Trump & Teddy Roosevelt-A Phony Populist vs. a Real One

Our friend Jeff from On the Fence Voters has a new venue … he’s a contributing writer for Politically Speaking, a publication at Today, he has written his first piece, and it is both thoughtful and thought-provoking … I hope you’ll take a look and follow him on Medium! Thanks, Jeff, for all your hard work! We’ll speak soon!

On The Fence Voters

Hello everyone. Recently I became a contributing writer for Politically Speaking, a publication at I wanted to share my first post with you and will do so in the future as well. I apologize in advance for using the former guy’s name-as well as writing anything about him. My pledge is to minimize the crazy man as much as possible. But this post really goes to the overall concept of populism, and how it can be used in a good way-and a despicable and dangerous way as well. Anyway, here is an excerpt. I’d greatly appreciate it if you click the link at the end and finish reading over at Medium. Thank you everybody!

Imagine a scenario where an ex-president broke away from his political party to form a new and exciting one based on reforming democracy as we know it. Things like standing up to corporations, providing health…

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7 thoughts on “Trump & Teddy Roosevelt-A Phony Populist vs. a Real One

  1. A good summation, Jeff, especially for a non-American who never knew what Teddy did for America. You need someone else like him, someone dynamic, as I often said in comments to Jill leading up to the 2020 election. Biden won, but a dynamic candidate would have crushed the latter guy, and there would have been no question of a stolen election. Jan. 6th would have been a nice, quiet, normal day.

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  2. Thanks for the heads-up to an interesting article.

    (I see that your reblog suffers from the excessive white space issue my recent one did. I consulted with a WordPress Happiness Engineer about that, and they thanked me for advising them that there was a problem; hopefully that was more than just a cynical ‘get this awkward customer off the line and close the case’ exercise.)

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    • Glad you liked it … Jeff does good work!

      WordPress drives me crazy on occasion … thanks for the heads up, though, for I didn’t realize there was excessive white space! Hopefully they will fix this, along with a myriad of other problems!

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