Kevin, they’re not my people.”

“Yes, they are. They just came through my windows and my staff is running for cover. Yeah, they’re your people. Call them off.”

At that point, she said Trump told McCarthy, “Well I guess these people are just more angry about the election and upset than you are.”

Ms. Herrera Beutler ended her statement with …

“To the patriots who were standing next to the former president as these conversations were happening, or even to the former vice president: if you have something to add here, now would be the time.”

Perhaps that, if nothing else, stirred Mr. Graham’s conscience just a bit, helped him remember that there was a hangman’s noose waiting for Mike Pence that day, and all Trump cared about was overturning the election.

So, witnesses will be called, perhaps by both sides, though I have no idea where the defense team will find any witnesses whose stories will help their client look less guilty than he currently does.  Apparently one of Trump’s attorneys, Michael van der Veen, is well aware that there aren’t any credible witnesses on his side of this equation, for he claimed that if a single witness is called, it would require over 100 depositions, and would include deposing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in his Philadelphia office.  Many in the Senate chambers could be heard laughing at this display of pomp. 

Republican Senator Roger Marshall says the trial should end, that the Senate has other work to attend to, and the country should “move on.”  My response is … did we just ‘move on’ after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy?  Did we just ‘move on’ after the terrorist attacks of 9/11?  No, some things are too important to simply turn a blind eye and ‘move on.’  The attempted overthrow of a fair and honest election by a sitting president, the highest office in the land, is entirely too important to simply ‘move on.’  It is important that the transgressor never be allowed to hold a public office again.  It is important that We the People know the truth about that day, how it was planned, financed, and implemented.  It is important, most of all, that this never be allowed to happen again, that no future president believe he can get away, literally, with murder.

Meanwhile, Moscow Mitch not surprisingly, has decided he will vote to acquit Trump, despite the evidence of Trump’s guilt in inciting and encouraging the deadly attack.  Whatever little shred of conscience he experienced was so small that it blew out of his nose as he snored during the night.

The importance of calling witnesses and hearing their testimony is not that it will sway enough senate republicans to do the right thing, but that it will be presented to the ultimate jurors, We the People.  We will know what actually happened that day, how it came to be, and we will remember those in the United States Senate who lacked the courage to uphold their constitutional oaths, who put their own political futures ahead of our freedom, our lives.

UPDATE:  Just as I was about to hit the ‘Publish’ button to schedule this post, the following ‘breaking news’ crossed my screen:

Lawyers strike deal to prevent witness testimony in trial


24 thoughts on “Not Time To Go Home Yet … Or Perhaps It Is

      • They’ve just voted to allow him and any other like-minded lunatic to attempt a coup to take over the country. I share your hope that he’ll be in prison, but there are plenty of others out there who will feel emboldened by this.

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        • Yes, there are others who will follow, and even a possibility that Trump himself will take another opportunity to wreak havoc on this already foundering nation. I may see things in a brighter light in a day or two, but at the moment I am thinking of this as the beginning of the end.

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          • He still has his base, who have already shown they are sufficiently deluded and fanatical to do what he says. A small glimmer of hope in McConnell’s speech after the vote, maybe? He didn’t hold back!

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            • Yes, he still has his base … fringe lunatics though they mostly are. As for McConnell … right, a lovely speech just moments after he voted to acquit Trump of the very things he accused him of in his speech! Talking out of both sides of his mouth. He had the opportunity to DO something and he was too much a coward. Talk is cheap … actions speak much louder. Sigh. Best thing that could happen (apart from Trump’s death, which would likely set off the conspiracy theories) is if Trump does start his own party and takes his base with him, leaving the GOP diminished, and Trump’s party with virtually no chance at winning. Sigh.

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              • That scenario may be what happens. I’d prefer the alternative that his various crimes catch up with him and he gets to spend the rest of his life in jail, after Melanoma divorces him and takes whatever is left after his loans have been called in.

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                • Yes, that scenario is preferable, but … highly doubtful, I fear. Ha ha … you are the second person I know who refers to her as “Melanoma” … did you perchance collude with David on that? I hear she does plan to divorce him, but being the gold-digger she is, she’s likely waiting to see if perhaps he becomes king, and she would stick around to be queen. Sigh.

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                  • Fingers crossed!

                    No collusion, but his claimed wealth could diminish bigly if he is held to account so it might be wiser to get out now, and appoint better lawyers than he does…

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                    • He probably thinks he’s got away with it, but his brands are now toxic and with the idiot boys in charge I doubt they’ll recover. Hopefully! That’s why I think she should get out now, before there’s nothing left to take him for.

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                    • Oh, he definitely thinks he is home free. Did you hear about his little ‘motorcade’ yesterday? Had the streets closed to traffic, and a police escort while he rode in a big, black limo through the streets waving from behind bullet-proof glass to his ‘fans’. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I figured Melania would have left and filed for divorce by now, but I think she’s hanging on in hopes of further ‘fame and fortune’. I hope the settlement of his debts leave him a pauper and she can’t get a thin dime from him!

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                    • I didn’t hear that, but I did see a report on a rally supporting him. Report said there were 600 but from the photos it looked nearer 60. Deluded numpties, all of them.

                      I hope it will be a bad move staying on in the hope of a bigger payout – with a bit of luck there will be nothing left, apart perhaps from the $200m he scammed out of people for his ‘defence.’ Yeah, right 😂

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                    • I hope that sooner or later people and the press stop giving him any attention, that one day he holds a rally and nobody shows up. It’s the only way we’ll ever be rid of him, short of his death.

                      She’s as disgusting as he is, her only saving grace being that I believe she really does love her son. It wouldn’t break my heart to see her standing in line at the food pantry! Yes, I’m growing cruel in my old age 😉

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                    • We can but hope! But while he still sells newspapers and tv advertising space that won’t happen.

                      I’ve never seen her with her son other than the occasional platform appearance. He has the same dim, vacuous look as his brothers.

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                    • And that is the problem … the thing that has me despairing of the future of this nation, of the world. Some people are inherently stupid and think all this is great fun … never mind that lives have been lost and many more are at stake! Grrrrrr. The media must … MUST … develop a conscience and simply stop giving this buffoon any air time at all!

                      She keeps Barron out of the public eye as much as possible, understandably. But yes, he does have that same pouty look, that “void of intellect” look as his sire and elder siblings. There is a bad gene somewhere in there …

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  1. Yes, my wife and I would like to hear from non-politicians caught up by the insurrectionists’ violence, the building’s custodians, for example, or even Pence’s family, being herded away as Trump’s mob raged into the capitol. What did they hear and think?

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    • One of the members of Congress had his young daughter with him that day, and he said she cried, saying she never wanted to go back there again. Yes, I would like to hear from the non-politicos who were in danger that day, as well as some of the capitol police whose lives were threatened. But, as we now know, they have sealed the fate of the nation and We the People matter not.

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