A Little Bit Of Snark In Da Snippets

I still haven’t run out of things to be snarky about and it isn’t looking like I will anytime soon!  I am greatly relieved to have a real president, one whose tweets are few and are always positive, never whiny or ranty.  I am happy to wake in the morning knowing that we haven’t likely started a war somewhere.  And I’m pleased with Joe Biden’s performance as president these past 30+ days.  However, the racists still exist and many of the loudest ones languish in Congress, so yes, I still have my snarky cap on!

Oust DeJoy!

louis-dejoyThe United States Postal Service (USPS) is in the news again this week as Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is testifying before Congress about the dire failures of the postal service to meet the nation’s needs.  The mail … at least important mail … has been so slow that the Pony Express could have delivered it faster (funny how the junk mail and advertisements always get through, though), but then DeJoy was hired for one reason only:  to slow the mail to a snail’s pace prior to last November’s election in order to interfere with our mail-in ballots arriving in a timely manner.  He succeeded in slowing the mail, but we managed to get our ballots in on time despite his efforts to lose or delay them.

Democrats in Congress have called for his resignation, his ouster, and I fully agree.  He did not come to the job with any relevant experience, and he did not come with the intention of helping us, only of harming us.  But DeJoy says he has a plan that he will unveil soon, to restore the USPS.  Details of his plan thus far are sketchy, but what we do know is that he plans to slow the mail (what, it isn’t already slow enough???), while charging us more (what, $80 to mail a bloomin’ package isn’t already too high???) to mail letters and packages.  This, in and of itself, is unacceptable, but add to it the fact that with higher postal rates, the Consumer Price Index will leap skyward as companies are forced to pay more for the shipping of materials and finished products, and will naturally pass their increased cost on to We the Consumers.

It’s a lose/lose situation for We the People, and the only winner would be Mr. DeJoy himself who would get to keep his job … not that he needs it, with a net worth of $110 million.  Unfortunately, as I have written before, President Biden does not have the ability to directly fire Mr. DeJoy, but he can fill the vacant seats on the Board of Governors that does have the ability to fire DeJoy.  The USPS needs a strong leader who understands the workings of the organization and whose goal would be to restructure it for maximum efficiency while restoring customer service.  DeJoy ain’t that person!

Stephen Miller rears his ugly head … again

I’m told that I shouldn’t consider republicans to be racists, but I go by the old adage if it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck.  That said, I do know a few republicans who aren’t racist, so I stop short of saying “all”.  I’ve long said that the biggest appeal of the former guy to republicans was the fact that he created in their minds a supreme danger of all immigrants and promised that ‘he alone’ could and would fix the problem.  As a result, thousands of children were taken from their parents, put in cages, denied basic healthcare and hygiene, and often were abused in a variety of ways by those in charge of their welfare.  As a result, those seeking asylum from life-threatening situations were denied entry into the country.  As a result, billions of taxpayer dollars were wasted constructing a few miles of a hideous ‘wall’ at the southern border that would serve no purpose.

President Trump Speaks On Immigration With 'Angel Families'

Stephen Miller

President Biden is attempting to repair the U.S. immigration policy, but the GOP is not onboard with his vision.  Thus, they have hired America’s chief racist, Stephen Miller, along with two other supreme racists, Tom Homan and Mark Morgan, to advise the conservative House members as they organize their opposition to Biden’s planned changes as laid out in his recently unveiled blueprint for comprehensive immigration reform legislation.  Miller, you may remember, was largely the architect for the hateful separation policy that brought so much grief to so many, especially children.

The meeting between Miller, Homan, Morgan, and House Republicans was organized by the 147-member Republican Study Committee, a group of traditionalist conservative lawmakers that also has met recently with other officials from the former administration, including former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Fox News host Tucker Carlson.  WTF does Tucker Carlson have to do with any of this, other than he is a racist to the very core?

The recently unveiled Biden bill would provide a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants, and incorporates many provisions supported by Republicans in the past as well as by business groups today.  The chief argument by republicans seems to be that it leaves out funding to complete the ridiculous ‘wall’ at the southern border … a wall which has been proven unworkable and uber-costly by numerous experts.  The U.S. is currently in debt to the tune of some $27.9 trillion, and people around the nation are starving, are in danger of losing their homes, so we damn sure don’t need to spend billions of dollars on a white elephant that benefits nobody!

Republicans who would consult and listen to Stephen Miller cannot deny their racism, for Miller is the very definition of the term white supremacist.  But, it seems they are determined to attempt to block anything and everything that President Biden tries to do, simply because … because he isn’t a republican.  Not much other reason, when you peel away the layers of excuses.

liz-cheneyInterestingly, Representative Liz Cheney, one of ten republicans in the House who voted to impeach the former guy and who has taken considerable flack from the Republican Party as a result, gave a speech yesterday at the Reagan Institute in Washington, where she said …

“It’s very important, especially for us as Republicans, to make clear that we aren’t the party of white supremacy. You certainly saw anti-Semitism, you saw the symbols of Holocaust denial, for example, at the Capitol that day. You saw a Confederate flag being carried through the Rotunda. And I think we as Republicans in particular have a duty and an obligation to stand against that, to stand against insurrection.”

I would hope that most people in the Republican Party would listen to Ms. Cheney rather than Mr. Miller and Tucker Carlson, but … sigh … I know the reality is not what I would wish.  The GOP is greatly diminished, and it’s due to the racism and people like the former guy and Stephen Miller, among others.


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  1. Maybe I am wrong, Jill, but this seems like a good place to reuse an old poem of mine, entitled Dog Catcher. I actually reused it a short while ago on an atheist website, which I doubt most of your readers do not go to, but today, I will be adding a new verse at the end, which came to me this morning:

    shall we Find
    the Mind
    Of man
    When civilization
    to the End
    of its Tether
    And snaps
    the Leather?

    is our
    Dog Catcher?

    do We
    Have one?

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    • I have to admit that I am a person who never understands subtleties or ‘hidden’ meanings, so I’m rather at a loss here. Sorry … it’s me, not you … I used to drive professors nuts, for I take everything to mean exactly what it says, and often things don’t.


      • I did not think there was anything subtle about Dog Catcher, but you prove me wrong. Technology is running rampant, and humans cannot keep up with it. Our very humanity is at risk, and unless we slow the advancement of technology, it will kill us.
        When I wrote this in the 70s, I think, I saw no one who could lead us out of the too-bright light of technology. Today, maybe Greta Thunberg? (My Spelchek renamed her Great Thunder. For once I agree with it!) No one else seems to want the job!

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        • Yes, either we need to slow the pace of technology OR … use it for good instead of greed. I greatly admire Greta and she’s on the right track, but more voices need to join hers … one person cannot do it all.


          • Our voices, yours, mine, others, are trying to make dents in our little corners of the world. Greta found a way to make the world hear her, even though that world will not listen. We each do our parts. No one can take that away from us.
            Again, I give you a true funkadelic masterpiece, even though I know you are not a funkhead. Your new followers might be:

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            • You said that well, rg … we each do our parts … and hopefully when the parts come together, like a jigsaw puzzle, they form a whole, a beautiful picture.

              That is one I’ve never heard before … can’t say it’s destined to become a top-ten favourite of mine, but he makes a point.


              • I actually sent it to you before, and you said it wasn’t your cup of coffee, but I thought a redux might be appropriate. Hopefully, for once, I put an earwig in your bonnet, and you’ll be singing the title line tomorrow.

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                • Ahhhh … well, at least I am consistent … it still isn’t my cuppa coffee/tea. No, the only earbud I have today is the one I last played, Tears of a Clown. Sorry, rg … just doesn’t appeal.


                    • My mind is not so discerning. You must have trained yours well when younger. I trained my mind to be as open as possible to whatever comes my way, good, bad, or indifferent. I hate missing things just because I would rather not experience them. What makes us siblings, from different mothers, lol.

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                    • Nah, my mind gets free rein much of the time … I insist on focus for a few hours a day, the rest of the time it goes where it wishes … these days it sometimes goes into very dark places. But back to music … life is short, and for us it is getting shorter by the hour, so why waste it listening to music we don’t like, or reading books we find boring? Ponder on that one for just a minute …


  2. Jill, it was once said the reason Republicans don’t like government agencies is they don’t run them very well. The level of cronyism and lack of competence in many of the former president’s appointees is captured in Michael Lewis’ book “The fifth risk.” As Lewis learns from his research, the Deep State are the hard working folks who remember their oaths and know what they are talking about. This does not mean Democrats do far better, but just compare the credentials of those folks appointed by Joe Biden to those appointed by his predecessor. The fact many Trump appointees turned over at record rates is not a surprise. Keith

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    • Yes, I remember reading about that in Lewis’ book. Your comment reminds me of the post I did last month where Bill Maher paid tribute to Henry Waxman, the congressman who quietly worked behind the scenes to get things done. No, it isn’t always the Democrats, but these days, it seems the Republicans are too busy fighting everything to actually accomplish anything.


  3. Sadly I think there will always be something to snark about!
    Good for Cheney though!
    Hugs my friend, I remember a comment that I hadn’t got to reply where you said you were down! Sending lots of love! 💕💕

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    • Yes, humans being what they are, I’ve concluded that peace can never reign for long. Yes, Liz Cheney is not your typical republican today, but rather of the old-style republican that at least owned a conscience. Awww … thanks, sweet Carolyn. I’m okay … just rather sick of the behaviour I see from people … the hatred in this nation is depressing and doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon. Huge HUGS and much love! ❤

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      • It can definitely be depressing, and that’s why we have to focus on the good people and good things, they are out there! Just like your Good people post! The bad people may never go away but never will the good ones! 🙂 ❤ back at ya!

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  4. If Ms Cheney wants to prove she’s not from the party of White Supremacists she could vote with the Democrats to appoint the Women of Colout Joe Biden wants in his cabinet, As it stands with one racist turncoat from the Democrats set to oppose them it looks like they’ll be blackballed..

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    • You’re so right … she needs to put her vote where her mouth is. But, I do trust Liz Cheney to a large extent, to do the right thing. I was pleased to hear this evening that Manchin, the Senator who said he opposes Neera Tanden’s nomination, will vote for Deb Haaland for Secretary of the Interior. Haaland is a Native American and a woman, so I’m not sure Manchin’s objection to Tanden was as much prejudicial as arrogant. He claimed to be ‘offended’ by a few of her tweets, and yet … look at the tweets of the former guy!!! They defined the word offensive!

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    • THAT is for damn sure, my friend! They lurk everywhere … behind trees, cars, houses, and even in the vegetable bin behind the onions! It really does seem as if they are coming out of the woodwork these days. Sigh.

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