Why “Defund the Police” will fail

Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of the murder of Breonna Taylor by police in a horrific case of mistaken identity and police brutality. Our friend Brosephus talks of what must be done to stop these murders by police and that ‘defunding’ police departments alone is not the answer. Thank you, Brosephus, for your timely and wise words.

The Mind of Brosephus

Today marks the one year anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s death at the hands of the government. Some call it murder, but the legal definition in Kentucky, according to Section 507.020, includes intent in the definition. It will be hard to impossible to improve the officers involved in the homicide of Breonna Taylor went to her apartment with the intent to kill her. That’s why I don’t think any of the officers will ultimately be convicted on any type of murder charge. That’s a different post for a different day though.

In 2020, we had to deal with the deaths of the three people above. All three killings involved active duty or retired law enforcement officers. In light of these and other killings by police, there has been a movement started to defund the police. The idea behind this is to take funding for police and move it towards other…

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9 thoughts on “Why “Defund the Police” will fail

  1. True, Jill, with the expectation of weapons (a leftover, perhaps, from the 80s?), and much training, getting rid of as many as possible of the white supremacist officers, and having a lot more social workers available, perhaps even to go on calls with the police, may help.
    Ultimately, though, cultural change, probably via education, but also certainly, as you pointed out, in the media and literary portrayals, more books from more points of view, and more teaching of actual Empathy.
    All that will be a start…
    60 years…

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    • Yes, all that is a start, but I also think the schools could do a lot by teaching history as it happened and teaching the lessons of history, for it seems to me that we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over and over.

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      • Absolutely! We do keep repeating mistakes, and the ‘teaching’ of history is a very big part of the problem, particularly since we wall it off from mathematics and critical thinking. Investigation and sourcing of historical documents is totally (or was, until the “Think Like a Historian” movement began, fairly recently) unheard of in schools. This is another part of our stagnation in thinking and education that needs to change.

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  2. Left this comment on The Mind of Brosephus:

    The biggest thing, Sir, is to teach the police not to fear for their lives on every call they are assigned to respond to. Especially where people of colour are involved, the police approach with supreme caution, EXPECTING TO SEE WEAPONS DRAWN. There is no reason to do this, except fear. How many cops get killed in these situations? I certainly do not hear of many at all, especially in comparison to the number of civilian deaths they cause. Cops are trigger happy. To me, defunding the police should mean taking away the money to buy every a gun or two for every officer. Another thing I would defund would be body armour. Bulletproof vests, helmets, gas masks, night vision goggles, armored vehicles, all these things increase a cops fear of what might happen. They go into situations believing they are going to be attacked, rather than as peacemakers. Defund the armour. Turn cops back into citizens, instead of soldiers.
    Do shift some money to providing better training in situations involving mental health issues, recognizing medical emergencies, and having proper personal available to advise them in situations they are causing to escalate. And, yes, challenge the courts to define rulings with words that cannot be interpreted, like reasonable. What is reasonable to a peaceful officer is not reasonable to a loud-mouth racist officer, who thinks he is going to be shot every time he gets out of his squad car.

    And get the media, especially movies and television, from propagating these stereotypes.
    98% of incidents involving police don’t require weapons. So why do the cops come prepared for the worst. They are already on edge. Bad decisions are inevitable. With guns available, lethal force will be used.

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    • All good points, rg, and you are so right about the media, but unfortunately that is one of the less desirable effects of ‘free speech’. I wish we could take every gun on the face of this earth, put them on one of Elon Musks spaceships and send them into oblivion. Sigh.


      • Right into the sun, if you ask me, which is what I suggested many years ago when a Canadian science TV program asked for ideas on how to get rid of nuclear waste, which is going to be dangerous as hell for the next few millenia, and the more that gets produced the less places they are going to have to put it. It made sense to me, put it on a bareboned rocket ship pointed into the sun, which is a big nuclear reactor.
        They actually read my solution on air, and laughed their heads off.They finally decided the best place is in abandoned coal mines.
        Nuclear waste is a heat generator. Coal is a fuel. They though mixing nuclear waste and fuel a great idea. I gave up on science at that point.
        Guns Into the Sun! Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think!

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        • I like your idea far better than their idea of putting it into abandoned coal mines! People live above and around coal mines, for Pete’s sake! Yes, shoot it straight into the sun and it will crash ‘n burn before it ever reaches the surface.


    • My pleasure, Michael! The weekend was gorgeous and sunny. Today, however, it has snowed and now is raining … a very cold, dreary day, but bright and cheery indoors! You have a good week also, my friend!


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