A Bit Of This And A Tad Of That

A number of things are flitting across my radar tonight … nothing very major, just little things. Overall, I am enjoying the professionalism that is coming from the Biden administration.  No hateful tweets, no ‘breaking news’ parroting what the prez has said/tweeted/eaten in the past 30 minutes.  We once again have intelligence and compassion in the White House and I am comforted by that.  But, of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t find something about which to snark!

Some Republicans have sense!

I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican, though I lean strongly toward the ideology of the Democratic Party and if I didn’t prefer my Independent status, I would almost certainly register as a Democrat.  In fact, I’ve strongly considered doing so, but … I really don’t want the bombardment of emails and phone calls that any political party subjects its registrants to.  That said, I have absolutely no use for the ideologies of today’s Republican Party, for they seem to be aligned with conspiracy theories and policies that place profit over people and that are largely bigoted in so many ways.  I do, however, subscribe to one Republican newsletter that I find has merit and has led me to believe that there are still at least a few sane heads in the Republican Party.

The newsletter is published by Sarah Longwell of Republicans for The Rule of Law, and while quite often I only give it a cursory glance, yesterday’s had something that I found very satisfying.

Today, we launched a new $1 million campaign to support the 17 courageous Republicans in Congress who voted to impeach and convict Trump. We are putting TV ads and billboards in their home states and districts, thanking them for doing the right thing.

It’s hard to overstate the risk many of these men and women took when they voted to hold Trump accountable. Most are already facing attacks from Trump and his supporters, and many will have to deal with well-funded primary challengers when they run for reelection.

The only way to protect our democracy is to engage voters directly, and this new campaign does just that.

Now is the time to stick up for all Republicans who did the right thing, whether they’re retiring this year or facing the fight for their political lives in the next. Now is the time to let America know that we refuse to cede the Republican Party to Trump and Trumpism.

Sarah Longwell

Executive Director, Republican Accountability Project

Here are a few of the billboards they have erected around the country …

And one of the 30-second television ads …

If the GOP has a future, and I find that very much in doubt at this stage, its future lies with these men and women who do not put party loyalty above their Oaths of Office, do not pander to the wealthy and criminals in the party at the expense of the people of this nation.  Thumbs up to this group of conscionable and conscientious Republicans!

How the hell did he get here?

cawthorn-2Madison Cawthorn is his name, and he is only 25 years of age … younger than my granddaughter … yet he is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from the state of North Carolina.  Cawthorn is the youngest person to serve in Congress since Jed Johnson, Jr., who served a single term from 1965-1967.  I think that perhaps Mr. Cawthorn won on a sympathy vote – due to an auto accident, he is partially paralyzed and uses a wheelchair – for he damn sure didn’t win on intellect.

Just a few of Cawthorn’s faux pas …

  • In 2017, Cawthorn posted an Instagram picture of his visit to Adolf Hitler’s vacation residence Eagle’s Nest, which he said had been on his “bucket list for awhile”. In the post, he called Hitler Führer, a German term meaning “leader”. When he came under fire for the post during his 2020 campaign, he deleted it.
  • During his election bid, Cawthorn’s campaign created an attack website which criticized journalist Tom Fiedler, who had produced investigative pieces on Cawthorn and had written favorably about his opponent. The website accused Fiedler of leaving academia “to work for non-white males, like Cory Booker, who aims to ruin white males running for office.” 🤨
  • Before Trump supporters stormed the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, Cawthorn addressed the crowd and said, “this crowd has some fight.” He voted not to certify the Electoral College results in Congress and called Republicans who voted to certify the results “spineless cowards”.

I’ve known some pretty sharp 25-year-olds in my day, but this kid is not among them.  There have been a number of allegations of sexual misconduct against Mr. Cawthorn, though none have filed charges so far.

His latest episode of lunacy, though, came today when he saw a tweet saying that the Vatican is requiring all personnel to receive the vaccine or lose their jobs …


So, apparently he isn’t quite clear on what the Vatican is, or thinks that somehow the U.S. has jurisdiction over it.  Not criminal, of course, but foolish and it shows his lack of understanding, lack of education, and lack of being mature enough to hold a seat in Congress, the lawmaking branch of our government.  Frighteningly, he serves on the House Committee on Education and Labour.  We surely do not need him helping to shape our policies on education!

Like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert, I suspect young Cawthorn will be a single-term representative, so perhaps he should be thinking about what he’d like to do with the rest of his life.

14 thoughts on “A Bit Of This And A Tad Of That

  1. Since he does not appear to be a Catholic, what has it got to do with him?
    I don’t suppose he would care for a missive from a UK socialist on the two way relationship between the State and the Individual; citing the issue of the Individual having an inherent responsibility to the well-being of the rest of the community and thus The State of which they are part….
    And that our PM, ie a right-wing politician is part of a drive to ensure as many folk in the UK get jabbed.
    Nope, didn’t think so.
    Ah well, back to my book marketing….. ‘It’s The American Way’

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    • That’s one good point, and the other is that Vatican City is not in the U.S. and therefore the Vatican is not subject to U.S. law! Oh go for it … it would do him good to get a tongue-lashing from Sir Roger! Speaking of getting jabbed … David is having trouble getting his … they wanted him to travel three hours by bus, so hopefully it’s now been straightened out and they will bring it to his home this coming week. Have you and Sheila had yours yet? Here, it is mass confusion with each state having its own rules.

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      • I feel sorry for David. Hah! Fine for car owners. The whole society is geared to car-owning, mobile phone totting, passport carrying folk. If you don’t have those you fall between so many cracks. I’m glad they’ve got the message for David’s sake.
        Yeah, Sheila had hers last Saturday and I had mine on Thursday. The in house joke is she had the Pfizer and I had the ‘lesser’ ‘Oxford.
        Only effects were like very,very,very watered down sort of flu-ish feelings and a ssssssllowwing down of the old body.
        On the bright side, as I posted up on Facebook ‘If I get lost I can always phone up Bill Gates and he will tell me where I am’…… My son replied ‘He’d found me on a Google Map’🤣

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        • Yes, that’s just it … and it’s the same here … they think everyone drives and owns a car. I’m glad to know you and Sheila have had yours, and especially glad you didn’t suffer serious side effects. Daughter Chris had both doses (she’s a nurse, so she was in the first wave) and had almost no side effects, just as you said, tiredness. Yep, it’s amazing how easily we are tracked these days. I keep the GPS turned off on my phone … not that I’m up to nefarious things, but I just don’t like the idea of someone being able to know my every move. Take care of you and Sheila, my friend!

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          • They can follow me around as much as they like, I’m like:
            ‘Who cares. MI6 knows I’m in the garden. MI6 is tracking me doing the shopping. Yeah, have fun lads,’
            ‘Chinese Intelligence knows I’m sorting out piles of paper for shredding. Are you guys having fun yet?’
            Meanwhile at the CIA:
            ‘Hey. Y’know that Brit leftie dude who disapproves of folk never mind which wing, he reads chicklit rom-com. Who’d thought it?’
            Yep. We’ll take care. Glad Chris has had her ‘jab’.
            You guys take care too.

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            • I know, and I don’t do anything exciting, either, but it’s just the idea that someone is watching, knows when I’m out feeding the squirrels or at the grocery, probably even knows how many boxes of porridge I bought! It’s a bit creepy … I already have enough nightmares!

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              • Have to say Jill….
                ‘I just don’t care,’
                To me, it’s a bit of an illusion.
                You can say write something on social media and as long as it’s not of the ‘I’m going to blow up the Whitehouse’, sort the authorities couldn’t care less…BUT one of the unofficial social police forces will be all over you.
                Folk wring their hands over government surveillance and yet the moment they hit the ‘on’ button be it phone or computer they are giving up chunks of their lives to commercial outfits.
                Then there are always folk with phone cameras looking to put something ‘amusing’ on YouTube without the subject’s permission.
                Back in the pre-electronic days, your neighbours would be keeping a sideways look at you if you acted outside the norm, or making sure you stayed in the norm.
                Privacy?…As Sheila says ‘Make sure you draw your curtains- or drapes’


  2. Jill, well done by the Republicans for the Rule of Law. As for the young Mr. Cawthorn, I had a delightful conversation with one of his staff who listened to my concerns and pleas for him to take his role seriously and be better than his past statements. It should be noted, staff do not always adhere to the same ideology as their boss. Keith

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    • Indeed, I was very impressed with the billboards and ads, and it pleased me to know there are republicans out there who applaud these courageous 17 men and women who stood up to the bully, who took their oaths seriously.

      Good for you, calling Cawthorn’s office, and I’m happy to hear you had a good conversation with a member of his staff! I have doubts that Cawthorn will change his attitude, for I think he is an arrogant and immature young man, but … maybe.


      • Jill, thanks. The billboards are a great idea. As for the Cawthorn staff, I have felt my calls and emails to all elected officials will do little to sway the incumbent, but I may be able to reach a staff member who just happens to be working for someone, but not because of idealogy. Keith

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