One Very Ugly Man

There are, according to the NPR database, now 49 people affiliated with either the military or law enforcement who have been arrested for their role in the attack on the Capitol and Congress on January 6th.  The very people in whose hands we have placed our lives, played a role in an attempt to take away our lives.  For make no mistake, if their mission had been successful, I likely would not be writing this blog post today and we would almost certainly have a cruel, evil dictator at the helm in Washington.

No, I’m not over-dramatizing.  What did you think the former guy planned to do if his planned insurrection had succeeded, killing Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, and throwing out our votes?  Did you think he would have been able to continue as a president, that Congress would simply overlook it all and that it would have been “business as usual”?  Think again.

One of those with military connections is this man …


Timothy Louis Hale-Cusanelli was arrested on January 17th and charged with Civil Disorder; Aiding and Abetting; Obstruction of an Official Proceeding; Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building or Grounds; Impeding Ingress and Egress in a Restricted Building; Disorderly Conduct in a Capitol Building; Parading, Demonstrating, or Picketing in a Capitol Building.

Hale-Cusanelli is a sergeant in the Army Reserve, serving in the 174th Infantry Brigade out of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in New Jersey, according to the Army.  It was initially reported that he was discharged after his arrest and barred from Weapons Station Earle, where he works, but later information from Army Reserve Strategic Communications said that “leadership is reviewing the case and that administrative action has not been taken.”

According to The Washington Post

Arguing in a Friday filing that Hale-Cusanelli should remain in pretrial detention, the U.S. attorney’s office in D.C. released parts of interviews with his co-workers at the Naval base. Several of the nearly four dozen Navy service members and contractors told Naval Criminal Investigative Service agents that Hale-Cusanelli was a white supremacist.

One Navy petty officer alleged that Hale-Cusanelli once said, “Hitler should have finished the job,” according to the filing.

A Navy seaman told investigators that he heard Hale-Cusanelli say that “babies born with any deformities or disabilities should be shot in the forehead” and that if he were a Nazi, “he would kill all the Jews and eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and he wouldn’t need to season them because the salt from their tears would make it flavorful enough,” prosecutors disclosed.

Another petty officer said Hale-Cusanelli referred to Black people in profane, dehumanizing terms, according to the document.

Multiple co-workers remembered seeing Hale-Cusanelli’s mustache shaved to look like the short mustache Hitler wore, including a supervisor who admonished him for it. Photos on his phone obtained by federal agents showed his hair cut in a way reminiscent of Hitler’s hair, including selfies taken at work. Other images on his phone portrayed Hitler saving White Americans from the Republican and Democratic parties and contained “statistics” to “bolster his assertions that the ‘white race’ was superior,” according to prosecutors.

At issue this week is whether he should be released from jail pending the conclusion of the investigation and a trial.  From my point of view, there is no question that he is a menace and should remain in jail, but his lawyer argues to the contrary, and even prosecutors have said that the interviews, as well as racist and offensive photos and cartoons found on Hale-Cusanelli’s phone, are not legal grounds to halt his release.  They do, however, argue for his continued imprisonment on the grounds that the ideology is a driving force behind his aspiration for a “civil war,” making him a danger to the community.

One of Hale-Cusanelli’s supervisors, Sergeant John Getz, told agents that Hale-Cusanelli would walk up to new people and ask, “‘You’re not Jewish, are you?’” with a demeanor that was “joking but not.” Getz said he knew Hale-Cusanelli was a Nazi sympathizer and Holocaust denier, but that he did not mention it in the letter he submitted to the court because he was not personally offended by Hale-Cusanelli.  NOT PERSONALLY OFFENDED???  I’m personally offended and I’ve never met the guy!

This and many like him are the ones Senator Ron Johnson calls ‘patriots’.  They are anything but patriots … they are domestic terrorists and it’s time to call them such.  Why hasn’t he been dishonourably discharged from the Army Reserves and why is there even any consideration of letting him out of jail before his trial?

That there are even people like this in the world fills me with despair these days.  Life is short, the world is on the brink of a climate catastrophe, and people are willing to kill others because they consider themselves superior based on the colour of their skin.  WHY???  Imagine, if everyone worked together without hatred what we might accomplish in this world.  But instead, we waste time, money, energy and resources to make the world a less desirable place to be.  What a damn shame.

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  1. The work is hard, and the hands are few, but we must never give up hope.
    As long as we do not give up, there will always be hope.

    Imagine a slave in 1851, at the passage of the Fugitive Slave Act, which abolished the trade and the coffles in the Federal City, but made it even more difficult to escape slavery anywhere in the country. Now, even white people were endangered, as any slave catcher or bounty hunter or constable could require any Abolitionist to assist in the apprehension of a runaway slave, or face jail time, even up in Boston.
    Do you think they thought there was any longer any hope?
    but change did come.

    15 years later…

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    • Ah yes … this is much the same as I said a few minutes ago to another reader who seems ready to give up on everything. We must keep fighting, for otherwise what hope is there? We have no choice, really, but to keep fighting with whatever tools are in our arsenal, in my case only my brain, my humanitarianism, and my words. For if we give up now, we will never know what we might have accomplished. Your example is good … I used the example of the French Resistance in WWII, but yours is equally well-taken.

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  2. I really think all of it is too late…. help for climate change, racism, religious extremism, hatred for our fellow man by many, white privilege, the potential for more pandemics, food shortages etc. etc. It’s gone on for so long with big business, greed and politics, religion and it’s quest for money and control of people, increasing overpopulation, lack of jobs, lack of good education, lack of good reasonable medical care for all, a huge wealth inequality worldwide and a general lack of honesty and integrity in a fair amount of people, makes the job that would be necessary to even begin to turn this all around, is impossible.

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    • It may well be too late, Mary, but … let me ask you something. If we assume that, and we simply give up, stop fighting and resign ourselves to the inevitable, what if we are wrong? What if there is a chance to reverse man’s desecration of the earth’s atmosphere, to bring racism to an end, to find ways to feed the world … and we give up, rather than keep trying? I understand your angst … I suffer it myself … but we simply cannot stop trying. What if the French Resistance fighters had stopped trying in the 1940s in Europe? How many more might have died? Might it have changed the outcome of WWII? Yes, my friend, there is much wrong with the world today, and you and I are too old and tired to grab our rolling pins and go fight in the street. But, we have the wisdom of the years, we have our voices, we have our intellect and education, and I still believe, no matter what else, that we CAN make a difference. I believe we must at least try. Sigh.

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  3. Jill, one of the challenges is the military widened its net of recruits to address shortages. So, some more zealous bigots got in. Since law enforcement recruits from military, that means some more zealous bigots got in. This should not be interpreted that either the military or law enforcement have an abundance of bigots therein. They do not. Yet, to say that no zealous bigots are in either group is simply not a true statement. We (and the employers) must guard against and ferret out those who use their zeal in a negative way. If they do not, they damage the reputation of the whole group. Keith

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    • Very true, Keith. No, I never intended to imply that these bigots were a majority in either the military or law enforcement, but just knowing that there are a few is disturbing. You’re right … they must be weeded out, else we lose trust in those two institutions, and that only further exacerbates the problems we already have.

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  4. The problem, Jill, is not just this man, but all those others out there just like him that people know about, and do nothing to expose. The men he worked with, they should have spoken up, or out, years ago. They should have refused to work with him.
    And there are more out there like him, waiting for their moment in the spotlight. But removing only one, or just a few, from society spurs the others on, they want to be infamous too. They wear it like a badge of dishonour.
    And then, if it is possible to even get worse, they have children, and teach those children to hate, too.
    Si si is growing more lovable everyday. As I knew she would be, Tecumseh is now actively playing with her, though mostly when he thinks we cannot see him. He washes her, and lets her wash him back. She can pounce on him without getting grrrrred at. He rolls around while holding her tightly in his forelegs. And the instant he hears as much as a chuckle out of us, he bats her away, lays down and starts bathing himself. “Wasn’t me, Mom.” Milli, Halvi, and Diabolo put up with her, Only the old snarky Smoky refuses to accept her, except when eating. She can stand up against him at the food bowl, but the moment he is finished, and she always eats longer than him, his tail fluffs up and he backs away from her on his belly. A fourteen year-old cat, scared of a 2 month-old kitten. What a farce!

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    • Sigh. Yes, I know … and it appears there are far more of them than I ever realized.

      I’m so happy to hear that Tecumseh and SiSi are becoming friends! I’m sure you and Gail get your share of laughs from watching the antics! I think Smoky likely sees her as an intruder … I’m surprised, though, that he doesn’t mind eating alongside her. Perhaps he’ll eventually come around … methinks he’s something of an ol’ curmudgeon like his dad! 😉


    • A badge of dishonor: well-said.
      “should have spoken up, or out, years ago. They should have refused to work with him.


      But, the risk you take when you do this is that you will be marginalized, discredited, ridiculed, and made to look at fault, then gotten rid of and quietly black-listed, or worse.
      It happens, and many by-standers are not prepared to speak up, much less risk it happening to them.

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  5. I just hope that Jan 6th has taught people that the Hale-Cusanellis of the world are not a joke but part of a large network of white supremacists ready to wrest control from a legitimate Government in order to install a murderous, fascist group with no legitimacy. And you can be sure that with Trump back at the helm the murder of President Biden and of the Obama family would have followed in short order.

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    • The majority of us, I think, now realize just how far people like Hale-Cusanelli are prepared to go to destroy this nation as it exists today, but … there are far too many who support their effort to completely burn down the current government and the Constitution along with it. Worse yet … those are the people trying to take our vote, our voice, away for that is the only way they can gain complete control. If they succeed, we are doomed. We simply cannot let them succeed. I hadn’t thought about it, but you may be right about what would have happened to the Bidens and Obamas. Sigh. How, I wonder, did these people get this way? Surely at some point they were sane, rational individuals? Sigh.

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