They KILLED 216 Wolves!!!!! 😭

I am sickened, disgusted, and enraged to read that in Wisconsin, hunters (assholes with guns) killed 216 wolves within 60 hours!  WHY???  What is it about the human species that leads them to think they have a right to take other species lives for ‘sport’?  216 wolves died at the hands of jerks who are so cowardly they need guns to make them feel like ‘men’.

According to the story in The Guardian

The kills all took place in less than 60 hours, quickly exceeding Wisconsin’s statewide stated limit of 119 animals.

As a result, Wisconsin’s department of natural resources ended the season, which was scheduled to span one week, four days early.

While department officials were reportedly surprised by the number of gray wolves killed, they described the population as “robust, resilient” and expressed confidence in managing the numbers “properly going forward”.

wolfSo, it’s ‘okay’ that 216 wolves lost their lives in less than 3 days, because the wolf population has enough remaining wolves that it is not in danger of extinction?  But … what about the 216 who died???  They had as much right to life as the damned ‘men’ who shot and killed them so that they could brag to their friends, perhaps even hang a wolf’s head on the wall above their fireplace.  WHY should there even be a ‘hunting season’???  In this, the 21st century, people buy their food at the grocery store – there is no need to kill innocent animals for food.  The wolves weren’t threatening to harm these sorry excuses for ‘men’ … the men went out of their way to shoot and kill the wolves … wolves who, by the way, did not carry guns, could not defend themselves.

A federal judge, in response to a lawsuit from wildlife advocates, decided in December 2014 that the gray wolf must be put back on the Endangered Species List. In October 2020, the Trump administration removed the gray wolf from the Endangered Species List.

One more reason for me to despise the former guy … as if I needed another.

wolf-quote-2Last month, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources decided not to hold a hunting season on wolves this year, but a Kansas-based hunting advocacy group filed suit against them, forcing them to ‘hold a season’ before the end of February.  I will be finding out the name and address of that ‘advocacy group’ and they are going to receive a letter that will be so full of wrath that it will burn their fingers when they open the envelope!

There are far better hobbies a person can have than murdering innocent animals!  Take up bowling, knitting, wood-carving, learn a new language, maybe even learn proper English!  Nobody … NOBODY has the right to determine how many of a species should be allowed to live on this planet!  NOBODY has that right!  If they did, then I would suggest the world is far overpopulated by humans, so let’s have an open season on them and kill off a million or so every year!

I hope every last one of those sorry excuses for humans who killed a wolf has nightmares every night for the rest of their lives.

They say that the United States, aka ‘America’ is a free country, but apparently that means something different to some than it does to me.  Apparently to many it means freedom for humans, death for all other species.  Some days I hate humans.


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  1. Agree on all counts, Jill. As for open season to kill off humans, I believe Mother Nature has begun that process already..😏
    Coming from Louisiana where hunting is not only a sport but a rite of passage if you live in the woods and have guns, I have had this debate with many a deer hunter. I know one woman who was so thrilled to get her pink camo rifle and fairly well forced a shotgun to her four year old son’s hands as soon as he could hold it. I don’t care if you eat the meat. There is no longer a need to hunt wild game. Then comes the excuse of needing to hunt them down due to ‘overpopulation’, a problem created by over hunting them in the first place. What makes humans think they are the only living species with the will and right to thrive and survive.
    For those Bible thumpers out there who think God created this Earth to use and abuse, read the original versions of your book and not the bastardized man altered ones. Even in the book of God’s word it states that the heavens and the earth and all creatures upon it were created first. When Man was created he was given stewardship over the creation. Not abuse, misuse, or carelessness. It means good, faithful and responsible management.
    I don’t know, but for anyone who believes in God, I would think he’s really disappointed right about now. 😞


  2. We have to erase this fairytale of the Little Red Riding Hood. Here in Germany wolves have been reintroduced for the past thirty years. Now shepherds fear for their flocks, although sheep flocks have only been around in this large number since that time. When people try to mess with nature’s craft, that’s bad. ;-( Michael

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    • True, but it isn’t only wolves. People here hunt deer, bears, and then people like the Trump sons go to a game preserve where they hunt cheetah, lions, tigers … you name it. WHY does anybody get pleasure from murdering a beautiful animal??? You’re right, when people try to circumvent nature, they upset a delicate balance, an ecosystem, and the results are tragic. For some reason, humans seem to think they have the right to decide life and death for all other species. Arrogance! Sigh.

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  3. I am sorry you had to read that, Jill. Many humans do not deserve our love, though we offer it freely to everyone. I happened into a Ducks Unlimited meeting one day, many years ago, and sat at the back of the room. I was thinking about volunteering for this great environmental and conservationist organization. It took only minutes to have my eyes opened, and my heart eternally closed to them. It started with them bragging about how many ducks they each killed the previous season, and then it got worse. Their wetland areas were suffering from a drought that year, and they were worried the ducks would fly over without stopping. They did not want to preserve the wetlands for the birds to have a safe feeding ground on their was south, but rather they wanted to be able to pipe water in from a lake many miles away to keep the marshes wet, so birds would land there and they could kill their quotas. I shouted out they were all murdering dicks, and I hoped their wetlands would dry up forever, then ran like hell. A lot of those dickwads had their rifles with them at the meeting, I have no idea why. But
    I was afraid if I hung around they would decide to hunt me.
    I called up the local newspaper and told them what I heard, but they were not interested. Ducks Unlimited is a huge organization, and they were not going to believe a long-haired jerk like me that they had ulterior motives to protect the wetlands. I have never trusted the print media ever since!
    They do a lot of culling of herds of grass-eaters in Alberta, as well as packs of predators. Nature has taken care of its own for millions of years, now humans think they need to be in charge. It makes me sick!
    I used to have a T-shirt that I wore till it virtually rotted on my back. A FAR SIDE cartoon. A protestor was handing out rifles and ammo to the animals in a forest. The caption read, “It’s time to fight back. Have fun!” or something like that. I loved it.

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    • Thanks rg. I do not and will never understand what joy there is in killing an innocent animal who had no means of defending itself. What joy is there in seeing something as beautiful as a wolf bleed and die? To me, only a pervert could possibly take pleasure from such an act. I hope they all get what they deserve. Sigh.


  4. What I don’t understand is why some of the wolves are not trapped and moved to live in states with excessive deer populations, like we had back East.
    That would help both species, not to mention lower Lyme disease counts.

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    • Sigh. The only answer to that is the bloodlust of the human species. There are people on this planet for whom killing is … pleasure. It makes them feel that they are special, brave, whatever, when in fact it proves their inferiority that they require a gun and will take the lives of those who have no weapon with which to fight back.

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      • Very true, which is why I believe that we need new forms of rites of passage that work for an updated society, as a way of satisfying that need for an initiation or proof of one’s valor, without useless killing or harm. That is why I posted about a need for a new Adulthood Challenge that could perhaps be part of a way of redirecting those impulses into a more productive set of responses for society.

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  5. I’ll admit, I find it horrible, and cruel, and it isn’t ok. I know. And hunting for sport isn’t right, not at all. I feel like all of the states need to put up a law order saying that nobody is allowed to kill more than 1 wolf every 5 years, which may still be quite a bit, but at least the wolves would have time to grow up and stuff, and live a bit, and also so that that many wolves don’t get killed all at the same time. I will also admit that I kinda like hunting, and do it whenever I can; but the thing is, I only take what I NEED, not what I WANT. I only hunt for food; not for sport, or money, or for fun. And after the life gets taken, I thank the animal, and then I pray to God, and thank him as well. I am respectful, and courteous, when I hunt. It absolutely hurts me to hear that so many animals of all species are dying out so quickly, because hunters are literally abusing the laws of nature, just because they won’t get in trouble with the government for doing what they do. I really do hate it, but what can we do?? I greatly go against the thought of starting a riot, or protest, or anything like that, because, for 1, we are already having to deal with enough of those already, you know!?!?!? What I would suggest is, maybe try to write a letter to governors, or something. I really don’t know, honestly. Just a thought. But I greatly hate that hunters just think that they have the right away just because they have permission from law enforcement. That’s all I really have to say, honestly.

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  6. Hello Jill, i commiserate with your opinion about hunters. Not only don’t they have the right to kill other sentient beings, they lack empathy, compassion, morals and ethics. Disgusting.
    Not to be hypocritical, i would extend this judgement on meat eaters who exploit animals for food. In this day and age, humans can do quite nicely on fruits, vegetables, grains. There’s even vegan meat substitutes like impossible foods, beyond meat, and GTFO it’s vegan… they taste and satisfy just like real beef. ppl have no excuse to harm animals for any reason. Humans are becoming a plague, destroying the balance of nature, upsetting ecosystems, destroying the planet. Climate change is an inconvenient truth, same with water pollution from toxic runoff from factory chicken and pork farms. You should see the huge open cesspools of feces just piling up. Soon it’ll be game over if we literally don’t clean up our own collective mess.

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    • What happened to OneEarthUnited? Anyway … you make a valid point. I’m not a huge meat eater, but we do eat chicken or fish probably 3 nights a week, and beef maybe once every other week. But, I could, without too much difficulty, live on veggies, bread, cheese, etc. I draw the line at “plant-based ‘meat'” though! I’d rather do without! There are so many ways in which we are destroying the environment, and this is but one, but yes, you’re right.


      • WP changed their algorithm again, what else is new? I have to sign in manually to leave a comment, sometimes my comment just disappear into the blogosphere. Oh well.
        Fact, if every person cut back on meat just 2 times per week, that would spare 10s of millions of animals. It’s unbelievable how many animals are consumed mindlessly as if they were simply commodity and not at one time a living breathing being. I hope ppl become more aware of the ecological impact of a meat eating diet, and it’s toll on human health. The artificial hormones injected into animals to fatten them for market also contributes to cancer and other degenerative diseases. Humans are not designed to eat eat period, it putrifies in the gut, lead to poor digestion and congestion… a main source of allergies and inflammation.
        It’s a pity nutrition, health and natural living are not taught in school. That silly food triangle is sponsored by the food industry, lobbied heavily by big Ag, with huge payoffs to our greedy good for nothing politicians.
        The whole system stinks to high heaven, we do have a choice and vote with our pocketbooks, make the right food choices for better health, environment, and saving animal lives!

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  7. I feel for you Sweetie and I feel for the wolves who have every right to be there. We’re taking over their territory not the other way round. How we can happily wipe out a sentient species and live with ourselves I don’t understand.

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    • Sigh. This one has hit me hard, for sure. I just want to find the men who killed those beautiful wolves and … kill them! I could do that without a second thought. Sigh. Maybe it’s time for humans to leave this planet and let the rest of the species live in peace.

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  8. I’m sorry, but I must disagree with you in part. I appreciate that the situation in America is vastly different for the situation in Aotearoa New Zealand, so while my sentiments towards the slaughter of wolves in America is similar to yours, I can’t say that same about mammalian predators here.

    Before the arrival of the first humans in this country a mere 800 years ago, these islands were an avian paradise and the only mammals present were three species of tiny bats. All life here evolved in the absence of heavy predation that mammals are capable of, and native animal and plant species are disappearing faster than you can say “extinction”.

    As it was humans that brought the predators here, it’s our responsibility to eradicate them before what’s left of the NZ ecology disappears forever. While I don’t have a high regard for the “sport” of hunting, there’s more than 30 million possums that need to be removed from our shores along with millions of rats, stoats, weasels, and feral cats and dogs. Hunters have a role to play alongside mass aerial drops of poison and trapping.

    Not only would I say we have a right to eradicate mammalian predators from these islands, we have a moral responsibility to do so. The existence of hundreds of species, both plant and animal depend on it.

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