Da ‘Toons Tell Da Story

Because we could all use a bit of comic relief right about now, I am re-blogging TokyoSand’s cartoon post for the week.  As always, she has sought and found the most relevant and overall best political cartoons from the past week, obviously most about the impeachment trial.  Thanks, TS!!!

The Week’s Best Cartoons: Impeachment Trial #2


See All The ‘Toons!

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    • Yes, I did have a wonderful (peaceful, quiet) Valentine’s Day. I received a large box of chocolates for the girls and I from a special friend, which rather made my day, and other than that, I was just lazy! Hope you’re thawing out now! We are expecting 10-12 inches of snow over the next 36 hours, and it is well below freezing, though not as cold as where you are!


    • I hear you, my friend! I am exhausted, defeated, and at the moment feeling rather hopeless, for I see the direction this nation is being pushed by men and women with NO conscience, and … well, I hope I’m wrong in what I believe will happen over the next ten years. I also hope I don’t live to see it if I’m right. Hang in … you are not alone. Love you, my friend. ❤

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      • Love you back!! I totally see what you see. I’ve thought I’m glad I’m the age I am. I don’t think I’ll see this full blown. I’m already 70, MJ’s 72 … so, here we are!
        I’m alternating between staying here & go gone for good. That’s be a monumental task!! So many things to do, so many things to give up … and I’m not only talking about material things!! 🤗 … but I feel this ‘fight or flight’ is very much headed in the ‘flight’ direction!! 💞🇵🇷💞

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        • Oh yeah … I hear you! I’ll be 70 in June and damn sure don’t expect to see another decade, and frankly, I don’t mind. I’ve seen enough.

          If you and MJ do decide to leave and live in Puerto Rico, don’t look at it as flight, but look at it as thumbing your nose at this country and going to a better place! You have a house there now. I do understand about leaving family, though … that’s the only really hard part. Whatever you do, I’m 100% behind you!

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          • I love you, my dear friend!! It’s as if I’d known you all my life. We always thought about going back at some point … you know, country calls. That’s why we bought the condo. This whole mess since 2016 (when I became aware of American politics) just accelerated the inevitable! Tight hugs!! 🤗

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            • Awwww …. I love you too, sweet Horty! I feel that we are soul sisters. Yes, I can certainly understand your desire to go back, as well as your hesitancy. It’s a tough call, made all the more so by the fact that we just don’t know what will happen over the next 10 years. Huge hugs to you … and one for MJ, too! Love you, Amiga! 💖💖💖💖

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  1. Jill, well done. This is not a cartoon, but Senator Lisa Murkowski released a statement defending her vote as a Republican to convict the seditious former president. She has more courage in her little toe than the former president could ever have. Keith

    “If months of lies, organizing a rally of supporters in an effort to thwart the work of Congress, encouraging a crowd to march on the Capitol, and then taking no meaningful action to stop the violence once it began is not worthy of impeachment, conviction, and disqualification from holding office in the United States, I cannot imagine what is,” Murkowski states.

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    • Thanks, Keith, but the credit goes to TokyoSand for finding these gems, and the artists who have unrivaled talent! Ms. Murkowski is the definition of what we need in Congress … a woman who listens to the voice inside her head and has the courage of her convictions.

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  2. 18th century British cartoonists (vulgar, frank to the point of brutality and irreverent to state, church and royalty) would have had a field day with Infamous ’13th’
    I can picture it now, one of the leading republicans graphically wiping his backside with the constitution

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