Where Are We With Biden’s Cabinet Nominees?

Last week I fully intended to write a post about the status of Joe Biden’s cabinet nominees — who has been confirmed, who hasn’t, etc., but as often happens, my best-laid plans go astray.  This morning I logged on and one of the first things I saw was that TokyoSand has done an assessment and also added some enlightening information, so … again, why re-invent the wheel when she’s done such an excellent job of it?  Thank you, TS!

A quick rundown on President Biden’s Cabinet nominees. Who has been confirmed, who has been approved but not yet received a vote, and who is still stuck in committee.

Between a slow transition thanks to the feet dragging of the previous administration, the second impeachment trial, and then the negotiations to get the American Rescue Plan (COVID relief bill) passed — (pausing to celebrate that achievement!!!) — the Senate has gotten fairly behind getting all of President Biden’s Cabinet positions confirmed.

Normally, a month into a President’s first term, the average is to have about 84% of the Cabinet confirmed. (source) But with Biden, we’ve only seen 13 out of the 23 confirmed, which is only 56%. That said, his Cabinet is already shaping up to be the most diverse in our nation’s history.

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10 thoughts on “Where Are We With Biden’s Cabinet Nominees?

  1. Left this message on TS’s blog:

    Not being American, none of this affects me directly, but it does indirectly, because we are such close neighbours, and neighbour’s want to see everyone doing the best they can, to everyone’s benefit. But Moscow Mitch shedding his snakeskin? I don’t believe it. He has ulterior motives, I think you can count on that. The question is: What are they? The answer to that will probably be important to discover.
    However, if he has gone through a sea change, best you discover that too.

    It makes me nervous. He makes me nervous.

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  2. Likewise:
    thank you, Jill!

    I keep meaning to check on this, but I have a post to avoid,I mean to write, on tax brackets and how difficult it is for US to rise up the economic ladder, here in the USA.

    The work goes on…

    Stay safe,

    Keep teaching, keep learning, and keep sharing, please…


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  3. Thank you for sharing, Jill! Will be a pleasure to read, because here was and is nothing about on air. Seems our official had lost the interest in the USA. Lol No, dont worry! They just expect government investment in the economy to be able to hang on. 😉 Michael

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