The Media Misses the Former Guy

Ted Cruz (of Cancun fame) referred to President Biden’s first 50 days as ‘boring’. Heck yeah, and I’m loving it! He’s getting things done, quietly and without the hoopla & controversy of the former guy. Just working and getting things done … things that are for the people. Whatever can he be thinking, eh? The former guy liked to hear himself talk, but accomplished exactly nothing positive for We the People. Biden is quiet, but is accomplishing much for us. Jeff has written about how the media is in withdrawal and seeking to stir things up! Thanks, Jeff!

On The Fence Voters

The mainstream media’s bored. I can imagine what it must be like for them. No longer can they start their day’s news cycle by elevating an insulting tweet, an abundance of lies, or some other kind of moral outrage.

I get it. It’s the same for me these days. I wake up now, grab a cup of coffee and see what’s happening in the news. By my second cup, I’m still maintaining my sanity and my blood pressure. How nice it is to have an actual president of the United States after four years of chaos, incompetence, division, and gas-lighting to the millionth degree.

The American people deserve the break. Our collective mental anguish couldn’t take much more. The Former Guy ruled the media universe for nearly five years, and most of us had had enough. The media, however, must have felt like a jilted girlfriend or boyfriend.

What are…

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    • I had to go in search of to find what you were referring to … isn’t it funny that your media covers U.S. news better than our own media does, but we don’t cover much in the way of news across the pond. Anyway, I presume you are talking about the bill to curtail the right to protest in England and Wales? I’ll need to do some more reading — just skimmed it tonight — but it sounds extremely oppressive from the little I saw. Do you think it’s likely to pass? The first step, I think, in the road to autocracy. Keep me posted, my friend. Coffee soon, I promise. Take care, Gary … hugs!

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