Jolly Monday With Bacon 🥓

Good Monday morning, my friends!  Come in, take a load off!  Only 27 more days until the official start of SPRING!  I can’t wait … I don’t think I’ve been warm for two months now!  So, how was your weekend?  Do anything special?  No, we didn’t either.  Stayed home, cooked, wrote, did laundry … same ol’ same ol’.  Well … actually, we did get fish ‘n chips from Red Robin on Saturday, so that was a nice treat.

Well, since it’s Monday, the start of yet another week, let’s see what we can find to help us start the week with a smile, shall we?  But first, grab a snack and a nice hot drink!  Oh, and Larry … just one plate of bacon, okay?  I’m afraid one of these days Emily is gonna deck you for hogging all the bacon!  And rawgod … we remembered your tea this week … sorry ‘bout last week!

Just beer, please

I was raised in a household with a Jewish father and a Catholic mother, so religious holidays were always a strange thing in our house, often leading to a knock-down, drag-out fight between my parents.  Lent, however, was always observed and I was told to choose something to give up.  I always tried to give up something like spinach, cabbage, or anything green and referred to as a ‘vegetable’.  So then, when that failed, my mother would tell me she had decided I would give up candy, which wasn’t so bad, for I was diabetic and rarely got candy anyway!

I’ve heard of people giving up some strange things for the 40 days of Lent, but I think Del Hall of Cincinnati, Ohio, takes the prize.  He has given up … mostly every consumable with the exception of beer, water, black coffee and herbal tea!  Seems to me that might not be a very healthy thing.  I can see it for a few days, maybe even a week, but 40 days?  Says Hall …

food-beer“I only have three to five beers a day. It’s not like I’m drinking constantly. If you eat your standard diet, it gets boring. You don’t eat the same thing every day. So, I am definitely not going to drink the same thing every day.”

After 3 days of his Lent diet, he says he’s already lost 5.8 pounds.  Okey-dokey then … I wish him the best.

An expensive gift

A man in Dubai wanted to get his girlfriend a nice gift.  His neighbor on a nearby farm raises expensive camels, so the man thought to steal one, but … turns out stealing a full-grown camel isn’t as easy as you might think, so at the last minute, the man made off with a newborn camel instead of an adult one.

The farmer reported the theft of the baby camel, but no clues had been uncovered.  More than likely the man would have gotten away with it had he just kept his mouth shut, but instead, he called the police and told them that a stray camel had wandered onto his farm, which is about 3 km, or just under two miles from the farm from which he had stolen the camel.

Just as the man wasn’t a very good thief, he also wasn’t a very good liar, and it took police only a few minutes to debunk the man’s story and extract a confession from the man.  Police arrested both the man and his girlfriend … not sure what she did to deserve arrest … and the camel has been returned to its rightful owner.  Let this be a lesson … um … don’t try to steal a camel?  Or, if you do, don’t rat yourself out?

Okay, obviously I’m struggling for humour here, so lets find some fun ‘toons ‘n such to make us chuckle …


Oh, I almost forgot … for the bacon-lovers in the bunch – Florida Larry, Texas Larry, David, Emily, rawgod, and the rest … I thought you guys might enjoy these ‘bacon-themed’ memes …


Just a few cute pics this week …


And what would Jolly Monday be without a cute animal video?  A lot of people don’t like bats, but I do … if you look into their little faces, they are as cute as any critter you’ve ever seen … well, except maybe a quokka … quokkas still win the cuteness prize.  Anyway … take a look at this one and tell me this little guy didn’t win your heart …

And Hugh … if you made it to Jolly Monday today, this one’s for you …


I hope you all have a decent week ahead, and please remember to share your lovely smiles … your smiles warm my heart, so I know they would warm other people’s hearts, too.  Keep warm, well, and safe my friends.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly, and Joyful.

38 thoughts on “Jolly Monday With Bacon 🥓

  1. Happy Tardy Tuesday!
    6 days into Lent and I’ve not picked an argument with anyone on FaceBook, so it’s got to be good.
    Loved the cartoon with the fisherman and fish! That is not going to grow old.
    Err.. why is Jolly standing on his head? Is that the effect Joyful has on him….sweet.


    • Awesome! I love it when people can look beyond the myths and have respect and love for all things of nature. Now granted, I did let out a scream one Hallowe’en night when Natasha was little and we had taken her out for Trick or Treat and a bat flew into my hair! But overall, I think they’re pretty cool. Hats off to you r daughter, and I’m glad you enjoyed Jolly Monday! I was heartened to see that Hugh dropped in this week, too … I was getting worried about him again.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Suzanne! Heh heh … I know exactly what you mean! My knee keeps collapsing as I’m coming down the stairs … luckily I’m usually holding onto the banister, unless carrying a laundry basket! Keep safe, my friend, and have a good week ahead!

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          • I was a vegetarian in my younger days, but a vile woman cooked up a pound of bacon the morning after a very passionate night. I was weak, and succumbed to the glorious smell. Since then, all the women I have been in relationships with have all been meat eaters. The thing is, all that we eat is living matter. Bacteria, fungi, plants, and animals are, or were, all living beings. Except for plants that live off sunlight, life needs to feed on other life to survive. Someday someone will eat me. It’s just the way nature is.
            That this is just me. Everyone needs make their own decisions on what lives must die for them to survive. I do eat a lot of fruit and nuts, because their main bodies do not have to die for me. But otherwise, I like to eat things that feed many people per life lost, rather than eating many lost lives for one person. In the main, that means eating meat. However, I draw the line at eating wild meat. It is a spurious line, but I need to draw a line somewhere.

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  2. Happy Jolly Monday, Jill! Thank you for the great laughter, after we have to wait again 27 days to Spring!
    You have had a great religious mix in the family you raised in. My God, you must have been very busy, with all the regulations. Well done! Enjoy your Monday! Michael

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    • 25 days now!!! My religious upbringing only lasted a short while, and is the reason I am anti-religion now! I started asking questions around the age of 5 … questions that no adult had a logical answer for. By the time I was around 10, I concluded that it was all b.s. and I declared myself an anti-religionist, much to my family’s horror! 🤣 Have a great week ahead, Michael!

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  3. That was such a great treat, even w/o the bacon !!! Thank you for the big smiles you put on my face. And special tks for that lovingly made video. We had bats droppings on the window sill of our French house and I lived their swishing past at night. Although it seems – as gathered from several articles, bats are also ‘great’ carriers of illnesses, viruses etc. But this video shows them as really beautiful little creatures and it made me happy, viewing this methusalem bat in his protected environment!

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    • My pleasure, Kiki, and I’m glad you enjoyed Jolly Monday! Bats are carriers of disease, but then … so are squirrels, birds, and other critters who live in the wild. They aren’t any scarier than any other once you get to know them!

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