Snarky Snippets For A Snowy Day

I woke feeling a need for a bit of snarking this morning, and wouldn’t you know that I found plenty to be snarky about!

Family matters?

Yesterday I mentioned the republicans – 10 representatives and 7 senators –  who had the courage and conscience to stand up against Donald Trump, to vote to impeach and in the case of the senators, to convict on the impeachment charges.  The Republican Party, as I told you, is planning to censure them, a largely symbolic move, but one that will have repercussions the next time they come up for re-election.  None that I’m aware of, however, have faced the level of censure that Illinois Representative Adam Kinzinger is facing:  his own family is disowning him!

He received a letter penned by his cousin, Karen Otto, and signed by six other family members, that starts out …

“Oh my, what a disappointment you are to us …”

It goes on to say that he has “joined the devil’s army”, referring to democrats.  But the part that made me laugh was when she said that “Donald Trump is not perfect, but … it is not up to us to judge”, and yet that is precisely what she is doing to her cousin!  Can we say ‘hypocrisy’?

Adam Kinzinger is a republican with republican ideologies … that did not change when he voted to impeach Donald Trump.  He merely saw what Trump had done, knew it wasn’t the right thing for anyone, let alone the president, to do, and decided that there should be consequences for Trump’s actions.  That’s it.  He did not go against his religion, as his cousin’s letter implied, nor did he set aside his republican views.  He found his conscience and said that there must be accountability.

I have a great deal of empathy for Mr. Kinzinger, for with a family like that, who needs enemies?  Read the entire letter here.  Ms. Otto ends by saying …

“Donald Trump has done more for the American people in four years than you, the Rino’s, and democrats have done in years!!”

This woman needs help!

Fox goes to the UK

Ol’ Rupert Murdoch, whose Fox News is struggling financially and is the subject of a $2.7 billion lawsuit, is taking his show on the road, it seems … or rather, across the pond to the United Kingdom!  I hope he takes his nasty crew with him … Hannity, Ingraham, Pirro, Carlson and the rest.

According to an article in the New York Times

Rupert Murdoch and a competing group of investors are seizing this moment to create two upstart news services that will challenge the BBC and other broadcasters by borrowing heavily from Mr. Murdoch’s Fox playbook.

While Britain has long had a freewheeling, unabashedly partisan newspaper industry, critics say the last thing it needs after Brexit is a Fox-like news channel — one that could sow further divisions and open the door to the kinds of conspiracy theories nurtured by President Donald J. Trump, and amplified by Fox.

The service, which is to begin a low-key rollout in April, will promote Mr. Murdoch’s stable of British media properties, from The Sun, a mass-market tabloid, and The Times, an upmarket broadsheet, to Talk Radio, which offers Rush Limbaugh-style commentary. All skew to the right.

News UK TV will also skip breaking news coverage and feature shows with politically opinionated voices. But it is punching up the lighter side in its publicity. The first announced show, “News to Me,” will be hosted by Gordon Smart, a Scottish-born rock music aficionado who worked for The Sun.

Fox ‘News’ has played a large role in exacerbating the divisiveness in this country, and now Murdoch hopes to do the same in the UK.  I hope … I truly hope that his venture fails from the start.  Our friends in the UK have enough troubles without adding the Fox idiots whose only goal is to create hate.

Just a little ruckus

Senator Ron Johnson, a republican from Wisconsin, has been on my idiot radar for some time for a variety of idiotic things he’s said and done, but his recent comments about the January 6th attack on Congress and the Capitol take the cake …

“This didn’t seem like an armed insurrection to me. When you hear the word ‘armed,’ don’t you think of firearms? … To call that an armed insurrection, it was the most pitiful armed insurrection anyone could possibly imagine.”

Well, Mr. Johnson … perhaps while you were cowering in a closet, you didn’t notice the guns and other weapons.  Five people died, including a police officer, and two more officers have taken their own lives since then. Other police officers were so traumatized that they have reportedly contemplated self-harm, with one turning in her gun. Guns, bombs and stun guns were seized from members of the mob, while other rioters used wrenches, clubs and flagpoles as weapons. An officer has said that police “had been seizing guns all day.”

Gun-toting mobs chanting, “Hang Mike Pence” seems to me enough to label it an ‘armed insurrection’.  But, Johnson was one of the 43 republicans who voted to acquit Trump on the charge of inciting an insurrection, so I suppose Ronnie had to somehow justify his actions.  I suppose that, unlike Adam Kinzinger, Ron Johnson’s family is proud of him.  I’m not … I call him a coward and a bastard.


23 thoughts on “Snarky Snippets For A Snowy Day

    • Heh heh … yeah, great competition for The Sun, or perhaps they will be in cahoots! I am sorry for the people of the UK, for they are already going through so much between the pandemic and Brexit, and the last thing they need is a team of Murdoch nutcases to further divide the people. Sigh.


  1. Jill, people who are condemning folks for taking courageous votes of conscience need to look in the mirror. It also gives Kinzinger and other courageous folks a chance to say “I stand by what I did or said.” I read this morning a letter defending Senator Richard Burr saying 58% of Americans think the seditious former president should be convicted and Burr gets censured for agreeing with him? The person said I am a constituent and I 100% agree with his vote. Keith

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    • You’re so right … my jaw dropped when I read the letter by Kinzinger’s cousin … what hypocrisy!!! I am thrilled to hear about the letter defending Burr! We need more voices like that to speak up!!! And the media needs to do a better job of not giving such a loud voice to the minority!


      • Jill, I sent my letter to a few more papers and a several dozen folks. It is interesting Kinzinger’s relative used the word traitor to define him when he voted to impeach a seditious former president. Keith

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        • Good job, Keith! Yes, as re the letter by Kinzinger’s family, it seems some people are so disconnected from reality that I wonder how they survive day-to-day life! And this, is the biggest problem … people who will drink the Kool Aid and not only believe all they are told, but act upon those false beliefs.


  2. I saw the Kinzinger letter on Twitter yesterday: it raised a WTF reaction in me. So many over there are so dumb! Sadly, many here are equally stupid, and they are the audience at whom Murdoch is pitching his new tv channel. I’d love to see it fail but I fear it won’t: the BBC gets a lot of criticism but I think it is reasonably balanced on the whole, although some of its reporters are pretty right wing. It will be interesting to see how the Beeb responds: will they move more to the right, to compete on Murdoch’s own ground? Or go to the left? Or, more likely, just ignore it as the fart in the wind I hope it turns out to be.

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    • On Twitter? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since it was on just about every major news site. The ultimate in hypocrisy if you ask me. And they call themselves ‘Christians’? So many over here are beyond dumb, my friend, but are certifiably stupid. Sigh. The number who fit that description seems to be increasing almost exponentially, too.

      Yes, Murdoch may find fertile ground there to work his evil. I hope his venture never gets off the ground and that he stays tied up in that mega-lawsuit that’s been filed against Fox and 3 of its dolts. You guys don’t need anything else right now!

      I have been hearing from a few people that the BBC is more biased than it once was. What little I see of it seems fine, but I don’t access it that often, much preferring The Guardian. Yes, it will be interesting to see how they lean if Murdoch is successful in his venture. Keep me posted!

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      • Can’t recall who posted it, but saw it several times. I follow enough Americans to have created my own ‘US Politics’ list, to make it easier to keep up. In my view, those who shout loudest about being ‘Christians’ are usually the ones who display none of what that is supposed to represent. Hypocrites is the right word for them.

        The Beeb is in a difficult position, trying to remain neutral, but doesn’t always succeed. I’ll let you know how things go when Murdoch lands – I fully expect Farage and Piers Morgan to be regular contributors, which would be two very good reasons for me to go nowhere near it!

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        • You’re spot on with your assessment of the most vocal ‘Christians’. Easy enough to ‘talk the talk,’ but when it comes time to ‘walk the walk,’ they cannot.

          Oh my … yes, those two would curdle the cream in your coffee! But no doubt there are others, not as wise as you, who would tune in daily, as the Fox viewers do here, and buy into the rhetoric, even when it makes no sense. Some people have used their brains so little that cobwebs have grown on them and now they’re incapable of coherent thought. Sigh.

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          • 45 is the most obvious example but there are loads of others. I guess the problem is that when you think about it, the teachings of Christianity are quite socialist in nature, and that’s almost a banned word over there!

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            • That’s a good way of putting it. They’ve taken the socialist aspects and turned Christianity into rather an autocracy: Do it our way, or else! I don’t really care what anybody chooses to believe or how they choose to express their beliefs, as long as they keep it to themselves and don’t try to shove it down the throats of others. Today’s evangelicals, however, want to make their beliefs the law of the land to which all must adhere, and I have a big problem with that!

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              • I have a real problem with organised religion as a business. If you know the Stones song Faraway Eyes, or the Hooters’ song Satellite, they home in well on it. From a non-US viewpoint, the approach of Republicans and the evangelicals seems very similar: do what we say and give us all your money.


  3. Poor Rep. Kinzinger having a ditsy family like that. He would have grounds for disowning them rather than the other way around. It would be a good reason for changing his last name. They’ve shown how terrible they are in print and signed their names to the fact. What a crew. O_o —- Suzanne

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  4. Oh Heavens, I don’t want Rupert Murdoch back. Wouldn’t he like to base himself at home in Australia?
    Mr. Kinzinger’s family are disappointed in him. I imagine he’s no less disappointed himself in them for having cut themselves off from reality, and while calling themselves Republicans following Trumpism instead of sticking to the faith. A least he’s stuck with reality and with Rpublicanism while voting his conscience.

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    • Heh heh … it seems only fair to me that you take him off our hands for a decade or two … we’ve had ’nuff of him. I doubt he’d find enough controversy & conflict in Oz to keep his brand of ‘news’ afloat.

      Yes, if I were him, I’d tell them where they could put their pseudo-religious, self-sanctimonious b.s. and wash my hands of the whole lot of ’em. It’s a damn shame that half the people in this country call themselves “good Christians”, yet have no humanitarian values.


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  5. Yes, that letter delivers a strange, narrow, hypocritical view. They can’t judge but they’re judging. God says forgive, so they forgive Trump but no others can be forgiven! Trump is a Christian. I hear that frequently repeated, but his words and deeds (affairs and marriages, lying and cheating, for example) demonstrates that’s not true at all. It seems like we’re dealing with cognitive dissonance — possibly from hiding in a bubble that only reinforces their views — on a massive scale.

    Cheers and hugs. Gonna go eat some Valentine’s Day chocolate.

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    • I fully agree with your assessment of cognitive dissonance. Funny, but I never knew about cognitive dissonance until Trump ran for president, and since then I’ve both heard and used it so much that I even know how to spell it without looking it up. The big question is, though, how do we make these people understand the reality?

      Enjoy your chocolate! Cheers ‘n hugs, my friend!

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  6. Jill, I feel your anguish. Just a few random thoughts:
    – Adam Kinzinger is also a veteran, so he has taken two oaths to the constitution. For some reason, he has a problem with sedition.
    – Ron Johnson is competing with Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz for the kookiest Senator. He obseves a world with which most of us are unfamiliar. Bless his heart.
    – Call me crazy, but punishing people concerned about sedition at the expense of their own popularity in the Trump party is not good form. As a PA Republican official just asked, shouldn’t we punish the liars?
    – Finally, a former Miss America and Republican AG candidate seems to have a problem with the election fraud lying and insurrection. She reveals she has a pretty face and a clue, both of which are lacking in Messers. Johnson, Graham and Cruz, Keitj

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    • I felt so sad for Kinzinger … he did not deserve that from his family! He did the right thing, he followed his conscience, and it gets him censured by his co-workers and disowned by his family. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

      Johnson deserves every bit of the ridicule I’ve seen him getting in and out of the media.

      It seems to me that the Republican Party must be the dumping grond for kooks and idiots, for they damn sure have enough of them.

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