The Week’s Best Cartoons 2/27

This week the cartoonists certainly had plenty of material to work with, from Ted Cruz’ trip to Cancún, to the bigotry of Marjorie Greene to states’ renewed attempts at voter suppression to CPAC and more.  They didn’t let us down, and as she does every week, our friend TokyoSand managed to find the best of the lot!  Thanks, TS … you’re the best!


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8 thoughts on “The Week’s Best Cartoons 2/27

  1. As always, thanks for sharing my cartoon roundup, Jill. I have to say, it’s getting interesting in a new way. We’re starting to see more criticism of the Democrats and Biden, which is expected as they are in power, but with the Republican party so out of whack with democracy, I’m thinking about how exactly I can keep the Democrats accountable without giving Republicans a pass. You’ll likely see more critical cartoons come this way.

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    • Always my pleasure, TS! Yes, I’ve noticed a change in some of the cartoons of late. We DO need to keep the democrats accountable, to not allow them to become like the GOP where the needs of the people are secondary, but as you say, we also don’t want to do so in such a way that gives the Republicans a reason to smile! Have a great week!

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    • It is sad, and it is frightening, for today there are 37 states attempting to take away the rights of many to vote. WHY??? Because they know that if every adult in this nation voted, the GOP would die a rather quick death in their party line of bigotry, uber-capitalism, and profit over people. So … rather than change their ways, it’s simpler to simply disenfranchise the minorities and the poor … make it so hard for them to vote that they just throw their hands up and say “to hell with it all”. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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