It’s Time To Burn Bigotry

Just a short update before I delve into my main topic this morning …

Bye-bye DeJoy

In his testimony before Congress yesterday, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy arrogantly said that he plans to stay in his current position, despite opposition, “… for a long time.  Get used to me.”  Well, we’ll just see about that, because on the same day that he so cockily said that, President Biden nominated three people to the USPS Board of Governors.  Those three – Ron Stroman, Anton Hajjar and Amber McReynolds – once confirmed by the Senate, would create a Democratic majority on the Board and DeJoy could easily be fired from his position.  Fingers crossed on that one, for while I don’t like to see anyone fired, this arrogant man has all but destroyed the U.S. Postal Service and has unabashedly spoken of his intent to further slow the mail and raise prices.  I shall dance on the day he is told to pack his bags!

Equality Act

The Equality Act has passed its first hurdle … it passed in the House yesterday with a vote of 224-206 and even three Republicans voted for it.  What is the Equality Act?  It is an amendment to the 1964 Civil Rights Act to provide protections for LGBTQ individuals.  The bill would ban discrimination in various areas, including the workplace, housing and education, in addition to federally funded programs. The legislation also would expand the 1964 bill to cover public accommodations to include places like shopping malls, sports arenas, and even websites.  Pretty simple, right?  People should not be punished for being LGBT.  Period.  They are human beings just like me, just like you, and they deserve the same legal protections.

The Republicans in general, however, don’t quite see it that way.  With the exception of the three who crossed the aisle to vote for the bill, they are dead set against it.  Why?  Truth is because they are bigots, homophobes who would disown their own child if he/she told them he/she was gay.  They believe that the only people who deserve the best life has to offer are white, straight, Christian males.  But they have a remarkable excuse for their homophobia … they claim it takes away people’s religious freedom.  Yeah, really … go figure.

One portion of the Republican argument, as well as religious leaders’, is that the bill doesn’t limit “public accommodations” to exclude churches.  Religious leaders want to be able to forbid LGBT people in their churches.  Well, guess what, Mr. Bigot … I doubt any LGBT person would want to enter your “house of worship.”  Keep it filled with racists and homophobes …

Another part of the argument against the bill claims that giving equal rights to the LGBT community would “alter the country’s social fabric by blurring gender lines in women’s sports and other cultural practices.”  Bullshit!  I’ve never heard such a crappy excuse in my life!  Our society, our lives, and our culture are enhanced by the diversity, and any who cannot see that are culturally and socially blind.

The infamous Marjorie Taylor Greene crossed a line when she hung an anti-transgender sign outside her office, claiming “there are TWO genders: MALE & FEMALE”.  Bad enough to say under any circumstances, but what made it even worse is that the office across the hall from hers is that of Representative Marie Newman, whose daughter is transgender.  Ms. Greene, as I have said on multiple occasions, does NOT belong in Congress.

One comment I saw to this story stirred my ire …

“This pieces [sic] of legislation is just another way for “the establishment” to keep us divided as a nation. All people are created equal, I certainly don’t need the DC establishment to pass legislation for me to understand this Fact.”

Seriously, buddy?  Don’t you think that if Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims, and LGBT were all treated equally, we wouldn’t even have needed the Civil Rights Act?  Don’t you think that if everyone treated everyone equally, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation?  What keeps us divided is not that the government is trying to protect people from discrimination, but rather that there are bigots out there who would lynch a Black man, who would kill a transgender person on sight.  There are landlords who would refuse to rent housing to them, employers who would refuse them a job, and even businesses … oh, say like a bakery that specializes in wedding cakes … that would refuse them service!  Sadly, the bigots have to be forced to do the right thing and treat people right!  And they call themselves “Christians”.  Ask me again why I consider religion the source of most of what’s wrong in the world!

Next stop for the Equality Act is the Senate.  This same bill was passed by the House in 2019, but when it got to the Senate, Mitch McConnell refused to even bring it to the Senate floor, so there it died.  I think it will be different this time, as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has promised that the legislation will get a floor vote “at exactly the right time.” But … it will need 10 Senate Republican votes in order to beat back a GOP filibuster.  Are there 10 Republicans in the Senate with any form of a conscience?  Apparently not, given the outcome of the impeachment trial.  DAMN the filibuster!  I have a brilliant idea … remember how many were calling to ‘defund the police’ last summer?  Let’s start a movement to ‘defund republicans in Congress’ until they start acting like adults!

I will be composing a letter to the republican senator for my own state in the next day or two … not that it will matter or change his mind, but … I have to try.

21 thoughts on “It’s Time To Burn Bigotry

  1. Excellent post and rant Jill. You’re absolutely right when you say that religion is the source for so many problems in the world. I’m so sick of the religious freedom bullshit. I would also like freedom…FROM religion. Is that not my right as well? Anyway, good on the House for passing the bill. Certainly an uncertain fate in Senate, as is the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. At some point, Dems are going to have to face up to the fact that the filibuster needs to go. It’s a heavy lift, but you and I both know that R’s will not cooperate. They’re the perennial NO party. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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  2. We shall join you in that dance, Jill: “I shall dance on the day…”
    And in the meantime, does it still help the USPS if I keep my PO box? 🙂
    Oh, and
    Thank you, also, for keeping us updated on the new updates to the Civil Rights Act. I hope that the parts of The Voting Rights Act that were allowed to expire are being renewed?


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    • I expect every little bit helps keep the USPS afloat, but we simply must oust the man who plans to slow down the mail and double our costs! The Supreme Court determined that Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act was no longer needed (they were dead wrong!) in 2013, and restoring those protections will be easier said than done, for a Supreme Court decision is tough to reverse. However, I still have some hope.

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      • Yes, we must oust the guy who plans to cripple the very agency he is sworn to serve and improve, and I am still as in shock over that 2013 decision now as I was then. It will be tough to reverse, you are right, with the Federal judiciary now stacked so to the right that it is nearly falling over.
        But we have no right to give up hope…

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        • It seemed to be the operative theme of the former guy to put people in place as agency heads that sought to destroy the agency! Best examples were Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education who didn’t believe in public schools, and Scott Pruit over the EPA who had sued the EPA, then later Andrew Wheeler, who had significant ties to the fossil fuel industry to head the EPA! Thankfully, that former guy and most of his hand-picked minions are gone, but it’s a bit harder to get rid of the Postmaster General. I think it will happen … just takes more time.

          I’m with you there … I was shocked when the initial decision was made in 2013 … I remember yelling at my television! But you’re right … we must continue to hope and to make our voices heard … loud and clear!

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  3. LOL, I luv ur idea of defunding Repubs, but i’ll take it a step further & defund all of congress until they put aside their petty differences and work for we the ppl… that means all of us, not just old white rich dudes. *Peace* ❤

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  4. My newest question about the way your government works–read DOES NOT WORK–is about these rules that the Senate needs a particular number of votes to pass bills that are presented to this house. Such a big thing was made about the Dems winning a 1 vote majority in the Senate–the vice-president’s vote in a house split 50-50, but now I am hearing that 51 votes is not enough to pass important bills.

    Obviously the Dem majority of 1 is meaningless. All it does, it seems to me, is to guarantee getting bills to the floor, but it cannot guarantee those bills passing.
    Please tell me there is a useful reason for the Senate to exist besides to put government monies into the pockets of White Christian Male Drones who refuse to take their jobs seriously. They, the Repuglycan Senators, do not deserve to be paid salaries, which most of them do not even need. The perqs they get are even more ridiculous.
    Please, do something to make your elected officials work for the people, not for themselves. It looks really bad beyond your borders. Surely it looks even worse inside your borders, and it is time to mend the loopholes!

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  5. Very interesting post and I love the illustration too. The final point about writing to the senator made me smile, I am always telling people to write to their MP’s here in the UK, regardless if it makes any difference or not. Well done.

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    • Thank you, Owen! Yes, we must keep reminding our elected officials to whom they owe their allegiance, for they seem to forget quickly about that oath of office they take! At the very least, all our emails and letters must surely annoy them! And sometimes, just maybe our voices do make a difference, remind them of their duty.

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  6. I can well understand the need for such legislation. Like you, I just think it’s a shame it’s needed. I think it ridiculous that there are men and women out there who don’t accept that all men are equal never mind the colour of their skin. All women are equal never mind the color of their skin and that men and women were born equal too. If those men or women happen to be gay or transgender, they don’t lose their equality. What the church should be teaching is that it’s wrong to commit violence towards them or to discriminate against them for their differences.

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